one more to go.

14 May

Today I completed my third final – Contracts. It was a beast – 30 multiple choice questions, and two fact patterns each with 3 sub-questions in 3.5 hours. We started at 11:30 and finished at 3, so needless to say I was starving starting around 1 and powered through. I think it went decently well, but it’s always hard to gauge these things until grades come out.

After the exam, I popped over to Yardhouse at LA Live with Aviva, Blake, and Taylor for some grub. I combined lunch and dinner and enjoyed a Lagunitas IPA. Nom. These tests are laborious, but it is so nice having something fun to do IMMEDIATELY after.

I thought all I did this week was study, and while that is mostly true, I realized I had some fun sprinkled in there as well. It’s hard for me to remember which day is which, what the date is, etc. right now since every day during finals is essentially the same. I have two full days of studying ahead of me, and then I’ll take my last final, Intellectual Property,  Thursday afternoon.

One thing that keeps me sane during finals? Working out. I took some pictures as I left the gym this week:

pretty DTLA.

My workouts this week were not as on-point as I normally like, and I chalk that up to, you guessed it, finals. I am trying to keep my workouts varied (my mom says that there is a term for this – called “hopskotching.” News to me, but I like it so I’m gonna go with it). My knee is feeling great, but I want to make sure I am doing enough non-running exercise.

Here’s what went down last week:

  • Monday – 3 mi. run (pre-final. This is starting to be a ritual).
  • Tuesday – 30 min. treadmill, no music.
  • Wednesday – Spinning
  • Thursday – 4 mile run
  • Friday – Spinning + NROLFW 2B
  • Saturday – 4.65 mi run
  • Sunday – 3 mi treadmill + light wights

I didn’t get a long run in like I’d hoped and didn’t do as much NROFLW as I would like, but once finals are done I can take my workouts more seriously again. I decided I am running the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon on June 3 so I have a few weeks to get my mileage up! I’m excited about that.

I also had some good eats this week. On Thursday, after our Contracts Review session, I met up with my Dad for a quick dinner downtown. At his suggestion, we hit up The Redwood Bar and Grill for some classic bar grub. This place is an LA Times classic – and also happens to be the karaoke bar used in 500 Days of Summer, one of my favorite movies.

Pretty cool, huh? My dad and I both ordered the veggie burger, which was great.

And it’s hard to beat sweet views of this:

frank gehry’s walt disney concert hall.

On Saturday night, I headed straight from the library home to my parents’ house for some pre-mother’s day family time. My parents and I ate dinner at a local french place, Cigale Cafe. I had a warm spinach salad and my mom and I shared a clam pasta dish, along with my weight in bread. All were delicious.

The rest of the week has included tons of studying, intermittent lunch breaks, and at least 3 laugh-fests in the library or at other inappropriate times, like right before we’re supposed to be silent prior to when the test began, or during the exam (one of the multiple choice questions involved a student who offers to pay his obese professor $500 to run the LA Marathon, hoping he would suffer a heart attack. How does that not elicit a chuckle)?

And to round off this insanely random post, here’s my current house music song obsession.

Time to buckle down to study for this last one…Almost done!

What’s your favorite way to de-stress?

For me, it’s running and doing something fun after the test – going out to lunch or getting a beer, obviously.

Lastly – want to give a quick congrats to my friends Bryan and Katherine for graduating from UCLA Law on Friday! Such a huge accomplishment.

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