lucky number 13.

14 Jul

I had an unexpectedly eventful Friday the 13th – and not in a creepy way that one might expect. The day started with my typical morning at the Criminal Courts Building. For lunch, our judge and all of his courtroom staff (bailiff, clerk, court reporter, Deputy DA, and the public defender assigned to his room, plus the externs) all went out to lunch at the local (delicious) pizza place, Pitfire Artisan Pizza. I’d been there a few times before, and this time I chose a pizza off their list of specials.

You can literally never go wrong with heirloom tomatos.

heirlooms errywhere.

After work, I hopped over to the gym for a low-key 3 mile run on the T-mill and then another (low-key) swim workout (800 m total).

A few side-notes related to exercise:

  • Pool etiquette: I am relatively inexperienced and new at this whole swimming for exercise thing, but I am pretty sure lap pools are meant for swimming laps and not for monkey in the middle games played by pre-teens, or as a wading pool for middle-aged men. Does anyone else experience this at their gym? I am totally fine sharing a lane with someone, but I feel like the other person should be swimming. If not, get outta the pool.
  • Heel stomping?  I’ve had some weird knee, shin, and top-of-foot pain this week, and I am fairly certain it is from stomping around downtown LA all week (summer?) in heels. Any remedies for this?
 Anyway, I left the gym and met my mom for dinner. We walked over to Café Pinot, a lovely little outdoor spot at 5th and Grand. I felt like we were eating in NYC’s Bryant Park, except for that whole still being in LA thing. This place was super nice – what you’d call “bougie” even. I was not up to snuff in my cut-off shorts, post-pool hair, and lack of make-up. Living in LA for the win! Love that casual style rules all. #yessss. My mom had a few hours to kill before carpooling home with my Dad (he worked the late shift) so we relaxed over a nice dinner.

My mom ordered a Spanish wine (love that she’s a converted Spain-o-phile). Her wine was Monte Oton, Grenache, Borja, Spain. I didn’t know much about Borja (or even where it was). Kaley over at Y Mucho Más is the Spanish wine expert. My mom’s (super colorful and tasty) meal was actually an appetizer. She ordered the house cured citrus salmon [rainbow carrot confit, red onion, juniper berry gastrique, fingerling potatoes, crème fraîche]. One day I will know what a “gastrique” is. Today is not that day.

I stuck to tradition and went with a Green Flash West Coast IPA. The waiter asked if I’d tried this one before, to which I replied “hah. I’m an IPA fanatic.” I had a heavy lunch (see pizza, above) so I noshed on the asparagus salad. My mom and I eyed our neighbors’ desert and knew we had to have it, so we split the lemon cake at the end of our meal. We’re both suckers for ANYTHING lemon, and the addition of mango and passion fruit flavors were clutch.

Overall, I really liked Café Pinot. The flavors were super inventive and seasonally appropriate. The restaurant itself was a little more uppity than I like – especially for downtown, but the food and service lived up to the refined, high-class air.

After dinner, I headed to meet up with Aviva and Armita for a random but fun night.

crazy, monsoon-like weather produces this.

First, we headed to the Culver Hotel in Culver City. Downtown Culver City is adorable. Aviva had recently been to this place and noted their live jazz – each night they have something different going on. We need to go back for the 30’s Jazz night, as well as the contemporary stuff. This place was awesome – really great vibe, music, and delicious drinks.

I indulged with the waitress’ rec, the “red slipper” which was comprised of Absolut wild tea vodka, Beefeater gin, sweet and sour, Agave nectar & strawberry puree. Living dangerously pays off, this thing was incredible.

possibly better than the dorothy of oz version.

Aviva sipped an original mojito, and Armita went with a “flirtini.” Despite the girly name, this thing packs a punch – vodka, champagne, and a little cranberry juice.

Definitely worth a stop anytime you’re in Culver City!

After our drink at the hotel, we headed further west to a live music venue in Santa Monica called Central: A Social Aid and Pleasure Club. One of Aviva’s childhood friends is now an electronic music artist (!) so I was stoked to check it out.

The venue looked sketch from the outside but was truly awesome. It reminded me of some of the smaller bars in Madrid’s Malasaña district – with its quirky, indie vibe. We caught up with some of Aviva’s friends – including Charlie, aka the artist known as sahy uhns. (apparently pronounced “science,” which I think is pretty cool). His technique is also uniquely cool as well (love this article).

I really enjoyed his set! It was described to me as “intelligent dance music.” Definitely worth a listen (here) if you’re into this stuff. I definitely want to go to more shows (possibly his next show on Monday at The Echo). I was also stoked to learn that The Hood Internet is coming to Central in August! Boom!

By the time the night was over, we were all hungry so a stop at Swingers for some mac n cheese and sweet potato fries was key.

I went to bed super sleepy, but from a fun-filled Friday. I have also been listening to say uhns and The Hood Internet all day, too. #sorryimnotsorry  You should too.

Have you discovered any new venues or artists lately? 

Favorite late-night snack?

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