an encore at the echo.

18 Jul

Lots of fun stuff going on this week but I wanted to get a quick post out about last Monday night. As you may remember, on Friday I went to a show in Santa Monica where I discovered Sahy Uhns. I really enjoyed his set, and so when I found out he was performing again on Monday at The Echo on Sunset (in Echo Park), I was all about going. Aviva knew yet another band performing after him (American Royalty) so she was down to go as well, after the Dodger Game ended.

After a failed attempt to get my brother to go to the show with me (He doesn’t normally try to “touch electronica”), I ended up going to see Sahy Uhns perform sans company. At first, I thought it would be a little weird going to a show alone, but in a weird way it was sort of oddly liberating. I enjoyed his 30 min. set big time, and danced and bopped around without thinking about if anyone cared what I was doing or worrying if my friends/brother/whoever were also having fun. May not be something I’ll do all the time, but I was happy that my “YOLO” mentality paid off.  As soon as I heard the first song start up when I walked in the door, I was INSTANTLY happy I went, albeit unaccompanied.

sahy uhns.

I am sort of picky about liking new artists. I am not the type of person who hears something once and goes and buys an album – but I just might with this one.

As Sahy Uhns was finishing up, Aviva and Taylor popped in for the rest of the show. I liked DJ Ahh G’s sped up version of “When I Dip/You Dip/We Dip.” What a 90s classic. I liked American Royalty’s set as well – they are definitely a blend of rock and electronica (can you guess which of those two I prefer?). Hah.

american royalty.

I wouldn’t mind a de-brief on how they named themselves. I am hoping it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek…otherwise that is a bit presumptuous.

All in all, definitely glad I made it out and caught both sets.

#YOLO. For real though. And I don’t care if “YOLO is Carpe Diem for dumb people.” It’s not my fault Carpe Diem hasn’t been in a Drake song.

Have you ever been to a show alone? Thoughts?

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