g turns three.

22 Jul

I had this post over 50% done and then my apartment lost internet for 75 minutes  for some reason. Blah.

This last week has been filled with fun adventures, starting with the Sahy Uhns show at The Echo last Monday.

Tuesday was a sorority (Alpha Chi Omega. Boom-boom) reunion at Luigi’s on Third. It wasn’t the most amazing Italian food I’ve ever had, but my rigatoni with carmelized onions, bacon, and spicy tomato sauce was pretty on point. It was also fabulous for my roommate, Jenn, and me to be able to catch up with  Krisse, Meredith, and Amanda.

AXOs in LA.

I also enjoyed a side cesear salad and the table shared these polenta fries. I am all about foods that are funky and different.

polenta fries.

On Wednesday, (I feel like I am singing the One Saturday Morning theme song – I know other 90s kids remember it) my fellow externs and I had lunch at Olvera Street which is suuuuper close to the courthouse where we’re “working” this summer. I’d been there once or twice as a little girl when my parents exposed us to as much of this city as possible. We had a leisurely, food-coma-inducing lunch at El Paseo Inn. We then poked around the different stalls.


I am determined to throw some sort of Mexican-themed party in the future and want to come here to buy decorations. Día de los Muertos or Cinco de Mayo…or both? Anyone?

we didn’t partake in this, but it was SO tempting.

We also spotted the most manly/Ron Swanson-esque drinking vessel. Ever.

Thursday included a trip out to my parents’ house for some Optometry action. The good news? My bad eye didn’t get any worse. The less good news? My good eye got worse. #lawschoolproblems. I bummed around at home and decided to take a “mental health day” on Friday. I slept in, walked with my mom to Starbucks, and got to the gym for a little lunch time spin & swim.

Saturday’s “anchors” included my friend Justin’s going away party (he’s off to law school at Michigan State) and dinner with my law school crew at Stout before seeing The Dark Knight Rises. I’d been to Stout once back in October,  and was stoked to try a different burger off their menu.

First up? A Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Delish. I paired my beer with the “Morning After” burger complete with a fried egg and bacon.

I lived it up and also sampled some sweet potato rings.

how cool is Aviva’s ring (made from nails)?

I thought The Dark Knight Rises was just ok. I’m not that into action movies, and while the effects and score were awesome (as well as the cast, save Anne Hathaway), the plot was just so-so. I also laughed out loud when Marion Cotillard’s character said “The only thing he is guilty of is loving me” in a non-ironic fashion. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

It was also weird seeing this film in light of recent events, and parts of the movie were definitely eerie. My thoughts have been with the victims and their families all weekend, and it is just so unbelievably tragic.

On a lighter note, Sunday got kicked off with a workout, and then Armita, Aviva, and I headed over the Melrose Flea Market at Fairfax high to do some shopping.

I’m looking for a bar cart which is apparently ridiculously hard to find. While I didn’t find one, I scored some other awesome finds amidst the endless array of trinkets.

didn’t buy these bad boys.

or these banksy prints…

But I did score a vanity tray for $5:

in use.

These awesome arrow earrings:

a gun + CA necklace. Not sure why, just liked it. Insert “gunner” joke here.

And this cool bracelet:

After perusing the flea market and people watching (its a hipster/indie mecca), we snacked at Ink.Sack. I am in love with Michael Voltaggio – still need to go to Ink., though!

cool walls.

avocado melt (complete with fritos!).

Definitely need to stop by here more often…

Last up for the weekend? Celebrating my blog’s 3rd birthday! We nerded out and bought a cupcake to celebrate.

This little blog started out as a way for me to beat summer boredom after returning from Barcelona in the summer of 2009. I never thought it would lead me to meet people, make blog friends (blends), and become a real hobby. To all of my readers – THANK YOU! 🙂

Finally, it wouldn’t be Sunday without a little workout re-cap. I’m pretty proud of what I did this week – lots of cross-training:

  • Monday: NROLFW 3B (weight workout)
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Spin + 900 m swim
  • Saturday: 7 mile run
  • Sunday: NROLFW 3A weight workout + Spin

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Any changes/additions you’d like to see in That’s G’s FOURTH (!!) year?

11 Responses to “g turns three.”

  1. Valerie July 22, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    I’ve heard that “bar car”s are ridiculously hard to find.

    • gillian July 22, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

      blahhh. sorry.

      • gillian July 22, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

        but more importantly – how cool are my flea market finds?

  2. Steve July 22, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    I like the california gunner earrings.

  3. Whine Less July 23, 2012 at 12:05 am #

    Happy Blogiversary!

  4. Writing Jobs July 23, 2012 at 12:51 am #

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  5. Darwin July 23, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Congratulations G! I found you by slumming google images for fun things and then clicked on your blog. Spend more time in Pasadena during your 4th year–foody and funky people are keeping it delicious and weird here. =: )

    • gillian July 23, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

      Thank you! And thanks for reading! I’ll have to make it out to Pasadena and explore the area beyond Colorado Blvd!


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