25 Jul

My externship at the Criminal courthouse downtown is wrapping up, school is starting soon, and I am enjoying my last few weeks of summer. My fellow externs and I have been maximizing our time downtown by exploring, and I have been trying to fit in more quintessential LA excursions whenever and wherever possible.

The courthouse was particularly slow at the beginning of the week – we all notably had a case of the Mondays. We didn’t have a trial or anything really going on. I attempted to perk myself up with a little evening yoga sesh at Runyon Canyon.

yoga at Runyon.

It worked. Although I will say the man who lit his own incense next to me was a little bit TOO L.A. for me.

On Tuesday, we broke our monotony (and our case of the Mondays) by changing our usual lunch-time spot. We walked along Hill Street with the goal of hitting up California Plaza for a little Mendocino Farms action.

We realized we could make our lunch a little bit more adventurous by foregoing the stairs to get to the plaza on Grand Ave., and instead take Angels Flight! It has been around since 1901 and is the “shortest railway in the world.” I remember going on Angels Flight as a little girl and was excited to go with the extern crew!

It only cost 50 cents to ride and was a fun little addition to our day. 🙂

Also on Tuesday, I got a text from Armita explaining that it was National Tequila Day and that Aviva and I were being summoned to celebrate with margaritas. I decided on El Carmen on West 3rd street because I knew from past trips that their margs were delectable. The server suggested their Guava Margarita so I took her up on that and it didn’t disappoint (although the service otherwise was pretty lackluster). 

My budz: 

I went with a carnitas taco and a potato taco. Both were great – and relatively inexpensive! $10 for this whole plate. Pretty good considering I once saw Jeremy Piven here. If it’s bougie enough for Ari Gold…

Today picked up at work – we got a trial and jury selection started today for a domestic violence case. While this experience has showed me I don’t see myself going the criminal law route, it has shown me that I LOVE jury selection. I love hearing about people’s lives, guessing where they’re from, and hearing their cocamamie excuses for why they can’t serve. Today someone actually said he “daydreams” a lot and may have trouble focusing. My extern friends and I brought our lunches today and took them to the plaza at the cathedral downtown. It was a pretty, sunny, and relaxing spot.

The rest of the week will be interesting with this trial…it’s hard to believe this summer is coming to an end! Before I sign off for the rest of the week, I wanted to leave y’all with this Tiesto song which is on repeat at my gym currently.

How do you beat a gnarly case of the Mondays?

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