olympic (and other) inspiration.

6 Aug

I love the Olympics. But what I really love is the running events. These are the moments I remember, the athletes I follow during non-Olympic times, and the sport(s) I can relate to. There have already been some amazing and inspiring races.

I spent 2.5 hours on Saturday watching the women’s marathon. As I typed that, I realized that 2.5 hours is closer to my half-marathon time than what I could ever dream of running 26.2 in, but that’s okay. I was disappointed to see the Americans struggle (Shalane Flanagan was HURTING, and I think the tough course and conditions didn’t make things easy for Kara Goucher). Desiree Davila had to drop out before mile 3 due to a hip flexor injury. I LOVE Monica‘s reflections on what that must feel like in this post.  Watching the finish between the leading four women, though, was awesome. I ended my viewing session feeling empowered and with my game-face on to run a marathon.


The men’s 10,000 was pretty awesome as well, seeing Mo Farah and Galen Rupp go 1-2 at the finish. They’re friends and training partners, and Rupp HAULED at the end.


My FAVORITE moment of London 2012 so far, though, was the finish of the men’s 400 m semi-final, where the winner (James) asked Oscar Pistorius (who is a double amputee) for his name bib. Pistorius finished last, and this gesture was incredible. Pistorius will undoubtedly remain one of the heros and inspirations of these games. So touching.


I’m excited to watch more track events – particularly the 400m men’s final, the decathlon, the women’s 100m hurdles, and obviously all of the distance events. Running is the best.

In other random news – here are so me tidbits from the last week or so:

Last Thursday was National IPA Day. Thank goodness Katherine alerted me about it on Twitter – I HAD to celebrate. Luckily, Jenn and I ended up in the Conejo Valley to run an errand (more on that later) so she suggested we hit up my very favorite micro-brewery in LA: Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie. I sipped on a Ladyface Ale.

Ladyface IPA.

And we shared the Panzanella Salad (which they recently changed – it used to be a little better) and the mac n cheese.

That errand we were running? To pick up my new favorite piece of furniture I bought off Craigslist from someone out in Simi Valley! For months Jenn and I have wanted a bar cart or something to fill out our apartment. I even reached out to Twitter I was so frustrated with the high prices I was seeing everywhere:

On Thursday morning, my mom emailed me a link to a bar she had found – it was in my price range, originally from Pottery Barn and rarely (if ever) used, matched my other furniture, and was still available! It was meant to be.

Here it is with our “collection” before we put it away….

…and after:

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I already recapped the Hood Internet show I went to on Friday. On Saturday, I high-tailed it back out to the Conejo Valley for a dentist appointment at home. I ran some errands out that way (including buying a new suit for OCI interviews).

That evening, my mom and I headed to my friend Garrett’s home for his wedding reception. I wasn’t able to make it to his wedding in June, so it was so nice to see him and his wife, Elizabeth, and his family. I even spotted old prom photos that I may or may not be in on the wall. Those crack me up every time. Maybe one day they will make it on the blog. I was also stoked to be able to see some of my old friends from my cross-country days. In particular, Garrett and I were both friends with a group of guys two grades below us. 8 years later and I can still make fun of them. It’s mildly weird now that they can drink legally, though.

evan, doug, me, garrison, and garrett.

So fun. When my mom and I left, we noticed someone had egged my car (?!) so that was a minor nuisance.

On Sunday, I “slept in” til after 8 and set out for a 9 mile run. I had left my Garmin at my apartment, so settled for an estimate my Dad suggested. I think it was a little short (maybe 8.5) but it was nice to run on some familiar territory. I am in “Olympics mode” and running long felt great. I spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics and preparing for OCI. (A separate post on OCI and my 2L plans to come!)

This weekend was fun – and reminded me of two things I cherish: running and old friends.

Last week’s workouts were admittedly uninspired. I think finishing work sort of left me a little bit lazy. Game on this week. (I say that now…)

  • Monday: Yoga (Core Power Yoga)
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: 4 mi. run
  • Thursday: 3 mi. run + Yoga (Runyon Canyon)
  • Friday: 1 mi. run and LIGHT weights at the gym (I decided I did not want to be there, at all)
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: 8.5-9 mile run in Agoura

What is your favorite Olympic moment from 2012 so far? Favorite Olympic moment ever? 

5 Responses to “olympic (and other) inspiration.”

  1. Lorraine August 7, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    I feel this way about gymnastics. Seeing those young ladies and gentleman defy all the laws of gravity really make me want to get out there and just own my life. 🙂

    I get happy when I come across any other bloggers who love the Olympics.

    It’s super cliche but my one standout moment will always be Kerri Strug. I remember watching it live and that’s when I truly fell in love with the games.

    • gillian August 9, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

      Totally with you re: Kerri Strug! That is the first summer olympic games I remember – and was also before I realized I could never actually do gymnastics!

  2. Kaley August 8, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    I think a lot of our women our age (not girls, I almost said that!) will remember the 1996 gymnastics team, just because it was the first we can remember well, and the girls were a bit older and way cool. I mean, I idealized them and their dedication. Plus, at the time, I hated running. 🙂

    • gillian August 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

      I will ALWAYS remember the 1996 Olympic Games! Those were definitely the first I remember. I also remember collecting Olympic coins that came in some cereal boxes during that summer and have vivid memories of that gymnastics team. I also wasn’t a runner yet so I didn’t care – but now I am basically GLUED to the TV for any/all track events 🙂


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