a birthday and some con law.

20 Aug

So after my bout of pink eye and a missed trip to Vegas last week, I healed up quickly after the saintly doctor at the Urgent Care on Wilshire and La Cienega fixed me up with some medicine. I laid low for a few days, did a lot resting/discovering new reality shows (Honey Boo Boo is my new fav), and just tried to get better.

On Friday, I was well enough to go on a nice little morning hike with Jenn and her friend (and now our friend) Ryan.


Later that night, I met up with a bunch of my friends for my friend Emily’s 23rd birthday at Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica. I sipped on the “Villa Alena,” an Italian sparkling wine. It was super sweet – and had hints of raspberry, cherry, and peach. A departure from my normal IPA (don’t worry, I ordered a Racer 5 after), but I liked it a lot.

champagne at bodega wine bar.

On Saturday, I wasn’t able to run long, but I was able to kick it poolside for one of my law school BFF’s birthday…Aviva’s 23rd! (I swear not all of my friends are babies!) We kicked off the day at the Best Western on Sunset. It was the nicest Best Western I have ever been to – just look at that pool! It felt like such a little respite from Los Angeles. Total vacation mode.

Best Western Sunset.

aviva’s cake.

jane and aviva.

Later, a few more friends joined us for dinner at Pink Taco, cake, and drinks at The Den. I had a great time celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays, and it was such a nice way to end my last weekend before starting 2L.

On Sunday, I was at school all day for an orientation for the journal I am on this year, the Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review. Today marked the official start of 2L. The most noticeable thing was getting upgraded from 1L parking (underground) to the above ground parking with this sweet view.

best footnote, ever?

Finding this gem in my Law of Sales textbook was also a mood-brightener.

I only had one class today – Con Law. It was definitely interesting and the Professor seems great. It was nice being back on campus, reconnecting with some people, seeing the crazed 1Ls, and getting back into the swing of things. This year will be nuts, but I’m excited for it.

Here are my workouts from last week – it was a REALLY mellow week with my random illness. Need to get back on track if a fall marathon is going to be a reality!

  • Monday: 3 mile walk with my mom
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run + spin
  • Wednesday: OFF (Ill)
  • Thursday: OFF (Ill)
  • Friday: 3 mile hike
  • Saturday: Cardio Barre
  • Sunday: 3 mile run

Have a great week, friends! xo

4 Responses to “a birthday and some con law.”

  1. Kaley August 24, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Your friends are “babies,” and mine are so old. Okay, not so old, but Mario’s the youngest, and he’s 30, so I feel way young around them. And his cousins are all in their 40s!

  2. Aviva September 2, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    I am very behind on reading your blog, obviously, but just wanted to say LOVE YOU G!

    • gillian September 2, 2012 at 11:43 am #

      It’s okay, I am essentially equally behind on actual blogging 🙂


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