hollywood forever.

11 Oct

Oh hey blog world. It’s been awhile. I have a bunch of fun stuff to report from the longest weekend ever.

But first – last night in my Torts II class we were talking about defamation and the internet, and my professor (who is BEYOND eccentric) asked if anyone had a blog. When I replied in the affirmative, he then asked what the title was, why I named it that, what I write about, what the URL is, and if people can leave anonymous comments. I explained all of that as the 25ish kids in my class were all (I’m sure) checking out my blog. One kid even left a comment. Not awkward in the slightest…

This week was SUPER short. I had no class either Monday or Tuesday due to 1L Midterms – so we had “flex days” and my professors decided to cancel class. So essentially…I had a 5 day weekend. Not complaining.

Let’s take it all the way back to a week ago Tuesday – a group of my friends and I headed to Barney’s Beanery for their Trivia night. I ended up blowing it for our team, but we still had a lot of fun, drank a good amount of beer, and even won free nachos.


raffle winnings.

The rest of the week featured a good amount of school work – and a new love: the new DeadMau5 album. SO good.

new deadmau5.

On Thursday night, my friend Chris and I explored Hollywood a little bit. Our first stop was Dillon’s Irish Pub for $3 pints (Hellooooo Racer 5 IPA).

Next up was Angels and Kings – which just so happens to be owned by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. Not exactly either of our scene, but the place was cool. How do you not love antlers ending in guns? Or old school emo music blaring? Or at least Lagunitas IPA? There we go…Also, this bar apparently has a Barcelona location. Sign. Me. Up.

Then we wandered around for a bit…sort of looking for food but failing.

Don’t worry, my feet are officially bigger than every actress’ at Grauman’s. Donald will have to do.

Before finally getting food, we were stopped by people from a YouTube channel called “Cartoon Hangover” who were filming randos on the street about their worst hangover ever. We signed some shantily created contract and they filmed us. Best part? Some girl screaming “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife” (presumably at me) as cameras were rolling. Awesome.

Friday I did a bunch of work and some yoga and went to bed early. Oh, but first I went to coffee with Jenn’s boyfriend, Daniel. Scandalous, I know.

Saturday morning featured a catch-up/gab-fest with my blog friend turned real life friend, Katherine, who blogs over at Left Coast Contessa. She just took the bar in July so it was awesome to hear about that as well as about her post law school  life. We met up to take a SoulCycle class at their new Brentwood location. I’ve blogged about my obsession with SoulCycle before  and this time was no different. Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross was in our class! Afterward we relaxed over brunch at the Coral Tree Cafe across the street. Such a fun morning!

Later that night I joined Jenn and a whole gaggle of her high school friends at Montrose’s delightful little Oktoberfest. First, though, we had brats and beers at her friend Kyle’s house – who dressed up in full lederhosen regalia for the event. I found a beer I like that isn’t an IPA. WIN!

Sunday…hmm. I ran 9 crappy miles in the morning. Felt beat and tired and just blah the whole time, which is GREAT considering I am running the NWM 13.1 on Sunday. Beautiful.

Later, I went to school (awesome) and met up with Taylor to head over to a team dinner for a moot court we’re both on. It turned out that our Professor/advisor gave all of the team members the wrong date for the event, so after 30 minutes of standing around and wondering where everyone was, we all left. Free dinner fail. I was in a weird mood and NEEDED to get out of my apartment. Luckily, the night was salvaged by a last-minute invite to go see The Grove to see Taken 2, where I ran into my old friend from 4th grade, Jaya. I hadn’t seen Taken, but was down to leave the house and surprisingly really liked it! Suspenseful and actiony, but easier to follow than most movies in that genre.

Monday I vowed to stay the heck away from campus, so I studied for a bit at a cafe Armita loves, called Stir Crazy on Melrose. This guy in front of me was doing some sort of podcasting mixing/DJ’ing. So cool.


This Tuesday featured more trivia – this time with Armita, Aviva, Chris, Jenn, and Michael Driscoll (YESSS). Jenn caved and made pancakes when we got back. My strawberry chopping skills were quickly deemed insufficient. Fail.

midnight pancakes.

Two days of school this week…still were two too many. Ethical Lawyering will be the death of me.

This weekend my mom and I are driving up to SF for the weekend! 13.1, friends, and extended family!

Have a great weekend everyone!

3 Responses to “hollywood forever.”

  1. Your dad October 11, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    What is Jaya up to??

  2. Dash October 11, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    I love that Donald Duck has his own space 🙂 Looks like you had an awesome weekend!


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