‘stache dash 5k. [race recap]

18 Nov

This morning featured my first 5k in almost a year…but also my first of two 5ks this week (Turkey Trot, duh)!

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate Jenn realized she needed to do a 5k this week as part of her training plan for her very first half-marathon. I eagerly agreed to run one too. Jenn found the ‘Stache Dash taking place this morning in Costa Mesa. I like the fact it supported prostate cancer, and No-shave November/Movember is all the rage right now. And we all know how I feel about trends…

The race fee was a little on the heftier side – $40 or so – but the funds went to a good cause. We also got a decent swag bag, super comfy shirt, and a medal with our entry. The post-race expo had sliders which I opted out of. I didn’t think anyone would crave a hamburger after racing 3.1 miles, but the line was no joke. Oh, America.

We got to the check-in about 8 for an 8:30 start, picked up our bibs and shirts and our $3.00 glitter moustaches (mine fell off before the start…sad) and headed to the line.

The course was pretty nice – it started near Estancia High School in Costa Mesa and wound through a nearby park. I am SO out of 5k shape I had no idea what to expect. So of course, that meant a 6:43 first mile (granted it was mostly downhill). Second mile was relatively flat, but I realized I am not in sub-21 5k territory, so I clocked a 7:37. I also jammed out to the Lady Gaga/Zedd collab “Stache” (Princess High Stache Remix). I appreciated the ironic reference/play on words. I did not appreciate, however, the girl in the Spider-Man costume passing me, or my inability to get a grip on my breathing. The Starbucks spinach and egg-white wrap I had for breakfast was also a bad call – apparently I forgot the adage “NEVER do anything new on race day.” Obviously should have had oatmeal.

Mile 3 was mostly uphill so my time reflected that – 8:15. Ouch. We were re-tracing our steps, so I was paying for that sweet downhill on the way back. I sort of gave up mentally in the third mile, but I managed to pass a couple of dudes in the final 0.1.

Final time? 23:07. 2nd in my age group, and 4th woman overall. I found it more than mildly ironic that the woman who edged me off the podium is from Corona del Mar. Hah. [They were our #1 rivals in HS Cross Country. My senior year, they were the #1 fastest team in the state. We were the 2nd.]

Jenn had a great race! This was her first 5k ever, and she clocked in a time of 28:53! So proud. Her goal was to break 30 and do it without stopping. #crushedit. Her boyfriend, Daniel, also ran his first 5k today, finishing in about 36 minutes.

jenn and me post-race.

daniel’s friend matt (total beast in 21 something), daniel, jenn, and me. excuse the sorority pose. clearly i am missing more than a few brain cells.

Top 10 things this race made me realize:

10. I am not in 5k shape. Or anywhere close to it.

9. I am still physically capable of breaking 8 minutes for a mile. I am also still physically capable of breaking 7 minutes/mile.

8. I am still completely aware of the fact that I go out too fast, and that I know I will do it before a race. Not only that, I vocalize the high probability that I will go out too fast, vow to be slower than 7:30 and still can’t keep it together.

7. I’m not bitter I was the 4th woman overall. They gave the top finishers Sprinkles Cupcakes. Cupcakes are dumb. Runners want medals, not overly decadent desserts.

6. The worst people at races are ALWAYS the people announcing awards who think they are the next Rick Dees. Nope, sir, you are not.

5. I love the running culture and seeing people set goals, destroy their goal times, and revel in their accomplishment.

4. It’s possible to still do okay even after getting a terrible night sleep due to the “DJ”-hosted party our upstairs neighbors threw last night. (DJ is in quotes because I am not sure any self-respecting DJ would indulge the hosts in multiple Ke$ha tracks. Well at least not any DJs I know).

3.  My Garmin still remains the greatest running investment, ever.

2. I need to get my head back in the running game, and you know, run smart. And train.

1. This was a fun event – and even small, last minute, non-nerve-wracking races are still fun and should feel like an accomplishment.
Did anyone else race this weekend? 

Has ANYONE solved the “going out too fast” problem??

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