weekend wars.

20 Nov

This weekend was sort of weird. It was the first time ALL SEMESTER I didn’t spend any time in the library Friday-Sunday. While that is tragic in and of itself, it’s probably worse that I chose to do that as finals approach. Whoops.

On Friday, I spent more than a few hours scouring my favorite music blogs. Dancing Astronaut has been a favorite of mine for years. It’s sort of my go-to place for new remixes, emerging artists, etc. Occasionally you can score a free download or two.

I’d also heard really positive things about Hype Machine, but never made the commitment to check it out. It is incredible. It is an aggregate of music blogs updated constantly. You can sort based on genre, log in and save your favorites, and share music with friends. This was one of my favorite finds of the weekend. The iPhone app is also $3.99 well spent!

Here are my Hype Machine Favorites!

I took a break during the day from outlining for Ethical Lawyering and headed to The Grove (ended up being a huge failure shopping wise). I hate things that are overly commercial, but the Christmas charm at The Grove is sort of irresistible. And how can you not be obsessed with LA weather?

After hanging out all day doing nothing other than listening to music and some low-key school work, I went out in Hollywood for my best friend Whitney’s boyfriend’s birthday. His choice? The most touristy and ridiculous bar in LA – Saddle Ranch – but I wasn’t going to let his poor taste in watering holes stop me from celebrating. At least they had Lagunitas IPA on tap.

I really like this duo of pictures from the night. The top one was taken by a very drunk individual. The second was not. Oh, what a difference.

Whitney and Tyler at the second stop of the night, Cabo Cantina:

My friend and former roommate in Madrid, Alia, was in town visting from SF, it was SO great to see her on Friday!

On Saturday, I enjoyed brunch with my high school guy friends/neighbors, and watched UCLA destroy U$C. I tried to go running, but of couse I decided to leave at the very moment a downpour hit LA. Cool. I did more lounging, read some Con Law, and kicked it with Armita. We may or may not have had pancakes for dinner.

I also got this awesome text from my mom (she and my Dad were taking a much-needed vacation after the election in Hawaii):

Sunday morning featured a 5k with my roommate!

The rest of the day involved more Con Law reading, dinner with Alia and her friend Franny as well as my high school posse at Barney’s Beanery. Of course when we were walking back we saw Jonna of Real World Cancun. So legit.

Now that the week has started I am less of a wreck and am actually being productive. After Con Law tomorrow, I will be driving back to my hometown for our annual Blackout Wednesday (#BOW) festivities, and Thanksgiving with my family – minus my brother who will be staying with relatives in Northern California, since coming home from Santa Cruz is “too much of a hassle.”

Hope everyone is having a delightful week!

2 Responses to “weekend wars.”

  1. Angela November 21, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    I totally heard Reid’s voice in my mind as I read that final comment

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