2 Jan

I go back and forth on the idea of “resolutions.” I feel like it’s important to set goals and to look at the year from the start, but I also dislike the idea of waiting for a new year to make changes. So, these are not my “resolutions” for 2013, but are rather my goals.

Run a Marathon – This was supposed to be accomplished in 2012, but due to injuries and overtraining I didn’t tackle it. I would like to aim for a fall marathon (my school schedule is intense this semester and a spring marathon might just be overdoing it). I’d also like to run a few more half marathons. I did three in 2012, so I’d like to match that this year, and stay injury free.

Cross-train  – Part of the reason why I got injured in 2012 was due to an absence of anything but running. In 2013 I will lift, spin, and yoga more. I’d also love to try CrossFit in 2013, but most likely at a free class or something. That stuff is priceeeey.

Go to SoulCycle more – Speaking of pricey, SoulCycle is NOT cheap. That being said, I really do love it and it is an insane workout. I would love to get more rides in 2013…I’m thinking a couple of times a month.

Get Spin Certified – This has been a goal of mine that I’ve put on the back-burner for a few years. I’d love to get spin certified and teach a class at a gym somewhere.

Travel more – In 2012, I went to Palm Springs,San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, and Las Vegas. Law school sort of cut into my ability to travel. In 2013, I’d like to explore more.

Be more positive – Basically this means I need to dwell and obsess on things waaaaay less. This may be the hardest one.

Go to more shows/concerts  – Speaks for itself.

Eat better – I’m not aiming for perfection here, but I’d like to lean Paleo and eat a little cleaner, but still making room for sinning every now and again.

What’s your biggest goal for 2013? 

2 Responses to “resolve.”

  1. Lorraine January 2, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    I’ve always been super curious about CrossFit but yeah, noooot in the budget.

    These are all great goals. Much luck to you. 🙂

    Happy new year!


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    […] the beginning of this year, I did a post highlighting all of my goals/resolutions and I thought it would be fun to do a re-cap of how I fared with my […]

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