6 Feb

I am so behind on blogging. I have SO much to get caught up on – a recent half-marathon, my birthday, my good friend Jeff’s wedding…the list goes on. I think I’ll try and get caught up in the next few days – I finally have a weekend that isn’t completely filled so I’m looking forward to catching up with school stuff, cleaning the ol’ apartment, and relaxing. Kind of like this:


But I digress. I think I’ll start with my birthday.

Last week, I turned twenty-five. Whoooa. I thought it would be a little less scary spelled out, but I was wrong. 25. I had my first “oh boy I’m oldddd” birthday at 14 (I kid you not). Kind of had a mid-life crisis at 20…21 I was in no state to be emo…and I guess that trend has pretty much continued. I joked about being old – seriously BUMMED I’m too old to ever be cast on the Real World – I could have been the bitchy/crazy but also relatively together character – but I had a fabulous birthday.

I am the farthest thing from a birthday diva. The idea of a “birthday week” makes me gag, and I don’t like making a huge deal about it, but I do love getting together with friends to celebrate. I think that’s why I can pretty much remember what I have done to celebrate every birthday.

My birthday was on a Tuesday which is sort of…not an ideal day for festivities. One of my co-externs, Colleen, surprised me with an epic box of cupcakes to share with the office, which was incredibly sweet. The externs and I all hit up Wurstkuche for lunch (per Taylor’s request/demand). He also “forced” me to get a lunch beer. I didn’t fight him.

That night, I met up with my parents for a dineLA dinner at Luna Park on La Brea. I had a delicious appetizer of artichoke, an entree of chicken with brussel sprouts, and we split a ton of insanely decadent desserts. It was nice spending time with my parents and hearing some of their crazy stories.

The festivities continued on Friday. Jenn organized a small b-day dinner for my closest girlfriends at WeHo’s Tortilla Republic. The margaritas were TOP NOTCH and I had amazing Lobster Enchiladas.


Thank you to the very friendly WeHo man who took this photograph, and raved about the margaritas. Not sure if I totally agree with him that El Carmen is “disgusting,” but whatever.

After dinner, we high-tailed it back to my apartment so I could blow out the candles on the cake Jenn made for me. A few high school friends (and now my neighbors – weird) met up with us before we headed to the bars. Sadly, I didn’t get too many pictures with them at the bar, but I did manage to loudly berate them all for bouncing before my parents did.



I think my favorite thing about my birthday was having so many different groups of friends converge. Whitney wasn’t feeling 100% but it was great seeing her for dinner/cake.

Around 9:30, I headed to The Churchill. This place was THE hot-spot last year- and lines out the door for hours. Now, it’s much more subdued and was a cool spot for my purposes (read: drink a lot and talk a lot).

My parents were there when I got there. They are the coolest.


Andddd my 8th grade frenemy Taylor was able to make it. She and I met in 8th grade and became fast friends…until she called me a “bitch” and I thought she was mean. Turns out, she was just telling the truth. We ran youth track together and kept in touch although we went to different high schools and colleges, but were able to re-connect last year before she left me for some cold city up north. It was SO fun seeing her, and she hash-tagged #BirthdayProblems on Instagram, which I appreciated. Oh, and my Dad poked fun at the fact she ran one cross country race backwards for the first 200 meters. Oh, TayKal…

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i'll spare the internet our awkward years.

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i’ll spare the internet our awkward years.

Also loooooved seeing Kelsey – my high school cross-country teammate/friend/role-model…


…my fav newlyweds, Heather and Blake, who have somehow yet to be scared off by my craziness…


… a bunch of my section 3 budz…

sergio + #driscoll

sergio + #driscoll

armita, taylor, and marty...not totally sure what was happening here.

armita, taylor, and marty…not totally sure what was happening here.

We ended the night at St. Nick’s, my fav little dive bar. Armita and I shut the place down around 2, and went across the street for some D’Amore’s. I felt pretty wrecked the next morning, which I guess is how any birthday should be.

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate and who sent birthday love my way through all of my different social media avenues (I know, I am ridiculous).


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