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15 Mar

Hi blog budz – this week has been tough – I’ve been super busy and work was especially challenging. I’ll report more about that later in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get this post out first! I had a little bit too much fun last weekend (read: I may actually never drink again), and I vowed to get myself back on a healthy track this week. I got my fitness goals a little bit more in line…now here’s to hoping everything else starts falling into place!

Also, while most of the world was super concerned with words like “papal conclave” and “white smoke” on Wednesday, I was FLIPPING out about Google announcing the eventual demise of Google Reader. I’ve since calmed down. Well, except for the fact that I sort of want to switch to Bing and cancel my G-mail in protest, but let’s not get crazy. I transferred my RSS feed to Feedly. So far, I like it. It has a cool magazine-style layout, and they’re promising a seamless transition come D-day. (July 1, duh).


I work out mostly using what some call a “hopscotch method.” I belong to a gym, but I also like jumping into other studios, running and hiking outside, and mixing it up constantly. It makes working out MUCH more fun, and is also effective cross-training.

I’ve blogged previously about my experience at Pure Barre (one of my most commented on and cited-to posts) and SoulCycle (LOVE LOVE LOVE). I have a few more to add to the mix:

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

source: Google

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

I bought a deal through Living Social (or something similar) for 10 Cardio Barre classes. The deal expired in November, and I only made it to 7 classes. I’m not a barre convert by any means – I was never a dancer so a lot of the moves and footwork comes a little bit unnaturally to me, and I am not coordinated AT ALL. I felt like I worked out afterward, but I didn’t like this as much as Pure Barre. Also, the room is pretty big and they really packed us in there, so there was little to no correction or individual attention. On the plus side, however, is that Cardio Barre’s prices are much more reasonable than Pure Barre’s. I’d say check this place out if you’re looking to try a barre place, but if you’re already a fan of another studio, stay where you’re at.

Pop Physique (3rd & Fairfax Location)

3rd & Fairfax Location

3rd & Fairfax Location (source: Google)


poppin’ (source: Google)

Pop Physique is another barre place that I checked out through a deal of some sort – this one was a 3 classes for $20 – I’ve used two so far but will probably use the last one. It’s all the same style of small, isolated movements, light weights, and some weird glute exercises up against the wall that I am convinced are made up and uneffective. I like the ambience/decor of the place (and yes, that is indeed a Marshawn Lynch reference, thank you). I also like the fact that the class sizes are smaller, and the instructors make an attempt to use our names. Still, not my favorite way to work out, but I did feel the burn!

YAS Fitness Center –  DTLA

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

Yeah yeah, I know you are all sick of me proclaiming my love for all things spin. While I’m not sure anything will top my SoulCycle obsession, YAS is a budget-friendly alternative. First class is free, newcomers can grab a 5 classes for $50 deal, and there’s a student discount. They also offer yoga classes which I need to be better about. The instructors are high energy and the music is up my alley – housey and full of mash-ups. It’s also nice that the classes I’ve been to so far haven’t come close to selling out, so the need to race there super early is slim to none. There’s lots of hills, seated climbs, jumps, and sprints – all the makings of a great spin class. It’s a little bit of an adjustment that “tap it up” in YAS-speak means something totally different than SoulCycle’s “tap it back” but what can you do? I like this place – and the sort of grungy, unpretentious (but still super nice!) furnishings. Oh, and free parking with validation = music to my angeleno ears.

CorePower Yoga – Wilshire Location

CorePower Yoga

source: CorePower website


source: CorePower website

I have always been bad about incorporating stretching and yoga into my routine – and I need to get back on it. Whitney introduced me to CorePower last fall and we made it a habit for awhile to go to their weekly free Monday night class. I love one instructor there – Alex – he made it fun and very un-woo-woo which is a big deal for me. I normally burst out laughing when we have to “find our centers” or whatever. This isn’t a bikram studio, but the room is still in the 80 F range, meaning I am dripping in sweat before the first shavasana. This place will also give you one week unlimited for free, which I should make use of eventually. I’d recommend this place – it’s probably the best place I’ve done yoga (besides my days at Fred Segal in SM with Lori Steele who moved to Manhattan Beach..sad). 

What are other fitness trends, deals, or studios I should check out? I can’t wait to try CrossFit at Brick soon! Let me know your favorite places! 

2 Responses to “fitness trends.”

  1. Brittany March 16, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    I wish I could say I’ve experienced a lot of fitness trends, but I usually stick to whatever my gym offers because I am cheap!! I did succumb to bikram yoga and fell in love!

    • gillian March 16, 2013 at 9:41 pm #

      I’ve always been a little too scared to try it! I’m worried I would literally sweat to death.

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