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31 Mar

I returned from Vienna on Friday and have a bunch of posts lined up that I want to do. Between the jet-lag and getting caught up on school work, though, my roommate and I are dealing with deciding to move after the recent theft of our apartment. It is unsettling and will all be ok, but obviously neither of us prepared for this.

Anyway – on to a recap of all of the fun touristy things I did while in Vienna!

Walking Around the City

In many ways, Vienna is sort of a mix between Paris and Prague. It has Paris’ upscale, posh vibe, and some of Prague’s charm. However, it lacks the magical feeling that either city has. That being said, Vienna has some awesome sights that can be explored easily on a walk through the city. On our first walk, we saw a bunch of beautiful government buildings, museums, and cathedrals.




Votive Church

Votive Church

St. Stephens

St. Stephens

Easter Market

I had been in Vienna almost 4 years exactly (the week before Easter 2009) and I remembered the cool Easter Markets. We found a couple in the city and loved that we could buy food (pretzels and mulled wine) as well as some gifty items.




Schronbunn Palace

We all visited the summer place of the Hapsburgs. It just so happened we went on a super snowy day, so we walked around a bit and opted not to go inside. The palace grounds are beautiful. I’d also been before once previously during weather that actually felt like spring, and can say it’s also pretty then.



Hundertwasser Haus

Soooo it’s no secret that I am obsessed with modern architecture (hellooooo Frank Gehry designed my law school and I specifically sought out the building he designed when I visited Prague). I also love Gaudí (duh). Luckily, one morning Rachael and I set out for a run and literally stumbled upon this amazing house designed by Hundertwasser. Rachael and I headed back there a few days later to check it out. So cool.



Freud Museum

I am a huge psych nerd and was kicking myself for not making it to this museum when I visited Vienna 4 years ago. The museum itself is housed in Freud’s old apartment/office. We got to see the waiting room his patients would sit in, as well as the office he used to see patients. Unfortunately, the couch they would lie on his now housed in a museum in London. It was pretty cool to see some of his notes and writings.

waiting room.

waiting room.

oh you know, just some cocaine studies.

oh you know, just some cocaine studies.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace was a must – it houses Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.” It was also home to the Hapsburgs during non-summer months. The museum was pretty impressive, and had some other Klimt pieces I found particularly impressive.

epic in person.

epic in person.

#love... Klimt - Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park

#love… Klimt – Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park

can't argue with a view like this.

can’t argue with a view like this.

The Kunsthorisches Museum (“The Koonst”)

This is essentially Vienna’s main art museum. Rachael and I headed here – and our first stop was lunch in the café – which was stunning in and of itself. We wandered around and checked out the massive art collection – including more Klimt as well as Velazquez and Vermeer.

The Koonst.

The Koonst.

view from the cafe.

view from the cafe.

Velazquez's Margarita Teresa (done at the same time as his Las Meninas)

Velazquez’s Margarita Teresa (done at the same time as his Las Meninas)

(Read about my ode to Las Meninas/Madrid obsession here).

Rachael and I both loved this painting:


I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Koonst!

Other Vienna tips:

I’d also recommend visiting the Secession Hall to see the Klimt frieze that is there.

Visiting the huge open-air market known as the Nashmarkt. I had an incredible doner kebab there.

Other fun shopping opps include the department stores called Julius Meinl and the Bristol Farms equivalent at Hoher Markt.

I think that more or less covers all of the touristy things I did during my week in Vienna. I’d love to hear other recommendations people have or what their favorite thing about the city is! I’ll be back soon with a food post.

3 Responses to “vienna: sights”

  1. Rachael March 31, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    LOVE this!

    • gillian March 31, 2013 at 3:28 pm #

      thank you!! and for endorsing my hobbies, haha. Hope your weekend has been going well!!


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