16 Apr

I can’t say anything here that hasn’t already been said. The bombing at yesterday’s Boston Marathon is completely sickening and unbelievably tragic, and my thoughts have been with all those affected since I heard the news.

When I woke up on Marathon Monday, I expected to be glued to Twitter and various news outlets, but never expected it would be for any reason other than to see who won and how SkinnyRunner did.

While any form of terrorism is terrible, as a runner this one hits a little bit closer to home. Running is such an immensely powerful thing for us as individuals – we run to set goals and then shatter them. Beyond that, though, being a runner to me means being a member of an immensely powerful community. Runners say hello to each other on the streets, listen and care about each other’s training, and frankly, other runners “get” what it means to love the sport.

The list of inspiring moments that have come out of yesterday is never-ending. The list of the “helpers” is touching: runners continuing their race straight to the hospital, individuals opening up their homes to displaced athletes, etc.

I am proud to be a member of a community that really knows how to rally.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.54.26 PM

I have been glued to the news, but have found comfort and a sense of connection through members of the blogging community. While initially it felt a little bit self-interested for me to post at all (this is so much bigger than me…) I found myself connecting to everyone’s posts for different reasons. Here are some posts that have resonated with me:

Julie’s post on How You Can Help Boston

Monica’s post urging runners to wear race shirts today.

These words from Meghann: “…We’re all a part of this amazing community where every accomplishment is celebrated. No one keeps score, there are no losers, and the only person you’re ever ‘racing’ is yourself. It’s quite honestly the greatest sport in the world and why anyone would ever want to tarnish it tears me apart. They’re not taking my sport away from me, I won’t let them. WE won’t let them.”

Ericka’s post (and specifically this mantra):

We will keep training
We will keep running
We will continue to live. 

I tried to show solidarity today by wearing blue and yellow to work, and I plan to go on a run tonight with a running group downtown.

I’m running for Boston tonight.

One Response to “#ForBoston”

  1. Steve April 16, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    Beautiful sentiments, girl.

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