an epic weekend.

6 May

This was an amazing weekend.

As you probably know from my Instagram or Twitter…I spent a lot of last week studying for my Evidence final. Buttt since it’s not until May 13, I could afford to take this weekend off from studying completely.



On Thursday night, I joined my running group for a 7 miler downtown. It was pretty hilly, but also gorgeous.

new fav LA spot. (on my run)

new fav LA spot. (on my run)

piece of BCN in DTLA.

piece of BCN in DTLA.

On Friday, my college friend/sorority “sister”/study abroader/fellow crazy person Michelle was in town from SF. We met up for a fun afternoon in Santa Monica. I finally put a Lululemon gift card to good use and walked out with something I never would have considered buying in the past…a running skirt! Just call me SR.


Michelle and I took a class at Soul Cycle from my fav instructor – Laura Crago. Michelle had never taken a class at Soul Cycle before and naturally fell in love. She’s counting down until their SF location opens. We showered and then grabbed a bite to eat at Barney’s Beanery. It was so great to catch up!


Later that evening, I grabbed drinks with my parents at Más Malo before they headed home. The recent southern CA fires are near our hometown, so they wanted to wait out traffic.


After I said bye to my parents, I headed out to the valley to meet up with Whitney and our good friend from HS, Hayley, for a drink at the Blue Dog Tavern. I enjoyed an IPA (duh). Hayley lives and works in Fresno, so we don’t get to see her all that often, but she is always so fun to be around when we do get to see her. We were all chatting about how our other friend, Kelsey, had just gotten engaged on Tuesday (!!). And what do you know . . . in walks Kelsey with her fiancé, Drew. Kelsey had seen Hayley’s “check-in” on Facebook, and stopped by to surprise us. It was so nice to see her and Drew and to get the first person account of the proposal. Put that story in the “i love social media” column.

kelsey, me, whitney, and hayley. just realized i'm the odd one out without an "ey" last name.

kelsey, me, whitney, and hayley. just realized i’m the odd one out without an “ey” last name.

taps on taps on taps.

taps on taps on taps.

On Saturday morning, Whitney and I left our respective apartments and met up in Costa Mesa for packet pick up for the OC Half Marathon. I will do a full re-cap of the race, but the trip itself was a lot of fun. After packet pick-up, we checked in at the Marriott Newport Beach. Whitney had fallen into this room  – someone she knew who was running it had booked a room, but after a pulled hamstring forced him to bow out of the race, he offered his room up to her before surrendering it back to the hotel. Well, it turns out we had inherited the “romance package”…meaning champagne for the room…which was on the 15th floor and had a panoramic view of the ocean.

life = joke.

life = joke.


We spent some time lounging in the room. The view was so incredible I felt guilty if I took my eyes off of it for more than 0.4 seconds. We met up with Whitney’s family and walked around Fashion Island, and did a little shopping. I met up with another friend from high school, Sam, for a coffee. It was so great catching up with her as well. We did dinner with Whitney’s family + our friend Riley at Irvine Spectrum’s Wood Ranch (because #paleochallenge).

The race itself was great – and after we celebrated with a little Cinco Day Drinko action. Overall, this was a fantastic weekend. I was so lucky to blend so many different groups of friends throughout the weekend – law school, high school, college. I’ll be back soon with a full race recap.

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