celebration station.

24 May

Last weekend was filled with some pretty fun celebrations.

On Friday, my roommate Jenn graduated from USC Law.


Jenn and I have been through a lot together (besides the recent burglarization of our apartment + moving), but law-related as well. We lived together at our sorority house the semester we studied for the LSAT. We also took the same LSAT prep class and took practice tests together.  We ended up scoring one point apart on the LSAT. (Fun fact).  We proofread each other’s admissions essays, and have lived together through Jenn’s 2L and 3L, and all of my law school experience so far (I was in Spain when Jenn was a 1L).

It was awesome to see Jenn graduate and to be a part of her graduation, and to meet members of her extended family.


After the ceremony, we headed to her family’s country club (I know, what sort of life am I leading?) for a celebratory dinner. The view was insane.


And I ate one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, from Dots in Pasadena.


On Saturday, I dropped by my friend Kelsey’s parents’  house for a little birthday BBQ. I haven’t seen her parents or sister since high school, and it is always fun to see Kelsey, and now her fiancé, Drew.


I also caught up with another good high school friend, Sam, on Saturday night. She is studying to be a nurse, and had two 12-hour shifts, back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday at a nearby hospital, so she spent the night. Love catching up with old friends.

On Sunday, the celebrations continued with my friend Andrea’s bridal shower. Andrea is marrying one of my high school friends, A.K. (I guess he goes by Andrew now…whatever.) I have gotten to know Andrea pretty well over the past 4 years, and her bridesmaids put on a very nice bridal shower. I especially enjoyed the mimosa bar.


The shower was loosely themed around “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – so we had to frost ourselves as soon as we walked in. I promise I don’t always dress like Khloe Kardashian.


me, Andrea the Bride-to-Be, and Jenn

We played some games, drank and ate a little, and talked all things wedding. Looking forward to July 28th!

Also on Sunday, I attended a lunch to celebrate my friend Heather’s graduation from Loyola Law School! I was a loser and didn’t snap a single photo…at least for once I wasn’t being inattextive.

Such a great weekend. Back soon with more. 

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