Equinox for a month.

9 Jun

So I tweet a lot, and apparently Klout thinks I’m “influential about fitness,” so they gifted me with a free month-long membership at the Equinox in DTLA.

The DTLA location just opened in March, and I had never been to an Equinox before, but I had heard good things.  Heck, if they own Soul Cycle I figured it had to at least be decent.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.39.18 AM

The month I had Equinox coincided with my last three weeks (errrrr only 3 weeks) of marathon training, and my week of recovery, so I didn’t try as many different classes as I would have normally.

I did get to try the following:

yoga classes  – I took a handful of yoga classes at Equinox and really was impressed with the quality of instruction.  The studio actually felt like a yoga studio – the space is only used for yoga classes which is awesome.  They also had studio-quality yoga blocks, straps, mats, and blankets.  I am not a “beginner” in yoga in terms of number of classes I’ve taken, but I’m insanely inflexible.  When I decided I was going to run 26.2,  I ramped up my yoga to prevent an IT band/hip injury so these classes were great.  They were definitely better than the ones I’ve taken at Gold’s Gym.

view from morning yoga.

view from morning yoga.

pilates – With my membership, I got to do a 55-minute long session with a pilates trainer on the pilates reformer.  I’d never used the reformer before, and it was both a good stretch as well as a decent core work. I didn’t feel my best the morning of the workout (blame it on the alcohol?) but I’d do it again, but not at Equinox prices.

spin – Believe it or not, I only ended up taking one spin class at Equinox. I enjoyed it – it was pretty high quality and the spin room is studio-style.  The instructor was great, but it was no Soul-Cycle (but what is?) 

treadmill – One awesome thing about Equinox is they have treadmills where you can “run” through roads of different foreign cities, projected on the TV in front of you.  I once went on a 20 minute run through different streets in the Bavarian countryside, which was pretty awesome.

power plate – This may have been my very favorite thing. This “power plate” technology is like stretching intensified.  I did a normal IT band or hip flexor stretch, but as I stood on the power plate, it vibrated making the stretch way more intense/powerful/awesome.  If I actually ever joined an Equinox, I would use this every day.

Overall, the gym was really nice – clean, not crowded, and gorgeous locker rooms (they have Kiehl’s products for everything).  The manager who showed me around was nice.  Beyond that, though, there wasn’t enough to make me consider switching to Equinox from Gold’s.  I’ll take the $100 price differential and go to the occasional YAS or Soul Cycle class.

Thoughts on Equinox/up-scale gyms? 

Disclosure: While Klout and Equinox gave me a free pass to the gym, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂 


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