ak and andrea’s wedding [chicago pt. I]

3 Aug

Oh hey, blog readers!  I realized I went AWOL for no reason this last month.  The good news is I’ve been busy and have lots of blog-worthy posts up my sleeve – so be on the look-out for posts in the near future about spinning, the end of my summer job, my favorite DTLA eats, among others.  One notable thing happened in my blog absence: That’s G turned 4!  I know this blog is pretty small, but I’ve really enjoyed writing it and sharing little glimpses into my (relatively boring) life with y’all. So thanks for hanging with me!

I figured the first post post-hiatus (if Grey’s Anatomy can take one, surely I can too, right? That’s how this works) should be about my recent trip to Chicago!

The purpose of the trip was to see my old friend A.K. (Andrew Kory) get married.  I have known AK for over 10 years.  We became friends freshman year of high school and have pretty much been friends since.  He’s one member of my motley crew of guy friends from high school (aka “my boys” or my “bruddahs”).  I distinctly remember grabbing coffee with AK in May of 2009 after my semester abroad in Barcelona.  I have always known him as AK and he gave his name to the barista as “Andrew.”  I scoffed and he said “I have a new girlfriend and she calls me Andrew, so that’s what I go by now.” That’s when I knew he meant business.

I got to know Andrea shortly after and we became friends as well — I admire her ability to hold her own in our rowdy group of crazies.  Going on three years ago AK and Andrea were my very first visitors when I lived in Madrid — a trip both they and I will always remember.

DSCN0790 DSCN0817 DSCN0796

Anyway, I love them and was so happy to see them tie the knot and travel to Chicago, where Andrea is from. I digress.  Back to Chicago.

I finished work on July 26 and after happy hour(s), I headed to my parents’ home so we could start the journey together.  My whole family was invited – my parents share some “trojan family” mumbo jumbo connection with AK and Andrea that I couldn’t begin to understand.  We set off early on Saturday the 27th and I ran into my friend Jeff and my friend Ryan’s parents, Pam and Brian, who were also headed to the wedding. Yay for an entourage!

That night, we headed to the rehearsal dinner in the Gold Coast region of Chicago at Lou Malnati’s – for some legendary deep dish.  Afterward, we all went out to a bar/lounge called Social 25.  We all had fun catching up and listening to the copious amount of Pitbull songs they played.  I noticed that the bars in Chicago were BIG – way more elbow room than in LA.  I guess the city’s nickname of the “city of big shoulders” has some truth to it. #endorse.

The next day was wedding Sunday!  I started the day off with a run through Millenium Park to Lake Michigan with my friend/fellow workout fiend Emily.  So glad she got me out of my laziness and moving!

standard bean running pic.

standard bean running pic.


After our run, my mom and I headed to get our hair done at Blow by Blow (totally recommend if you’re looking for a Drybar equivalent in Chicago).  We got ready and headed to the ballroom at the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, for the ceremony.

some of my friends groomsmen-ing.

some of my friends groomsmen-ing.


reception time w/ my brudahhhh Jeffrey.


We all had a lot of fun at the reception.  The band was the BEST wedding entertainment I’ve seen.  The Ken Alren band had a few singers, so they sang a bunch of current (and older) favorites — and sounded just like the real thing.  Here’s my insta video of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” OBSESSED.  I wish they were from LA so I could eventually hire them. But I guess I need to, you know, find a husband first.  Whatever.

We danced, ate, listened to our friend Ryan’s funny groomsman toast, and celebrated AK and Andrea.  More than anything, it was SO fun to have our group of (scattered) friends together for an entire weekend.  10 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and undoubtedly made some sort of derisive comment if you would have told me I’d still be friends with all of these guys — but now I realize I am BEYOND lucky to be the token girl in our group of friends.  I may have one bio-brother but I have more than a handful of others who are willing to make fun of me at just about every opportunity (but also offer the occasional compliment or words of “wisdom”).


Anyway, I’ll be back shortly with the rest of my trip in Chicago! My parents and I decided that since we’d never been there before, we’d extend the trip. I OD’d on delicious food, found a new-to-me regional IPA, checked an MLB stadium off the list, and found a new post-modern building to obsess over.  Pretty much all of the makings of a solid vacation!

Congrats Andrew/a (can that be a thing?)!! Hope you’re enjoying Maui!

3 Responses to “ak and andrea’s wedding [chicago pt. I]”

  1. steve August 3, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    “Trojan family mumbo jumbo connection” LOL


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