DTLA eats.

4 Aug

One of (many) perks to my job this summer as a Summer Associate at a “big law” firm downtown was the opportunity to try out many new-to-me restaurants during our lunch hour.  I tried so many delicious things and wanted to share a few of my favorites here.

  • Sticky Rice at Grand Central Market –  During out first week, a few attorneys took a couple of other summer associates and me to Grand Central Market for some delicious thai food.  I tried mango sticky rice for the first time and fell. in. love.
  • Mo-Chica. Mo-Chica is innovative peruvian food from Chef Richard Zarate.  I loved this place.  I ordered the tallarines con camarones, which featured grilled black tiger prawns, tagliatelle, peanuts, and a peruvian black mint pesto.  We also sampled a few appetizers…I remember all of them being delectable.
  • Café Pinot.  I’d been to Café Pinot once before (with my mom last summer for dinner), but this time we feasted on the DineLA menu.  I thoroughly enjoyed the gazpacho, corn risotto with shrimp, and a strawberries & cream desert topped with Café Pinot’s own version of pop rocks.  Although one of the summers didn’t care for the pop rocks, I loved and marveled at the inventive flavor.  Win!
  • Blue Cow. Blue Cow restaurant is right across the street from our office, so we ate here many times.  I can whole-heartedly recommend the Vietnamese Chicken salad, as well as the kale caesar and brick chicken entree, and you cannot go there without getting the “baked then fried” potatoes. This place is owned by the same guys who do Mendocino Farms, so essentially everything is delicious.
  • Chaya Downtown.  Located in the Paul Hastings building, Chaya is one of the fancier lunch options downtown.  I love their whimsical chandelier made of what looks like children’s toys.  I enjoyed both the Coffee Spiced Jidori Chicken Breast & Organic Butter Lettuce Salad as well as the Chaya Chopped Cajun Shrimp Salad.
  • Barista Society. One random day, an attorney e-mailed all of the summers asking “Who wants coffee like they’ve never had it before?” Obviously I jumped at that chance.  Barista Society had coffee by both Blue Bottle AND Stumptown Coffee Roasters and innovative lattes and pastries.  I will definitely seek this place out again — it was located in the US Bank building on Bunker Hill.
  • Cole’s.  Cole’s claims to be the originator of the french dip sandwich — something I have always loved — but the true originator may be Philippe’s.  On our last week, we headed to Cole’s and FEASTED.  The building itself was so historic – it’s worth a visit for that alone. (There’s also a bar in the back called The Varnish.  I haven’t been but I’ve heard good things!).

IMG_4341This summer was a lot of fun – and I definitely expanded my culinary horizons.

Anywhere else in DTLA I need to try?? What’s your favorite??

One Response to “DTLA eats.”

  1. Rachel (CHAYA Restaurant Group) July 24, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    So glad you’ve enjoyed lunch at CHAYA! Hope we see you again soon.

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