back in it.

27 Sep

My running mojo is back.

I guess all it took was a quick trip to NYC to re-charge, and a few good weeks of mostly spinning to get my groove back.

For the last few weeks, I had felt under-motivated to run alone — I was fine with my DTLA Running group, but beyond that? Game over.

On Monday morning, I headed out from my apartment, down to LA State Historic Park, and back for a little over 6 miles (at a 7:30 pace!) I felt strong. But again, who wouldn’t with this view?



happy feet.

On Tuesday, I met back up with my DTLA Running group for what was in my mind being deemed a “redemption run.” The previous Tuesday ROCKED me. I felt terrible 2 miles in — my heart was racing, my legs just wouldn’t move…It was gnarly.  This Tuesday was great. I was pushing the pace — I couldn’t quite keep up with the lead pack (those guys are tough), but the pace was fast. It felt hard, but I also felt strong. Maybe all of that spinning is paying off?


4.33 miles//31.33. #werk.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was returning to school after a much needed solo trip to Starbucks, I noticed signage for road closures due to this Sunday’s Herbalife Triathlon.  In that moment, I realized one thing I love about fall is the racing season. (No, I am not signing up for a triathlon anytime soon, despite constant subliminal messages from multiple sources)…but I am re-evaluating my fall race schedule.

I am registered for the Long Beach Half Marathon on 10/13, and am going to add Santa to the Sea on 12/8.

I am toying with the idea of adding the LA Rock N Roll Half on 10/27 and/or Rock n Roll Las Vegas on 11/17.  I am eyeing my next 26.2 in March (LA). Thoughts? Suggestions? AM I NUTS?! 

2 Responses to “back in it.”

  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals September 27, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    Holy speedy!

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