tuesday rundown.

24 Oct

As you may know, I run with a running club on Tuesdays (and some Thursdays and Saturdays) in DTLA.  These guys are fun and FAST. I don’t think I could have pulled the paces that I do before running with these people. (In my mind I am still the slow kid on my youth track team who could never dream of running 3 miles IN A ROW let alone at a sub-7:30 clip).

Yesterday, we did one of my lesser favorite routes — down Olympic, right on Vermont, down Wilshire back to our meet-up spot.  The stretch on Vermont is uphill, and there are a lot of pedestrians who get flustered and sometimes don’t give way to the runners. It also bums me out that it gets dark so early now! Why can’t be it summer forever?

Two of my normal running buddies, Kim and Brett, got ahead of me at a stoplight, but I kicked it with Andres for most of the run (we’re both running RnRLA this weekend) and met a new person — a dog-walker originally from Baltimore. Part of the reason I love running with a group is that I get to meet people I ordinarily wouldn’t get the chance to meet just through law school or my existing group of friends.

Run Stats:

  • Total Time: 38:56
  • 5.26 miles
  • Average Pace: 7:24
  • Splits: 7:17//7:21//7:24//7:36//7:29

We start each meet-up by going around and saying our names and answering a question Dennis, the meet-up leader, selects. Yesterday’s was “favorite post-run recovery drink.” A lot of people said water or smoothies.  I may have been the only girl who said beer.  (Water first, but just to get to the beer).


A few months ago, a bunch of the booze-hounds decided to start grabbing a drink at a local place after our Tuesday runs.  Last night we said goodbye to Brett who is moving back to Denver and won’t be joining us anymore. So sad! I loved getting to know Brett and he definitely pushed me on a run or two. (Except for last week when I nearly died and I couldn’t hang).

Me, Brett, and Kim.

Me, Brett, and Kim.

If you’re close to the downtown Los Angeles and are looking for a running club — check out the DTLA Running Group on meetup.com!

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