#RnRLA half marathon recap.

28 Oct

On Sunday October 7th I ran my 12th half-marathon — Rock n Roll Los Angeles.

The weekend began on Friday with a walk from my apartment to the expo located at the LA Convention Center.           IMG_4910

The Expo was underwhelming — I picked up my bib, race shirt, and made the rounds through the vendors (picking up some Gu packets and a BIC band for my roommate).  I also sampled a few things (Loved whatever coconut ThinkThin bar I had, and the Nuun I sampled wasn’t too bad either).

I did spot Judge Craig Mitchell at the expo and on race morning again. His work with Midnight Mission is so inspiring, and I was able to meet him at the Midnight Mission 10k back in May.  If you haven’t heard of Judge Mitchell, check out this LA Times article on him that ran to coincide with the LA Marathon last year.

It was pretty low-energy, but it was an easy pit stop before I headed over to my gym for a yoga class.


On Saturday, after my usual morning spin class, I headed to Yardhouse at LA Live for a #RnRLA meet-up/tweet-up organized by Dani of Weight off My Shoulders that I had heard about through Pavement Runner. I enjoy reading his blog and seeing what he’s up to in Northern California, and it was fun to meet him in person!

I also got to officially meet Tiffany (Running Hutch).  She was at #FitBlogLA with me but we didn’t meet, so it was fun picking her brain about all things healthy living blogging in LA.

It was so meeting everyone and nursing any pre-race jitters with a beer (Dogfish Head 90 Minute for this girl).

Check out their blogs:

Who knew having lunch with 10 strangers would be so fun…and normal?

photo cred: @pavementrunner

photo cred: @pavementrunner

When I came home, I copied my friend Andres‘ instagram post and got my gear ready for the next day.


I stuck with what I knew and wore my favorite Lululemon Athletica top and skirt. I brought one gu (lemon lime) and decided to carry my phone for photo purposes. I had planned to run in my brand new Oakley sunglasses (thank you, #FitBlogLA), but it ended up being SO overcast I held them for much of the race.

I left my apartment at about 6:15 to make the 15 minute walk to the start — and my running group’s designated meet-up location.  I met a nice runner named Keith as I walked to the start — one of my favorite things about running is meeting new people and chatting about the race.  We planned to take a group photo at LA Live, so met up in front of Staples Center’s Magic Johnson statute. We talked about the race and hung out for a bit before making our way to the start.


Chad, me, Cynthia, and Andres.

One of my favorite things about living downtown is running with my #DTLARunning group.  These people are awesome — fast, supportive, and fun. It’s so great having a community in an amazingly cool part of LA that a lot of people overlook.

Chad and Cynthia are studs and were assigned to Corral #1.  I was in #2, but I ended up sneaking into Corral #1. Peer pressure will getcha.

It was overcast.  LA finally decides to NOT be gorgeous, I guess it’s allowed.


The course consisted of two 6.5ish mile out and back segments.

The first started at LA Live, went down Figueroa to Exposition, we did a lap around the outside of the Coliseum (#FTFO?) and then back up Fig.  That stretch on Fig seemed to last FOREVER, and I forget that it’s slightly uphill.  Still, my running group does a similar run often, so it was nice being in familiar territory.

The second loop consisted of running north on Flower to 3rd, through the 3rd street tunnel to Central, right on Central to 6th, across the LA River on the 6th street bridge, and then back the exact same way. So not exactly the most scenic of routes, but familiar territory and cool temps.

My friends Whitney and Armita were hanging out at 7th and Flower. It was so great seeing them — and so nice of them to spectate!


When I got closer I yelled: “WILL ONE OF YOU TAKE THESE SUNGLASSES??! It’s definitely not sunny!!!” Armita took them off my hands.

IMG_4982I trudged a long a little bit and just two blocks later my roommate and her boyfriend were there to cheer for me!  Jenn had made an awesome Kanye inspired sign, which made me giggle.




Having a little crowd support at what was essentially the half-way point ended up being crucial. That stretch on Fig seemed to last forever so having some friends there to cheer was HUGE at this point.


so. foggy.

Going through the 3rd street tunnel was pretty cool — they had lights flashing and a DJ in there — (same as at #RnRSD this year).  I liked running down 3rd, saw a cool mural on Central, and passed the Mexican restaurant named for my Crim Law professor.

The stretch up the 6th street bridge over the LA river was TOUGH, but I think partially it was because it was so cloudy you couldn’t see anything around you or gauge how much of the bridge you still had to climb.

Dani said she cheered for me over here but unfortunately I missed it! I also saw Emily, a friend and former high school cross country teammate out on the course, as well my friend Ignasi from my running group.

Once we turned around, I looked forward to the long downhill stretch on Flower. I passed Jenn and her boyfriend again and they snapped and cheered away.  My feet are a mess in this picture. IMG_4979

I crossed the finish line in 1:42:42.  Not a PR, not as fast as two weeks ago, but I felt good, had a lot of fun out there, and took it easy when I got tired. Also, my Garmin said I ran 13.53 miles. C’mon.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.01.00 PM

After I crossed the finish line, I downed a water, some chocolate milk, a sample-sized Jamba Juice and then made my way over to the Michelob Ultra Beer Garden.  #TrueToForm.


I caught up with other finishers on Twitter — Andres CRUSHED his previous 1:50:XX PR with a 1:46:33.

I met up with my roommate and we headed back to our apartment.  The fact I was walking distance to the start and finish was easily one of the best things about this race.

Half marathon #12 is in the books! See you in December for #13 at Santa to the Sea!

3 Responses to “#RnRLA half marathon recap.”

  1. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. October 28, 2013 at 8:11 am #

    Wow GIllian…12 half-marathons, that’s amazing!!! Congratulations! And that Kanye sign is so funny. That’s great that your friends came to cheer you on.

    • gillian October 28, 2013 at 8:16 am #

      Thank you Whitney!! I have a Kanye obsession by friends tease me about -/ can’t really blame them because he is so nuts.

      Sent from my iPhone



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    […] 5 (Surf City – 1:45, OC Half -1:39:56, Long Beach-1:40:40, Rock n Roll LA-1:42:42, and Santa to the Sea […]

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