law talk tuesday: semester wind-down.

17 Dec

“1L they scare you to death.  2L they work you to death. And 3L they bore you to death.” 

This was my first semester of 3L and it was SUCH a huge change from 1L and 2L.  The above adage has been completely true for me.  

1L was crazy. I studied every day and didn’t really do anything else besides study and prepare for class.

During 2L, I had the routine of how to prepare for class down, but I was so busy with extracurriculars. I was on the board for two clubs (Phi Alpha Delta and the Women’s Law Association), was on the Entertainment Law Journal, competed on the Vis Moot Court team, and externed full-time one semester. Gross.

My responsibilities have waned considerably during 3L which has allowed me to pursue hobbies outside of school. Unfortunately, my classes were pretty boring.

I loved my Trial Ad class. It was an awesome experience with a passionate and fun professor. (Loyola/USC students — take a class with Judge Dan Buckley).

photo 1 (1)

My other classes weren’t so hot.  You might have read my hate live-tweets during them.

In one class, the professor didn’t break down any of the material so it was digestible.  I am not interested in copying down verbose sections of the probate code verbatim from a slide. SO frustrating.

My other class was…not challenging? I liked the subject matter but struggled at how little class participation/novel thought there was. My friends made fun of me for that because we had very little reading and the final was not too hard to prepare for, but sitting in the class was a challenge for me.

Other than class, I also fulfilled my pro bono requirement with the Team Prime Time Mock Trial. This was a ton of fun and the kids always made me laugh, smile, or remind me that my mascara was not evenly applied (Thanks, Serenity!)


To round out my semester, I was a Research Assistant for my favorite professor. I did a range of research assignments related to juvenile DNA collection.  It was a great way to do a little bit of work outside of my really boring less-than-exhilirating class line-up.

Anyway, that about rounds up my first semester of 3L. I am hoping next semester’s classes are a little more…stimulating?  Either way, I can’t believe I have one. semester. left. Eeek! I’ll pick up these LTT posts when classes resume…

Who was your favorite professor/teacher and why? 

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