24 Dec

[The title of this post is inspired by my latest obsession, #XMASJAMMIES.  LOVE THAT FAMILY].

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the abundance of Christmas parties that take place during the month of December.  Last year, I went to my law school friend Chris’ “Hawaiian Christmas” party — and not to be outdone, I ended up going to four different Christmas bashes this year.

To kick it off, I went to a Back on My Feet Happy Hour with some members of Team Homeboy and Team Union Rescue Mission at El Escondite downtown.


Later that night, I drove down to the South Bay to go to my friend Heather’s best friend’s “Nightmare Before Christmas Party” (Friday the 13th in December = perfect theme).  Fun fact: I have never actually seen that movie.  No photos from that one (huge blogger fail), but I always have a good time with Blake and Heather.

The next day marked what is probably my favorite day of the year — the SANTA Monica Pub Crawl.  This is the third consecutive year I’ve done this with my best friend Whitney, and her friends from college. Last year we did the Wilshire route, and the year before we raged on Main street. This year we upped the ante on our attire and went as Santa’s “Reinbeers.”  I called dibs on “Dasher.”

Riley is Whitney’s best friend from college — so we took our annual “best friends by transitive property picture.”  Riley is one of my favorite people and I love that we have become friends over the years!



Me, Whitney, Riley

We made multiple stops along the Wilshire route — Sonny Mclean’s, The Charleston, O’Brien’s Pub, The Gas Lite,  JP’s, and Tinga. 

Apparently our unofficial uniform is the cross-body, chained purse:


There is a rule in my family that if you do something two years in a row it is a tradition.  Well guess what, immediately after going to The Gas Lite and before continuing on the crawl, we now have to have a late dinner at Poquito Más.  This also requires running into a Loyola classmate.  (Yes, that happened two years in a row, #typical #3LOL). IMG_5267We ended the night dancing and making fools of ourselves at Tinga.  It was a great night — however I felt the repercussions of it the next day.  Still — if you’re in the LA area, seriously consider making the SANTA Monica Pub Crawl a tradition. So fun.

The following weekend was also filled with fun Christmasy events.  On Friday, one of my friends from my running club, Jeremy, threw an Ugly Sweater Party (that also had a heavy hip hop theme as well).  This song was on repeat, I kid you not.

I wore a fantastic ugly sweater –> unnamed-4

Other fun highlights: I made cookies inspired by HRG. I made mint chocolate chip cookies and pressed a Dove chocolate mint into the center of each one.  They went over well. We ended the night at a club downtown and witnessed a cat fight.  Christmas party success.

My Christmas party season was rounded out in a fun way.  Cynthia, also a member of my DTLA running club, threw a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange at her apartment.  We had amazing appetizers, lots of beer (duh), and delicious homemade tamales. The rules for the game were simple — everyone had to come with a running-related gift. We drew numbers to see who went first, and the next people to open could either steal a gift or open a new one.  Gifts could only be stolen twice (or a third time if the stealer was willing to take both a shot of vodka AND a shot of tequila…runners are serious).

I brought a box filled with different running gels and chews — and included my fav flav. My friend Andres ended up getting my gift!  My number was first so I picked the most creatively wrapped gift — a shoebox wrapped in LA Marathon ads!  I got a pair of running gloves (so necessary for the early a.m. runs) and some Clif Bloks. BcEEM6DCUAABY0H

It was so fun seeing things people brought — a foam roller, water bottle, beanie, Starbucks gift card, a gift certificate to a yoga place, etc.  Such a fun way to celebrate!

I love how these parties allowed me to see different groups of friends throughout the holidays.

Weigh-in: Did you go to any fun themed holiday parties this season?

 I want to host a White Elephant gift exchange next year — or a cookie exchange. Or both!

One Response to “#XMASPARTIES”

  1. Ashley December 24, 2013 at 5:16 pm #

    I had a few work and alumni parties, I’d love to host a cookie exchange because I ❤ cookies.

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