weekend eats. (or, the one with all of the bars).

13 Feb

I know, I know…another post?  I did a lot of fun things last weekend and wanted to share them before another weekend is upon us.

Last Thursday, I kicked off the weekend (enjoying my last few months — ever — of 3 day weekends.  Law school is the best)  with an evening session of yoga at YogaHop.  So far I’m on track with my “do yoga 50 times in 2014” goal).  It just so happens YogaHop is next to a Pinkberry, and I was there while Pinkberry was giving away free yogurt for National FroYo Day or something.


I indulged in a small original with strawbs, mochi, and fruity pebs (a dream combo if I do say so myself).  Fun fact, summer 2007 and winter breack 2008  I worked at a Pinkberry.  I’m a pretty good swirler.

That night I went to Casey’s Bar and Grill for Loyola “bar review” and hung out with some of my section 3 peeps.

On Friday I was being super lazy — I went to Back on My Feet after 4 hours of sleep (whoops), came back and slept for 3 more hours, and then lolly-gagged around my apartment sort of cleaning, sort of catching up on TV shows…I know, #roughlife.  Luckily I ran into my friend Jordan as I was finally getting my act together stumbling out of my apartment in gym clothes to run some errands and we concocted a plan to hang out later.  I love when lazy days get salvaged!  We (+ Armita) went to DTLA’s brand new City Tavern.  I noshed on the brussels sprouts and the burger — both were excellent — and sipped on a Ladyface (!)  IPA. Our waiter was witty and well-versed in the menu and I ran into a friend from middle school so I’d say City Tavern was a success.

After dinner we headed over they indulged my inner beer fiend by letting me drag them to Sixth Street Tavern for more IPAs.

photo 3

city tavern//las perlas//spring st. bar

On Saturday,  I had a little spin class action with my favorite crazies (I may or may not have had to rearrange an entire playlist to make sure one of my regulars got to hear “Drunk in Love” before he had to leave early). #Surfboard.

After spin, I headed over to Echo Park to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my friend’s vintage shop truck (think a food truck but for vintage clothes).  I loved checking out the truck and bought two rings I had been eyeing.  Check out Selvedge Dry Goods.


That night, Jordan and Armita and I did DTLA drink fest part II.  We started at Las Perlas (because tequila).  I enjoyed a marg and Armita got some crazy cinnamon infused tequila with pineapple.  It reminded me a little bit too much of fireball.  After awhile we went to Spring Street Bar, mostly because I knew they have a good list of beers IPAs.   How I have any friends is beyond me.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun — it’s always a good night when a random stranger asks one of your friends if he can kiss her, and she makes up a fake boyfriend.  

On Sunday, I got up and lifted weights like a crazy person.  The highlight of Sunday was finding this awesome $7 bouquet in DTLA’s Flower District (and going to bed at 8:30 to prep for my 20 miler).

photo 2

Anyway, Happy Thursday!  My day is going to include some Business Associations, getting my computer back (!) and some yoga.

What’s on your agenda for this weekend?  

Fav DTLA bar? 

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