random things i’m loving.

20 Mar


I know I’ve been a bad blogger post-marathon.  But the good news is I’ve been saving up a lot of fun things to tell you guys about.

Last Friday, BFF Whitney and I rented stand-up paddle boards in Marina del Rey for an hour.  We got a Groupon for $12 for a one-hour rental from Phins.  It was great getting out there!  IMG_6127Whitney had the day off, but after SUP-ing we bopped over to her office for a special lunch talk with Paul Rusesabagina, who harbored Rwandan refugees in a hotel he managed during the Rwandan genocide. (The real life Don Cheadle from “Hotel Rwanda”).  I haven’t seen the movie, but he was insanely inspiring and it was an honor to meet him.


I can’t wait to read his book and to learn more about the work he is doing!


Saturday highlights included a weights class and teaching a little spin, watching my (former) roommate Jenn try on a few wedding dresses, and then law prom (also known as “Barrister’s Ball”) at the W in Westwood.  Aviva and I pregamed with our friends Blake and Heather and Heather gave me a (needed) makeover.  You’d think by 26 I could do hair and makeup.  NOPE.  #girlfail.


I mostly chatted with attractive 1Ls my friends and demanded more hip hop music be played.  It was a fun night!


Sunday featured the usual body pump/spin back-to-back combo.  Afterwards, two of my gym budz took me to lunch at LA Café for the greatest sandwich of all time, the lobster grilled cheese.  They claimed it was to celebrate my marathon but really they just wanted an excuse to taste heaven.


What was sad, though, is when I got home Jenn was completely moved out! (She’s engaged and you know engaged people live together sometimes).  I am excited to live on my own, don’t get me wrong, but I lived with Jenn for almost 3 full years and will definitely miss some of our routines (like watching various TV shows together, gossiping about our mutual friends, judging the blogs we both read, and her giving me advice/laughing about my wreck of a life and the jokes of situations I get myself into).  I think the hardest transition will be not calling her “my roommate” anymore.

I also have some random things I did before the LA Marathon so I’m sticking them here.  You’re welcome.

The day before the marathon, I went to a 5k at LMU with Back on My Feet.  I didn’t race, but I cheered my teammates and drank a ton of this water.  OBSESSED with hint and need to find it somewhere ASAP.


A few days before the race I indulged in a Soul Cycle class c/o RackedLA.  It was my first time at the BH location (meh) and my first class with Pixie.


I also have been hitting up my Farmer’s Market obsession on the reg.  I love having fresh flowers scattered around my apartment.


Um also my friend Jackie made me THE coolest sign, ever, before the marathon.  See for yourself:


Jackie and I also hit up my fav DTLA rooftop bar, the Ace Hotel. #swoon.


I ordered the “Amazing Frozen Drink” which made me happy because (a) it was delicious (b) it was made with tequila (c) the bartender made a happy face with cherries and a lime. #easilyamused


Another reason I love the Ace: the spire of the hotel was modeled after the Segovia Cathedral which is outside Madrid. Love.


Because this post was so random, answer one of these:

  • Drink of choice? From where?
  • Favorite type of grilled cheese?
  • Have you tried SUPing?
  • What are you doing today?

2 Responses to “random things i’m loving.”

  1. Ashley @ Brocblog March 20, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    I want that frozen face drink! Also the grilled cheese sounds amazing and I know that there was more to this post than food but I love food. And tequila.

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