toning it up.

28 Apr

Last week, my friends Heather and Kristina told me that they were both going to do the Tone It Up BIKINI SERIES.  Tone it Up is a set of free workouts and nutrition plans available online — created by two women in the South Bay who are best friends.  I signed up for a few reasons — I loved watching Karena and Katrina on their Bravo show and wanted to see what TIU was all about, and I may or may not be fitness obsessed and wanted to jump on the band wagon.  The challenge started today (you can still sign up!).

I am liking the Tone it Up program’s community aspect — it is awesome to see people striving for different fitness goals, posting recipes, encouraging each other, etc.  I am not going to overhaul my whole workout regimen, but I have enjoyed taking part in some goal setting and recipe brain storming.  For the next 6 weeks, my goals for the series are:

  • Focus on eating super clean.  This should not be hard — I am eating paleo right now with some of my friends from the gym.  Two weeks in and going strong!  I’m not craving bread at all – but the hardest thing is what to eat before a cardio workout.
  • Run 100 Miles by the start of summer. TIU lets you count any cardio toward the 100, but I want to do 100 miles of pure running.
  • Support and motivate others.  I convinced former-roomie Jenn to sign up — as well as my BFF Whitney and her roommate. I’d love to check in with them !

The challenge also had us create a vision board with a list of what we want to accomplish this summer, as long as some inspiration.  I tried not to get TOO aggressive (because, bar exam).


This morning started with a 5:30 am “Booty Call” with Back on My Feet — we ran a little over 2 miles through Chinatown.


I did some grocery shopping to get on track.  Yesterday my gym buddies and I all had brunch together (our friend Eric is an incredible chef) and I felt somewhat inspired — so I whipped up some turkey lettuce wraps.  So good and ridiculously easy.  I am totally nailing this “adult” thing.


I wrapped up the night with the first little TIU workout — it didn’t take very long at all but I felt it!



Yes, I bought 5 lb weights today at Target.  I’m excited to see how this goes!! And the best part was Jenn texting me a photo of her running shoes on outside 🙂

  • Are you doing the Tone it Up challenge?
  • Fav at-home workout?

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2 Responses to “toning it up.”

  1. Katy Thomas (@KatyMarie5) April 30, 2014 at 10:18 pm #

    I totally own the same 5 lb. weights from Target. This challenge sounds really cool. I especially love the vision board aspect of it.

    • Gillian @ That's G April 30, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

      Hahah! Love that you have those weights! It’s a nice little challenge — nothing too crazy but a good little extra boost!

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