lifestyle accountability.

7 May

Recently, I was interviewed by Adam and Devon Bate for their “Lifestyle Accountability” podcast.



I had a great time with them chatting about how I stay motivated to achieve fitness goals, and what works for me fitness-wise.  (I also talked about Matthew McConaughey and how I love cheeseburgers and beer, so yes I am a normal person).

I haven’t listened to it yet (I am one of those people who thinks my voice sounds super weird recorded), but if you’re interested, you can find it here!

Do you have an inspirational quote that motivates you?

I love “how you do anything is how you do everything” and “You never regret a workout.”

4 Responses to “lifestyle accountability.”

  1. Olive To Run (@Olivetorun) May 8, 2014 at 12:44 pm #

    I’m a huge quote lover… hello pinterest and my instagram account 🙂

  2. Katy Thomas (@KatyMarie5) May 8, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    For a moment I thought you said you talked TO Matthew McConaughey!

    I am DEFINITELY a huge quote lover!

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