13 May

Last weekend I was lucky to spend Saturday at the wedding of one of my best friends from high school, Kelsey, and her now husband, Drew!  It was a great weekend and I wanted to re-cap it on the blog.  You may have seen me hashtagging #Stappcoach on IG last weekend – and that was why.  Kelsey and Drew met at Stagecoach, and #Stappcoach is a play on that + Drew’s last name.

Kelsey and I ran cross-country and track “together” all four years of high school.  I say “together” because Kelsey was/is insanely fast.  I call her my “running idol” before and I mean it – she is and has always been a role model for me athletically!  I met Drew a couple of years ago and love both how genuine he is, but also how upbeat and silly he is.  Anyway, the wedding was held at the GORGEOUS Maravilla Gardens in Santa Rosa Valley (near Camarillo, CA).  My best friend Whitney and I were both rolling stag, so we shared a hotel room in Agoura Hills.  It was fun being on vacation in my hometown.

When we checked in, we were greeted with the cutest welcome back — filled with lots of fun treats and both Drew and Kelsey’s favorite cookies.


Whitney and I got ready and she did my hair.  Best friends are great for that, especially when you are completely inept at most girl things.  Our shuttle to the venue was a little bit delayed (#weddingseason) but it was fine because we made friend while we waited!  We met Kelsey’s childhood friends Katelyn and Megan and instantly clicked with them.  We knew the night was going to be good!

The wedding started shortly after we got to the venue and it was GORGEOUS.  Whitney and I both kept out sunglasses on because we knew there’d be tears.  The ceremony was light-hearted and fun (perfect for Kelsey and Drew), and the scenery was gorgeous.  I teared up a little bit but managed to keep the ugly tears at bay. #phew. Our friend Hayley was a bridesmaid and she was smiling up there the entire time.  Also, you can’t tell in this picture but Kelsey’s dress was awesome — it had STRIPES.


After the ceremony, we headed into cocktail hour time while the bridal party took photos.  I was STOKED to see they had a delicious IPA, and these awesome koozies.  Those two things + this view?  Amazing.


Whitney and I caught up with high school friends, cross country and track coaches, and hung out with our new friends from the shuttle!  I, of course, instagrammed but avoided any selfies.  You’re welcome.

Whitney and I didn’t intend on matching, (both of us had last-minute dress decision-making issues), but it worked out perfectly for photos!


The cocktail hour space was awesome — cool couches, fun pillows, and even a bride and groom rubber ducky hanging out in a fountain.


don’t mind my obnoxious laugh.

After a little bit, we moved over to where the reception was held.  The Father of the Bride’s speech made me tear up a little — I loved when her Dad, Tim, spoke about how when Kelsey is your friend she’s “your friend for life.”  I loved that sentiment and totally agreed.



Hayley, Kelsey, Whitney, Me, and Amy. (Why I don’t have a -y name is beyond me. Maybe I should go by Gilly?)

We spent the rest of the evening drinking and dancing — I LOVED the early 2000s pop numbers they played! And yes, everyone still knows the dance to “Bye Bye Bye.”


Katelyn, Me, Whitney, and Megan


Me, Hay, Whit.


Wedding Selfie!


WE ❤ Drew!

After the wedding, we shuttled back to Westlake Village/Agoura Hills for a little after-party action.  I said goodbye to Paleo for the wedding and the 11 pm pizza came in CLUTCH.  Hayley spent the night with us which was so fun.  The next morning,  there was a goodbye brunch which was a nice way to see everyone again a little more casually, and to get to say goodbye to everyone!

#Stappcoach was so much fun, and congratulations to Kelsey and Drew! ❤

2 Responses to “#stappcoach”

  1. Kelsey May 13, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    This was amazing!!! Thank you for doing this 🙂 I loved it. I am so so happy you were there!! It meant so much!

    Love you!!


    • Gillian @ That's G May 14, 2014 at 7:28 am #

      Yayayay so glad!! So glad I got to be there too, it was a great day!! ❤

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