20 May

Hi everyone!  On Sunday, I graduated from law school.  It was an amazing and memorable day so I wanted to share it with you guys!  I know this is a detour from my normal fitness posts — but bear with me.

Our ceremony was held at LMU’s main campus in Westchester.  The law school is in DTLA, so it was fun (albeit a bit odd) to graduate from a place we never actually attended. It was a gorgeous day but a little on the hot side.


We all met a little before 10 am to get “robed” before the ceremony.  I quickly found my “posse.” Below are Armita, Aviva, Ross, Blake, Me, and Taylor.  This group of people were my “people” throughout law school — we hung out together, studied together, sat next to each other in classes, took practice exams and numerous Starbucks breaks together, and  of course celebrated being done with finals together.  Blake is a JD/MBA and has one more year which is why he didn’t graduate with us (so sad, but secretly I am looking forward to all of us getting together in a year when he graduates!)


I made sure to grab a photo with my co-extern fam.  Last spring, I spent 4 months as judicial extern in federal court for the Honorable Judge R. Gary Klausner (USDC).  It was an amazing learning experience — and quite the bonding experience — for the four of us: Taylor, me, Ben, and Colleen.

10366318_10103110771765253_1729034612964955238_nAfter taking a huge class photo, we lined up to begin the processional. Section 3 held it down.


Armita, Aviva, Me, Randy, and Jordan.

10252089_10103112178730683_3024128634732116476_nThe ceremony was short and sweet — about 90 minutes.  The student speeches were succinct and thoughtful, and the commencement address was given by a 1985 Loyola alum who is now the US ambassador to Korea.  He cracked a couple of jokes which I appreciated. After the ceremony, I found my family and friends and took more photos.


my fam.

My aunt Melinda and my uncle Casey came down from the Bay Area for the weekend.  My uncle is a lawyer in SF and has been a huge source of support throughout the last few years.  He went to Hastings (where I almmmmost went). 10268473_10103112180043053_4643401039386369098_nJenn and Whitney came to the ceremony as well.  As you may know, Jenn and I lived together through my entire law school experience (minus the last 6 weeks).  She was a HUGE help to me guidance-wise, and was one of the very first people to call me out for being a “gunner.”  Whitney was also always in my corner, asking questions about the process, and encouraging me.  Spending time with her was also always a nice outlet from my law school world.


Spotted Blake again! I joke that I always need a member of his family around me and it’s funnily true.  During one day of finals studying I was sitting next to Blake studying, g-chatting with his brother, and texting with his wife! (I promise, I am not as creepy as this sounds).


Me, Taylor, and Ross.


my brother and me.


Me and Whitney.


J.D. Clows (and hopefully soon both will be Esquires!)

After graduation we all went over to a restaurant along the marina in Marina del Rey. I did a pretty good job of sticking to my paleo routine…until I decided to cheat for dessert. Not mad about it.  10270720_10103110949778513_6016269532752424199_n We took a few more photos along the water…



Jenn, me, and her fiancé, Daniel.

It was a great and memorable day – thanks to everyone for all of the warm wishes.  Bar study began the following day (less than 24 hours later, no less).  I will be posting pretty irregularly in the next two months, but I’ll still be around with updates (and a few “I am losing my mind” posts).

What’s your favorite graduation memory? 

5 Responses to “J.D.”

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities May 22, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYAYAYYAAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!! It’s OVERRRRR!! 😀 We should get some lunch/brunch and CELEBRATE SOME MORE! 🙂

  2. Running Hutch May 22, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

    So freaking awesome. Way to go, G! I bet you are feeling SO free and thrilled right now and I hope you soak up all the glory! 😀


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    […] finished law school last Wednesday, graduated on Sunday, and started studying for the bar on Monday.  All of that is super weird and surreal.  In some […]

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