a tiny blip of freedom.

23 May

I finished law school last Wednesday, graduated on Sunday, and started studying for the bar on Monday.  All of that is super weird and surreal.  In some weird way, I am not hating studying for the bar (so far) but it’s a LONG summer.  I feel like staying positive and on a routine will be really important for me.

I wanted to share how I spent my tiny little blip of freedom between my last final and graduation.  I enjoyed the scorching LA temps last week during my 4-day summer!

I snapped this shot as I walked out of my last final, ever.  I love my law school’s campus and am not taking it for granted as I study here this summer…unnamed-3 Did you know LLS was designed by Frank Gehry?

I’ve been enjoying runs with the DTLA Running Group…

10259724_10100432816539089_4098723907841158522_n…as well as gym workouts and following along (as best I can) with the Tone it Up #BIKINISERIES.


Last Thursday, my friend Alexis and I celebrated finishing law school (me) and 1L (her) with some pool time at our apartment complex!

10339719_10202493016820630_7271715590359263422_nand on Saturday I walked into the spin room to teach my class and my people had balloons, a grad gift basket, and a card signed by everyone for me! It was one of the sweetest, most unexpected things and almost made me cry.  They also gave me a Quest Bar, furthering the obsession…

unnamed-2After my class on Saturday, I met up with my parents and my aunt and uncle who were in town for my graduation.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at City Tavern.

After lunch,  I headed out to Santa Monica for my friend Chris’ graduation party.  We ended up at the Shangri-La rooftop bar.  I loved spending the afternoon with my classmates as well as my best friend, Whitney, and her roommate Molly. The vodka sodas were great too. #cheatday.


Before bar studying started I obviously stopped to smell the roses stare at this gorgeous building.


I also made a paleo-ish recipe: Pizza with Cauliflower Crust.  SO good.  If I were an annoying person I would say it is “TO DIE.” The cauliflower, parsley, cheese, and egg combo create a crust that is very bread-like. Definitely will be making this again.



Since Monday, I have been studying TORTS ON TORTS ON TORTS and have fallen back into the 1L-like routine of making torts related jokes, so that’s clearly good. I’ve also been working out a lot (surprising no one) and going to bed early like an old person.


What’s been the highlight of your week?

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