Live Ultimate Run – Quarter Marathon [race review + recap]

26 May

[Disclosure:  Live Ultimate Run provided me with free race entry for either the Quarter Marathon or the 5k race in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own].

This past Sunday, I ran a race in Downtown Los Angeles (just a few blocks from my apartment) called the Live Ultimate Run!


Official Time: 47:47/7:15 pace/4th Woman Overall.

This race had a few unique things going on —

  • It featured a unique distance: the Quarter Marathon.  I’ve done plenty of 10ks (6.2 miles) but a 6.55 mile race was new to me.
  • The race’s official charity was No Kid Hungry, focusing on ending child hunger in America.
  • The absolute coolest feature of the race was the fact that Olympian RYAN HALL not only ran, but he kept a really reasonable pace so that average people like me could run with/near him.

Seeing Ryan Hall while I was running a race was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire running career.  It was so awesome to see him out there.  At the end of the race, he ran with a guy who was stuck in no man’s land and talked to him the last couple of miles.  What a cool experience for that athlete to get to run with a world-class athlete like Hall DURING A RACE.


Race day was well-orgaized.  It started right on time at 8 am (maybe even a minute or two early).  The Quarter Marathon and 5k started together.  The start was slightly jumbled — I was pretty close to the front but there were still a lot of walkers and slower joggers in front of me — but it cleared up shortly after the start of the race. IMG_7065

The course itself was really familiar to me — I run it all the time with my DTLA Running Group.  It was a straight out and back on Figueroa St. down toward USC (but not all the way) and back.  The Quarter Marathon consisted of the same loop twice.

I’d definitely run the 5k again — it is flat and FAST and definitely PR friendly, but I didn’t love repeating the same (semi-boring) loop for the Quarter Marathon.  If this race is in the same spot next year I’d try and PR in the 5k and make that my focus since the course is so PR-friendly.

I did my typical thing and went out too fast (first two miles were 6:44 and 6:52).  I slowed down to around 7:25s for the rest and finished with an average pace of 7:15.  I was able to see my blogger friend Melissa (of The Valentine R.D.) out on the course with her seven-year-old son! I absolutely love seeing people become runners and develop a love for the sport — so it was awesome watching Melissa and her son run together!

I also spotted Ashley (or rather she spotted me first) during the race and I gave her a high-five. It was so fun meeting her in real life.  I was a creep and told her boyfriend I recognized him from her blog and then made him take this photo. Social skills, Gillian…one day you should learn them.

IMG_7070Me and Ashley (of The Broccoli Blog) post-race.

I spent a little bit of time meandering around and watched the kids’ races — they had both a 1k and a 200m run – and Ryan Hall ran with the kids as well! So cute.


There was also a DJ spinning before they did the awards ceremony.  DJ Brandi Garcia (of We Run LA Crew)  was awesome.  I was shamelessly singing along with “Fancy” and “Party in the USA.”


Other Pros from the race:

  • Super soft and gender-specific race Ts.
  • I loved talking with other runners — I talked to a woman after who I ended up passing in the last couple of miles and she was so supportive.  We both thanked each other for pushing it.  THIS is why I love this sport.
  • Perfect weather
  • Race results posted almost immediately
  • Solid expo
  • Medal

And a couple of quick cons:

  • Awards ceremony took awhile
  • It was great that there was packet pick-up the day before (and SUPER close to the start), but the venue could have been bigger.  It was at a T-Mobile store (one of the sponsors) so there wasn’t a ton of space and there was a lot going on with employees chatting about products while people are looking up bib numbers, etc.

I love my usual Sunday gym routine (body pump + spin) but this was an amazing alternative — a great run in my city with an OLYMPIAN, two blogger friends, a new distance, and the ever-supportive running community. IMG_7083

Have you ever done a “weird distance” race?

This was my first — unless you count races that are just improperly marked!

What was your most memorable or most surreal running experience?

For me, running with/behind/in front of Ryan Hall. Gonna be hard to top that, ever.

What is your next race??

Is the Bar Exam a race? No? Okay then I guess I’m not sure… Just kidding, I always run one on July 4th!



9 Responses to “Live Ultimate Run – Quarter Marathon [race review + recap]”

  1. Kaley May 28, 2014 at 4:21 pm #

    I’m so impressed by your pace! So fast. Good luck with your next “race” as welll.

  2. alsoranagain May 28, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    Great result, and how cool to run with Ryan Hall!

    I’ve never done a weird distance, although I’ve done a couple of marathon relays, which sort of fit the bill. My most memorable running experience was running across the Verrazano Bridge at the start of the New York City Marathon last year. My next race is this Saturday’s Newport (Oregon) Marathon–trying to qualify for Boston. Eek!

    • Gillian @ That's G May 29, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      Thank you so much!

      I’d LOVE to run the NYC Marathon –and to try and BQ! GOOD LUCK!

  3. Melissa Burton June 2, 2014 at 9:03 pm #

    My review is pending but I have to say that I loved this race. Not only were the people involved so friendly to me but they fawned over my son like nobody’s business.

    The idea that Ryan Hall was not only so accessible not only at packet pick-up but during and after the race made this unique race one that I’d definitely do again!

    This small race definitely supports those that love running and opens arms to those who want to begin as well.

    So glad I got to see your smiling face on the course. Your amazingness also impressed my kid like whoa!

    • Gillian @ That's G June 2, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

      Looking forward to read your review! I agree – this race totally spotlights a lot if great things about the running community – and the T-shirt is the comfiest!

  4. Steve June 4, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    I ran the quarter marathon as well. I agree with your comment about running the same loop. That was not my favorite thing to do either. For an old guy I did well but not quite as well as I had hoped. I also probably went out a little fast. I ended up taking third in my division and 25th overall which I am more happy with. I would run this again but same as you, probably try for a PR in the 5K. That is unless they change the quarter route. Overall a good experience and a worthy cause.

    • Gillian @ That's G June 5, 2014 at 4:36 pm #

      3rd in your division and 25th overall is awesome! I’d love to do that route again as a 5k, it’s definitely PR-friendly. Glad you had a good race and a good time out there!


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