2014 resolutions: how’d i do?

27 Dec

This was a great year for me — but it was also a year FILLED with transitions. While I checked some academic/professional milestones off the list (law school graduation, studying for and passing the bar, and finally entering the real world…not the show because too old) as well as conquering some fitness goals, a year ago I set some additional goals to try and tackle throughout the year.  As it turns out, I only did okay on these.  For 2015, I want to set a few attainable personal goals and really focus on accomplishing the things that matter most to me, and be easy on myself when I slack on others.  Here’s a recap of how I did with my 2014 resolutions.

  • Do yoga 50 times this year.  Yoga is hard for me, but I love how refreshed I feel after a class.  Also, yoga has been helpful in preventing injury for me as a runner.  I’m aiming for one yoga class a week.  (I’m also planning on keeping up with the cross-training — mostly spin and body pump).
    • HAHAHAH FAIL.  I was really great about doing yoga once/week up until the LA Marathon (soooo maybe a total of 10 times?) and then I never did it again the rest of the year.  Definitely going to refocus on this for 2015.
  • Buy a (cheap, used) bike and get comfy with it.  (Because, triathlon.  Eventually).
    • Again, fail.  One day.


  • Travel.  I love to explore — so this year I’d like to get away as often as possible — and ideally plan a longer, more extended (exotic) trip for after the bar exam.
    • I got a few tripsin in 2014!  Here’s where I went:
      • New Years – SF and Oakland
      • April: San Diego for a girls’ trip
      • August: Turks & Caicos bar trip
      • September: SF and Berkeley with Whitney
      • October: SF and Berkeley for the Cal game/Nike Women’s Half
      • December: Las Vegas
  • Expand my blog.  I’m thinking collaborations, working with sponsors, and maybe going to a conference.
    • I did okay on this — I was honored to be selected to run Nike Women’s on behalf of @NikeLA, worked with a couple of brands (Thirty48 being one), and met an amazing group of lady bloggers on my Ragnar team.
  • PR in the marathon. I’m running the LA Marathon on March 9th and my goal is to shatter my previous PR of 3:49.  The key to this is long runs, injury prevention (see above yoga goal) and not dying miles 19-26.  I’m not setting a goal for number of races — I’ll pick a few and go from there.
    • I did PR with a time of 3:44.  Not a BQ and still a long way to go, but an incredible and memorable day. An unexpected surprise was a PR in the 13.1 at Nike Women’s (1:36:04).  I also ran #RnRLA, the Lexus Lace Up half in Irvine, and a few smaller races throughout the year.
  • No Regrets Bar Studying.  I’d say “take and pass the CA bar exam” but that sounds like asking for a jinx.  I want to study smartly so when the exam comes I don’t have any regrets about what I should or could have done differently.
    • THIS.  I studied effectively and passed, thank god, because there is absolutely nothing I could do differently.  And if I had to retake it I would be totally lost because, again, I am not sure what I would change.


  • SUP more often and learn to surf.  Nothing too crazy, but I love the sun and being out on the water, so it seemed like a logical next step.
    • I SUP’ed a lot this year — with Whitney in February, a few times in MdR in August and September, and several times during my bar trip.  I did not, however, learn to surf.


  • Get out of my comfort zone.
    • Maybe?  Unclear.
  • Begin working as a lawyer and make it work for me.  I’m not sure if I’ll fall in love with my first “big girl” job, but I want to spend the last 4 months of the year enjoying it!
    • Accomplished, more or less.
  • Spend more time with those who matter. 
    • Check

Overall, I enjoy setting goals for myself and trying to accomplish them, and I think I did pretty well considering how busy I was.  That said, there is definitely room for improvement for 2015.  Onward and upward!

Do you have any goals or resolutions for the new year? Share one below! 

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