wow, temecula.

11 Mar

So, a few years ago my mom told me she has a secret nickname for me. What is it, you ask? “PFD”…which is short for “Princess Fairy Dust” because apparently magical things just happen to me.  I beg to differ, but then sometimes she’s right.

Example:  last week when I was ending a very crazy month at work (and in my own mind, but that’s a story for a different day and really no different from any other month), I noticed that a blog I follow, FinerThingsLA, was running a contest for two tickets to the Temecula wine region’s World of Wines Barrel Tasting (#WoW) event.  I left a blog comment and tweeted, and a couple of days later found out I won!  Luckily Aviva was game to trek out to the IE with me on a Sunday afternoon.  We were SO glad we did — I loved Temecula and the five wineries we made it to in a short 2.5 hour tour.

While my tickets were comped, I’d totally go back next year.  Here’s what a $99 two-day ticket gets you (or $89 if you do pre-sale):

You’ll enjoy a self-guided wine country tour that will take you to all our member wineries, each of whom will be offering varietal wines from barrel, tank or bottle. The wines will be paired with scrumptious food samplings which exemplify the perfect marriage of food and wine. Ticket holders will receive a map of the Temecula Valley, a passport which allows a visit to each participating winery and a souvenir glass. The event is held from 10am to 4:30pm. 

I’d never been to Temecula before, so we decided we start at the first winery and just sort of bop around for a bit.

We started the day at Callaway Winery.  We enjoyed tasting their 2011 Special Chardonnay and their 2011 Special SElection Cabernet Sauvignon.  Oh, and this view.


I take back everything I ever said about the Inland Empire.  Or most things.

We spent some time enjoying live music at Europa Village, as well as their 2013 Syrah and 2014 Muscat.  I noshed on a pulled pork slider and an incredible blue cheese gingersnap cookie.

From there, we skedaddled over to Baily Winery.  I was as obnoxious as possible, sipping on my Riesling and captioning the photo below with a Kanye lyric.  Because instagram. I also sipped on their M&M – a blend of Merlot and Malbec, and tasted their pork stew and German chocolate cake.



Aviva and I agreed we loved the vibe and setting at Miramonte – I think there I sampled the 2012 Bin #380 and the 2013 Verdelho.  I think this was our favorite location, up until this point.

We rounded our our trek with a stop at Mount Palomar, which was way up on a hill. The wines were just okay there, but the views were epic. Their chicken skewers with peanut butter dipping sauce were top notch, though.


“Winter” in southern California.



Thank you to Temecula Wines and FinerThingsLA!  I will definitely be back.

Favorite place to go wine tasting?

2 Responses to “wow, temecula.”

  1. sambangs March 12, 2015 at 4:50 pm #

    LOVE Temecula. Palumbo is probably my favorite, followed by Vindemia. Both are off the main path so they’re usually not very crowded and the views are STUNNING.

  2. FinerThingsLA March 17, 2015 at 1:44 pm #

    So glad you had a blast! Looks gorgeous down there. #drunkfathappy

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