hollywood half recapped.

12 Apr

Yesterday I ran my 18th half marathon.  (That number is now approaching embarrassing status, but I digress).  The course wasn’t my favorite but it was still a good experience overall, so I thought I’d break it down as I procrastinate work (noticing a theme?) and trying to overcome my sleep deprivation.  ANYWAY.

I started off the morning with a 4:30 wake-up call.  Did my usual coffee/oatmeal/selfie thing, and headed out the the metro right around 5.



I met up with some of the #DTLARunning crew and we headed over to the start at Hollywood and Highland for the race start at 6.

I ran the 10k here two years ago, so I knew what to expect, but my initial criticisms of the race are twofold: (1) there weren’t really easy-to-find porta-potties near the start (or I am blind), so I waited in a long line at Hollywood & Highland’s shopping center before the start.  Better than porta potties for sure, but some security guards noted that these were technically not supposed to be open.  Whatever.

Also, I did something I NEVER do and brought a bag to the race with a change of clothes for after the race, including my favorite Nike jacket.  (In retrospect, this was a total bonehead move).  I didn’t realize gear check was at the FINISH,  over a mile away from the start until it was too late, so I tried to hide my bag and hoped for the best.  Sigh.

I hustled into Corral #2 and a few minutes after 6 we were off.

The course itself had it’s pros and cons – I wouldn’t classify this course as “hilly” but it was mentally challenging which made it pretty tough.  It was an out and back on Hollywood Boulevard, but in order to get the mileage up to 13.1, there were probably a half dozen or so little dog-legs up and down side streets.  These proved to be short little hill repeats – I liked the downhills but they were not fun.

My early splits were decently speedy:

  • Mile 1 7:08
  • Mile 2 7:17
  • Mile 3 7:22
  • Mile 4 7:43
  • Mile 5 7:41

I spotted my high school teammate, Garrison, on several of the out and back sections — he was running the 10k.  At one point I yelled “Garrison, get up here!!

Around mile 5, I saw Andres, and he joined me for about a mile or so.  Shout-out to AC for making sure the mile he ran with me was my fastest. He also reminded me that the next section would be downhill, so I kept that in mind…ish.

  • Mile 6 7:06
  • Mile 7 7:25
  • Mile 8 8:10
  • Mile 9 7:53

Around Mile 9 the half-marathon converged on the 10k and 5k runners who were still finishing.  One of my least favorite things to happen in a race…you lose track of who is in front of you, it’s hard to gauge speed, etc.

  • Mile 10 8:02
  • Mile 11 8:13

Around Mile 11.5, we passed the finish…and then had to head out an extra 3/4 of a mile or so in the wrong direction, and then back.  This was pretty torturous and my time reflects that.  I was so over it by this point.

Exhibit A:



  • Mile 12 8:23
  • Mile 13 7:55

Finish:  1:40:40 – 7:43/mile average pace

4th out of 263 in my age group (F – 25-29)

26/1819 – All females

182/3219 Overall



(Of course the gear I had stored was nowhere to be found.  Sad).

So overall, I wasn’t thrilled with my performance or the course logistics,  but it was a fun morning and an impressive turnout by #DTLARunning.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us!

The rest of my day was amazingly fun – and a tad bit overaggressive but what else is new.  I’ll save that for a different post.

Thoughts on the #HollywoodHalf if you ran it? 

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