vacation state of mind.

13 Apr

One thing that has been different about being an “actual adult” with a job (as opposed to a fake adult 3LOL-ing my way through last year) is that my weeks are MUCH more structured.  I love routine — so in a lot of ways this is great for me — but it has been an adjustment to build in spontaneity and fun on non-weekend days.

Last Thursday, on an out-of-the-ordinary trip to SoulCycle to visit the #ChurchOfCrago with Whitney and Riley, I announced I was “on vacation.”  Whitney asked “Really?  Don’t you have work tomorrow?”  I laughed — of course I did — but I have adopted something I like to call the “vacation mindset.”  Whenever I sneak in an unexpected break in my routine, I am SHOCKED at how happy it makes me and how it literally serves to brighten my whole day.  Here’s some recent things I’ve done to cultivate the “vacation mindset.”



  • A few months ago I attended a hearing in Santa Monica…so instead of sitting in traffic to get out there, I headed west early, hit up a rooster class at SoulCycle and ate breakfast by the ocean.  (Basically SoulCycle = vacation for me if you haven’t figured that out.  I am a cheap date).


  • Worked out of our other LA office in Century City.  I did this last month — a couple of my colleagues laughed at me when I said I felt like I was on vacation, but I seriously did.  I am overdue for a mid-week jaunt to Century City.


  • Having coffee with my Dad after his gym session in DTLA before we both head to work.


  • Changing up my route to hit up Two Guns Espresso’s new stand (outside of the PwC building)


  • Carpooling with my Dad out to Oak Park for dinner with my family, and heading back in with him the next morning…complete with a super early Starbucks run to fuel the commute.unnamed-4
  • The occasional pre-work breakfast with the Cal Alumni Association or Creative Mornings/LA

January’s CM/LA with Eric Joule from Strava.

How do you get into the vacation mindset? 

2 Responses to “vacation state of mind.”

  1. Jen April 14, 2015 at 10:21 am #

    I love this concept so much. When you work a hectic job, savoring the small moments makes such a difference, especially when you don’t always have weekends to do that.


  1. random things i felt compelled to share. | That's G - May 10, 2015

    […] My new Friday tradition: a flat white from Two Guns Espresso’s stand in DTLA (All about embracing that “vacation mindset“). […]

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