my 3 fitness obsessions [b/c “girl crush” sounds too creepy].

14 Apr

These three women inspire me to be a better runner and a stronger athlete — and you may not have heard of any of them because they’re not Olympians or professional athletes, but they have inspired me over the years and I thought I should share the wealth!

I started taking spin classes in 2008 at Cal’s on-campus gym, and I quickly became low-key obsessed with Anja’s class. (Her six-minute slow remix of B. Spears’ “Toxic” = legendary).  I admired her enthusiasm and how dedicated she was…and not to mention that she was also a gymnast and getting her masters in nursing.   A few years later, she’s a nurse in Los Angeles, and a master trainer with Daily Burn and teaching classes at Equinox.  I’m no Anja, but I found her ability to pursue multiple passions inspiring, and she was a huge motivator for me in deciding to get spin certified and teach a class.  It’s been amazing to watch her success unfold via social media.




No clue why I even bother taking a class with anyone but Laura Crago.  I dubbed her class #ChurchOfCrago because it is that amazing.  Insane beats, energy, and motivation…and she has an EDGE.  Last week my friend Riley said “I want to be her…but you REALLY want to be her.”  Yuppp.  Not weird at all.  Sometimes some of the yoga-like speeches instructors give at the end of SoulCycle classes come off as trite, but Crago’s always inspire me. Last week, she managed to not only say “Bye Felicia” but also one of my favorite quotes of hers — “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  Her class is tough but amazing and she is a total bad ass.  Go take her class immediately.

image: Soul Cycle website

image: Soul Cycle website

Janae is both a warrior and an amazing athlete.  I follow a lot of running bloggers – but Janae is more like a runner who happens to have a blog.  She is a beast — she’s close to breaking 3 hours in the marathon.  I find her particularly inspiring because  a few years ago, she went through a divorce while being somewhat in the public eye…and during this particularly stressful time she destroyed her own PR in the half marathon and broke 1:30.  She has also blogged honestly about her relationship and what it’s like dating while being a single mom, and has always come off as grateful and classy.  Her mantra of “I can do hard things” has proved true for her – and she has inspired me to push myself.

image: Hungry Runner Girl website

image: Hungry Runner Girl website

Who is your biggest fitness inspiration? 

One Response to “my 3 fitness obsessions [b/c “girl crush” sounds too creepy].”

  1. Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. May 4, 2015 at 3:43 pm #

    So yeah…I’m guessing I’ve creeped you out more than once with my excessive use of the phrase “girl crush” 🙂 My fitness inspiration is currently Aree from Aura Yoga in Sunset Plaza. She’s amazing!!!

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