no more white.

10 Sep

Except this isn’t a fashion blog.  It is, however,  after Labor Day.   Moving right along…

I am the worst blogger because I never blog anymore…but I’m really great at Instagram (#humblebrag?) so catch me over at @gillianbcn for more consistent micro-blogging.   That said,  I wanted to give all y’all a little round-up of how my summer ended.  Here’s a random assortment of what I got after:

IPAs + some Cal bears

Once a month,  the Cal Alumni chapter of LA does a happy hour downtown.  I’ve only made it to a few of them,  but it’s fun networking and talking about how much Berkeley has changed since we left.  In August,  my BFF Jenn and I hit up the Pez Cantina happy hour, which just so happened to be on National IPA Day.  #boom


Ryan’s Engagement: One of my good friends from my high school, Ryan aka Ryry, proposed to his girlfriend Shana and we all went out to celebrate.  Good times with awesome people.  Can’t believe how long these hoodrats have been in my life.


Dinner Lab:  My buddy Eric and I hit up Dinner Lab recently for a 5-course “Cali Creole” meal.  The best part of the night was when his ex’s MOM randomly sat next to us.  LA is a small place.  Also,  I tried frog legs and determined they’re just okay.  I love this event because I love meeting new people,  trying new food,  and exploring LA.

IMG_3378 IMG_3380

Work Stuff: The last month has brought some interesting work including a couple of interesting cases, a few random hearings at cool places, and work at a Small Claims Clinic at Southwestern Law School.



12th Man in San Diego:  My parents and I went on an adventure to San Diego a couple of weekends ago to watch the Seahawks beat the Chargers.  While Qualcomm left something to be desired (how is it cash only? This is 2015) was all had a great time, and the Seahawks managed a W.


South Bay Soul Cycle with Fit & Awesome:  I met Lindsey through social media a few years ago,  and her blog hosted an amazingly fun Soul Cycle class in Manhattan Beach,  taught by the amazingly energetic and rap-loving Jillian.


Wedding Crasher:  My friend Robert asked me to be his plus one for a wedding of two of his law school friends — and I had a great time even though I didn’t know anyone else there.  The bride and groom’s vows were so personable (and funny!) that I felt like I knew them by the end of the ceremony.  I’m just glad I managed not to cry at the wedding of two strangers,  although I may have told the bride on the dance floor that I loved her.  GET IT TOGETHER, G.



Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari: I joke a lot on Twitter about online dating and how it’s the worst,  but now I’m sort of glad I’ve gone through it/am doing it so I can relate to Aziz’s hilarious book.  Aziz wrote/narrates,  but it was co-written by a sociologist Eric Klinenberg straight outta NYU.  This book explains things like why having too many options/choices has hurt millennial dating,  why texting is the worst,  and how social media facilitates cheating.  I expected to laugh out loud dozens of times while reading this, but I didn’t expect to relate to it as much as I did, so that was cool.  Shoutout to my friend Dom’s boyfriend, Josh, for hard-selling me on this.  Also shout-out to a dude I went on two Bumble dates with for also urging me to read this — we will never speak again but hey, I got this awesome book experience out of it…and some beer I didn’t have to pay for. #winning!


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