fitness friday: a pre-weekend workout tip.

1 Jul

In general, I love to work out.  I like how I feel the whole rest of the day and it in general just makes me happy.  Even if some of my colleagues joke that all I do when I’m not at work is exercise, it is an important part of each day.  But, as the week goes on, sometimes it is hard to make myself get out of bed, especially after a long week of waking up early to squeeze in workouts and the occasional late night at work.

A few months ago, the DTLA Soul Cycle opened, which is walking distance from my current apartment.  My friend Kristina started going every Friday before work – and we quickly became tight with our instructor, Lisa.


I absolutely LOVE Soul Cycle – and I can say that because I teach spin classes, and have also tried basically every other major spin studio, at least those in LA.  I’ll save my intense musings on why I love Soul so much for another post, but the point is it works for me.  Just like that “If we build it, they will come” line from Field of Dreams, if I schedule a Soul rooster ride, I will go.  I start every Friday off early, STOKED to work out, and then I grab a smoothie on the way to work.  Not to mention, going to Soul Cycle feels like a treat — I don’t wake up annoyed I have to get a run in or do weights in a haphazard and lackluster fashion in my living room.

Kristina, Lisa, and me this morning.

Kristina, Lisa, and me this morning.

So, my tip is to give yourself something to look forward to — maybe a run date with a friend, a studio class, a hike, etc.  It’s both a motivator to work out when I might otherwise opt to sleep in or phone it in, AND its a reward for getting through it all the other days AND I get to spend time with Kristina before work.  Win-win-win.

Leave a workout tip below: What’s your tip for beating the battle with the bed? 

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