taking a rest day: it’s okay.

16 Jul

As a mostly Type-A, competitive weirdo, I sometimes usually stress out if I miss a workout or deviate from what I had penciled into my calendar for my workout that day, but I am just popping in here to remind myself (and anyone other there reading) that it is absolutely okay to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Be gentle to yourself.  This morning, I had mentally prepared to swim and ride in Malibu with my triathlon training group at 7 am.  However, as Friday rolled around and I realized I was exhausted, the prospect of waking up at 5-something to get down to Malibu did not sound appealing.  So I adjusted, and allowed myself to sleep.   I still got up and knocked out some Tone it Up workouts (and plan to do some cardio later).  Workout accomplished, and no loss of sanity or sleep. WORTH IT.

Only compete against yourself.   On that same note, it’s also important not to let your equally competitive friends get in your head —  the “they did xyz workout, I should have too…” guilt-game can be very, very real, and also unhealthy.

So my advice, for myself and others, is to (obviously) try to workout 5-7 days per week, but it’s okay if you need to adjust.  Or, god forbid, take a rest day one day!  Most of us out there  have commitments beyond exercise, so sometimes those take priority.

Just incorporate a lesson from the worst Bachelor of all time, Juan Pablo, when thinking about whether or not you should take a rest day:


Any tips on how you incorporate rest into your routines? 

One Response to “taking a rest day: it’s okay.”

  1. Heather Brittany July 16, 2016 at 9:25 am #

    I incorporate it by not working out. Like ever. 😝😝 Get it G! Glad you have yourself a “break.”

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