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long overdue.

17 Jun

I need to get back in action in terms of blogging. So much has happened since I blogged last week!

I had an eventful second week of work – the jury trial I have been watching came to an end on Thursday in an anti-climactic hung jury. This week was also fun outside of work too, and I was insanely busy.

On Monday, after my gym workout, I tried a new-to-me yoga place with Whitney called CorePower Yoga in West LA. On Mondays, they have a free, open class that left me super sweaty and yet relaxed. I quickly became a fan and am going to try and make it here more often, and probably do a full workout-review of this place at some point.

Tuesday night featured a trip to the Chavez Ravine for a Dodger game with Aviva and her parents at Dodger Stadium! I have been a Dodger fan from a young age, and try to make it to a few games every season. This was an exciting 5-2 win over the cross-town rivals, the Angels, which was awesome. I also scored a Mike Scoscia bobble-head! Aviva and I enjoyed the Dodger game classic of Dodger dogs and beer.

america’s pastime.

On Thursday, I met up with my Aunt Melinda and Uncle Casey for dinner in Pasadena at La Grande Orange Cafe. They were in town for a short stint and it was so nice to see them. We each had a drink in the bar before dinner – I went with the local Point the Way IPA from Glendale.

i have literally never met an IPA i didn’t LOVE.

My Aunt and I each ordered the Short Rib tacos for our entree which were delicious, and we shared the deviled egg app which was spot-on.  The service was great – we scored some free English muffins on our way out, as well as incredible salted chocolate chip cookie. (Our server was CJ in case you want to make a special request!) My uncle didn’t love his chicken and cinnamon roll duo, but overall I think this is a pretty solid option for lunch or dinner in the ‘dena.

deviled eggs!

After dinner, I coaxed Casey and Melinda to get frozen yogurt with me at 21 Choices. My roommate introduced me to this place a few yeas ago and I have been fanatical ever since. It’s like Cold Stone – you pick a yogurt and various mix-ins – allowing you to get creative. I went with a suggested creation – the “oatmeal cookie” which consisted of vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, cookie dough, and granola. Thank goodness they have a “tres small” size or else I would have keeled over from fullness.

My judge’s courtroom was “dark” on Friday so I got an unexpected day-off which was pretty sweet. I decided to take it relatively easy and just do things I wanted to do that I normally can’t. My first stop was Urth Cafe for a coffee.

Next on the agenda was Runyon Canyon Yoga. If you live in LA this is a serious gem – they offer 3-4 COMPLETELY donation-based yoga classes per day. This was my second time going, and there is something really awesome about outdoor yoga under the sun. After the class, I decided to hike Runyon, which was fun. I never really go hiking by myself, but I enjoyed it.

horses & hollywood.

After some errands, I met up with Aviva and Armita for happy hour/early dinner downtown at my fav pizza place, Urbano Pizza Bar. We tried the “Quattro” and the “Fennel” pies, and both were scrumptious. A Stone IPA was also imbibed. They have an incredible happy hour – from 3-6 pm, M-F, all pizzas are half-off!

hand-rolled mozzarella for $5? not complaining.

We also checked out neighboring Library Bar (checking off another DTLA bar off my list!) I liked the place, but it was so insanely dark, especially for it still being light outside. We enjoyed a drink, chatted, and randomly ran into my friend Matt there. Small world.

Saturday morning Aviva and I drove out to Malibu to meet up with Taylor for a day of paddle-boarding, swimming, “naps in the sun” and his usual BBQ feast. It was a particularly windy day, meaning while I was paddling out I got knocked over by a huge wave and crashed into some rocks on the shore…so I have some gnarly scrapes and gashes that complement my bruise from shooting last weekend rather nicely. I am a little bit sore (scrapped my plan to go running today sadly) but it was otherwise really fun, and I got back out there. Swimming in the Pacific was awesome too, but it really made me realize just how badly I need to get into actual swimming shape. Here are some photos from the day…


paddling out (before my big crash).

um, yes?

Now I’m hanging out with my family (my brother is back after his junior year in Santa Cruz) for Father’s Day.

Here’s last week’s workouts:

  • Monday: 3 mi. treadmill run, New Rules of Lifting For Women 2A, CorePower Yoga
  • Tuesday: 4 mi. run (AM)
  • Wednesday: 3 mi. treadmill run, NROFLW 2B
  • Thursday: 3 mi. run
  • Friday: Yoga, Hike
  • Saturday: (off, but I swam and paddle-boarded).
  • Sunday: Off. (Injured. Boo).

Happy Father’s Day Everyone 🙂 Hope I’ll be back before next Sunday…


no objections.

11 Jun

So I am one week into my summer externship and am really enjoying it. I am working for a Superior Court  judge downtown who hears criminal cases. While I have no idea if I want to pursue a career in criminal law (leaning away from it currently), the exposure to what goes on in the courtroom has been awesome.

Last week’s workouts were on the lighter side – I was taking it easy post 13.1, and also easing into my work schedule/figuring out when to work out. And one night, a happy hour beat out the gym. Whoops!

  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – 2+ mile treadmill run, light weights
  • Wednesday – Spin
  • Thursday – OFF
  • Friday – 6 am Spin
  • Saturday – OFF
  • Sunday – Cardio Barre
Thursday night featured a little happy hour action at the Redwood Bar and Grill downtown with one of my fellow externs and a few other Loyola people. I went with an IPA (not sure which one). It was served a little warmer than I like, but whatever.

an IPA to end the day.

On Friday, I got my booty up to work out before work. I had been wanting to take the 6 am spin class offerred M/W/F for awhile, but couldn’t rationalize getting up that early when I didn’t start class last semester until 10 – on the early days.

Finally, I set my alarm for 5:05, out the door by 5:15, at the gym 20 minutes later and I spun my little heart out for an hour. Afterward, I fueled another addiction and STILL managed to get into the courtroom 20 minutes earlier than normal. My goal is to make this a habit at least once a week.

After work, I met up with Chanel in Santa Monica for dinner. At first we wanted to try much raved about Milo + Olive, but the place is tiny and was mobbed, so we ended up on Main St. at Library Alehouse, a personal fav.

Strawberry Wahine Wheat (Surf, Ventura)

I had a steak sandwich was just okay, but my Strawberry Wahine Wheat beer from Surf Brewery in Ventura was a nice break from my usual IPA. It was refreshing, crisp, and you could totally taste the freshness of the strawberries, straight from Oxnard!

On Saturday, 4/5 of the posse (Aviva, Armita, Taylor, and I) headed out to the Angeles National Forest to shoot guns. I am very much anti-guns, but I wanted to check “shooting a gun” off the old bucket list. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Here’s evidence. Also, apparently I have terrible technique. I can live with that.

Today featured work  [closing arguments for the trial], a short gym workout, and then I’m off to try a new yoga class with Whitney!

Happy Monday, friends!

the last of the race posts [for now].

18 Oct

As I sit in the library trying to get back on track this week school-wise, I got an e-mail from the Nike Women’s Marathon saying my race pics were posted. Most of them are awful (I really should start posing, just for my own amusement)…but I thought I’d share…

this is when i was hauling.

this was when i wanted to stop.

grinding to finish.


Okay, now that the self-gratifying portion of this blog post is over… Here are some “goals” for the week:

– Get all caught up on my classes this week and work out any kinks/problem areas. This semester is going to be over before I know it and I don’t want to wake up the day before finals and realize I am still confused by the “Battle of the Forms.”

– Sign up for another half-marathon (likely in January). I want to fix my poor pacing problems and hopefully PR.

– get some long-term goal planning going. Things on the life-to-do list in order of least urgent to most: teach a class at a gym, coach high school cross country (to some extent), figure out the type of law I am most interested in, get a job for the summer, actually learn to cook.

– hang out with my friends! The last weeks have been dominated by memos, midterms, and my race. This week I hope I can actually squeeze in some fun! Hah.

What is one small goal you have for the week? 

I participated in #fitblog tonight on Twitter for the first time – so this is where all the goal setting/fitness inspiration came from.


19 Jan

It´s been awhile since I´ve posted on my blog, but that´s mostly because since my mom´s guest-blogging stint, nothing THAT exciting has really happened. Actually, that´s a lie, I´ve just been lazy. Here´s some fun facts from the last week:

– While my mom was visiting, she got sick of Spanish food and Basque pintxos…so we ended up going on an ethnic food tour of sorts. We managed to eat the following: Thai, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Italian, North African, and of course, Spanish cuisines.

– The following happened in one of my classes of 5 year olds yesterday, after the whole class erupted in conversation about who was dating who in the class, and it was established that Paula has a ¨novio¨ (boyfriend) who goes to a different school.
Pablo: Mi novia es Paula.
Teacher: No, Paula has a boyfriend who goes to a different school!
Pablo: Si, pero ella va a casarse conmigo. (Yes, but she´s going to marry me).
Teacher: Haha, okay back to work, focus on the number 6.
(The lesson for the day was basically coloring the number 6 and the 6 ducks on the worksheet).
Pablo: ¿Necesitamos tener 6 novias? (We need to have 6 girlfriends?)
SO funny.

-I just finished reading Jay-Z´s autobiography, Decoded. I loved it, but feel like my next Kindle purchase should help me live up to my nerdy reputation a little bit more.

– Besides catching up on episodes of the best show ever (Jersey Shore – seriously this Monday´s was insanely good), my mom got me hooked on yet another legal drama, called The Good Wife.

– Speaking of legal drama, the ¨where am I going to go next year?¨ battle has begun. So far it´s looking like a Los Angeles vs. Bay Area show-down, yet again. I´ll keep you posted.

-I have been listening to this song on repeat for 2 weeks.

– My friends and I discovered a delicious tapas place by our house, as well as a legitimate bagel shop (shoppe?) we´ll literally go to every weekend until we leave in July. We also hit up a new discoteca that we might not be heading back to (expensive beer and tons of minors…not a good combo).

I hope everyone enjoyed my mom´s guest-posts! We had a great time on our trip and can successfully check 3 more Spanish cities off the proverbial Spain-travel bucket list.

Hasta la proxima…

Action is the foundational key to all success. – Pablo Picasso (Or, a trip to SFMOMA)

20 May

Last Monday, with one day left in the Bay Area (for now) my mom, aunt, and I took the ferry into the city and had a nice little lunch at a Thai place (I’ve been so down with Thai these days, but frankly, who isn’t?). Then we headed over to SFMOMA (the SF Museum of Modern Art). I wasn’t sure what to expect, and with a $15 entrance fee, I doubted whether the collections would live up to the hype. I like modern art a lot – but it can be kind of hit-or-miss. This was a hit.

The first piece that struck me hung in the atrium and was basically a revised view of American history. This shows Thomas Jefferson at Monticello (the other one was George Washington at Mt. Vernon), but with shadows of planation slaves incorporated into the piece. The idea here is that so many depictions of these places leave out the slaves who also lived and worked there.
Latest Obsession: Jeff Koons’ “Michael Jackson with Bubbles the monkey”
I first learned about this piece in Mass Comm (ahem, Media Studies) 101 this semester with Prof. Marina Levina when we talked about the shift from traditional art to “concept” art. This isn’t cool because of the sculpture work in the way that the David statue is. What’s cool about Koons’ work is the concept behind it. This highlights the obsession with oddities, celebrity culture, and relationships in mainstream America. The placard describing this piece also highlighted that Bubbles’ right leg looks like it could be MJ’s third arm. Interesting, and also awesome. I was SO happy this was in the collection.
The museum is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary, so the collection seemed to be especially awesome. I also really enjoyed this one, in part based on what I’d “studied” this semester in Media Studies 101.
This is a photograph of an altered Marlboro ad (with all ties to Marlboro removed). The original ad is meant to depict a cowboy, but it is not a true cowboy but is staged for the ad. This piece is essentially a photograph of that ad, and in that sense becomes a more “authentic” piece than the original.
My absolute favorite is Roy Lichtenstein’s Rouen Cathedral Set V
I love Lichenstein in part because of the statute he did for the Barcelona olympics, and I fell in love with the Rouen Cathedral when I was there in the summer of 2006. When I visited, we stumbled upon a special exhibit at the cathedral in which Monet’s paintings of it were projected on the facade of the building. It was truly epic – and this re-interpretation of Monet’s renderings were just really awesome, and such a cool surprise for me to stumble upon as I walked through the exhibition.
Here are some photos of the Rouen Cathedral from my visit the summer after high school.

Voy a mudarme a Madrid!

8 May

Yesterday was a pretty big day – I’d venture to say it was even “G.” I’m realizing now that I named this blog about a year ago (wow) while I was interning with TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Gatorade team. Seems a little dorky now, but until I get struck by some stroke of genius, it’s going to stay.

May 7th began with me turning in my very last paper of college! It was a 13-page research proposal on whether or not there are measurable differences between bilingual and monolingual Spaniards on rates of independence vs. interdependence. Later this Spain theme would resurface.

Then, I met up with two of my good friends, Krisse and Amanda, to check an item off my ever-dwindling bucket list. The task? Go to the top of the campanile. The view was epic:

I headed back to AXO and went on a hike with another good friend – Amy, this time, and we decided to walk the entire fire trail over looking Berkeley. I’d been to the peak before, but normally had just turned around and came back the same way. Bucket list item number 2 for the day: check!

In-between these events – I got some good news from the Spanish consulate! I’ll be heading to Madrid in September to be a Language (and Culture) Assistant for the academic year there. I am already excited about exploring Europe, welcoming visitors, and just racking up some more good stories while I’m there. 3 other AXOs will be there (Devan and Meg will be Language Assistants in Lyon, France and Amy will be studying at Oxford). I’m excited about re-entering Spanish culture and improving my language skills. I could literally go on and on, and it has been really nice receiving so many encouraging words and congratulations this week!

One photo from my very brief (and luggage-less) stint in Madrid, January 2009, at the Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen):

Yesterday afternoon involved some low-key celebrating at the very last Beat the Clock for me, ever (well probably not ever, but you get the idea).


After that, the AXOs and I headed back up to the house for an Alumni dinner which was really fun – we heard stories from alumns and actives about funny memories. My favorite bit was from Liz Smith (mid-1980s) who said that you could always spot an Alpha Chi holding two things: a book and a beer.

One week left of college. Two finals. Let’s go.