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WEST weekend.

15 Apr

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to share some highlights from last weekend.  You may have seen me hashtagging some photos #WESTWeekend.  My best friend (Whitney) has a hyphenated last name, and her initials are WEST.  The weekend was named in her honor because her two college best friends (Dominique and Riley) and I kidnapped her for a night and we spent a night in San Diego. It was so much fun!

Whitney thought she and Riley were spending the day together in Orange County.  Dominique and I met up with them at their favorite little bar in Orange, CA near where they all went to college at Chapman.  Whitney was so surprised — she almost cried!


Whitney, Dominique, Riley, and me behind the bar at O’s. Please don’t mind my entire arm of bracelets.

We had a drink at O’s and some really intense purple shooter and then headed to begin the weekend!

Our first stop was Stone Brewery in Escondido.  I had been wanting to check this place out since my IPA obsession began.  It was PACKED but we scored a table near the outside bar.

I did a flight of 5 different beers

  1. Stone Ruination IPA Wildflower Honey & Carolina Reaper Peppers (SO peppery I couldn’t drink it). 
  2. Cali-Belgique
  3. Go To IPA –> my fav
  4. Grapefruit Slam IPA –> second fav 
  5. Stone IPA –> a classic 

alright alright alright.



It was so fun incessantly quoting lines from #SELFIE relaxing and catching up with these girls! [Side-note: Riley recently got engaged (!) and I hadn’t seen her since, so it was also fun to celebrate her this weekend!]

Of course I had to commemorate the trip with a candle.  Don’t worry — it’s pomegranate scented.


We drove to DT SD and made a pit-stop at Ralph’s before checking into our hotel for some supplies (read: Chex Mix and tequila).  Everyone’s goal was to “drink like college.” Well, that’s a lie, my goal was NOT to do that.  There’s no way I can do that anymore. #old.

We got ready and goofed around a little and mostly took some selfies.




…and headed out for a late dinner and drinks.  We explored The Gaslamp and noshed at Las Hadas.  The service was great and we all enjoyed the food.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.37.21 PM

After dinner, we bumped around at various bars (amidst a gaggle of bachelorette parties).  The first place we ended up at (The Reef?) lured us in with it’s $2 beer specials and overly friendly security guard.  He personally escorted us to the next bar — sweet of him, but not our scene.

We ended up at Barley Mash. I have no clue whether or not this place is “cool” or not but we had a good time.  Things that were awesome:

  • not having to wait in line due to some friends we met outside.  Shout out to the guys in town for the Padres/Tigers game who let us stand with them.
  • early 2000s hip hop music. (To the windows! To the wall!)
  • #SELFIE and Drunk in Love being played.  That’s all I need.

I drank the least, but somehow ended up being the biggest mess at the end of the night. #sweatmonster.

The next morning, I woke up at 8 and squeezed in a super short run before everyone else was up and about.  I headed out from our hotel for an out and back along the marina.



I enjoyed checking out the “Unconditional Surrender” statute and seeing so many people out on a Sunday morning! 10009797_10103007353745793_9005841076905657600_n


We caffeinated and hydrated and then headed up to La Jolla for brunch before we got on the road.  I enjoyed my challah french toast at Nosh.

It was a great 24 hours and we accomplished our main goal of surprising Whitney with a fun weekend!  I’ve gotten to know Riley and Dominique really well over the years and I always enjoy spending time with them!  I also accomplished my secondary of keeping a secret for more than ten seconds — so that was a victory.

  • Favorite things to do in San Diego?
  • Favorite IPA?
  • SD people What’s Barley Mash’s reputation?




amazing LA race.

7 Jan

This post is wayyyyy overdue, but on December 22nd my roommate Jenn and I participated in a fun local event — called the Amazing Los Angeles Race (it is also sometimes called the Fantastic Race: Los Angeles).  We had a great time and think it would be the perfect event for a birthday party or bachelorette party (for competitive types, obviously).  Jenn had really been wanting to do a race like this for awhile, and we found a Goldstar deal for $35 a person to play.  Done and done.

We met on a Sunday morning a little before 11 am at the Hollywood Bowl.  We were the first team to arrive (obviously).  We signed a couple of waivers and waited for the other 8 or so teams to arrive.  We struggled to come up with a clever team name, so our default was team Lawesome. Whatever, it worked.

waiting to begin.

waiting to begin.

The lead organizer, Larry, explained the rules in a Phil-like fashion.  Jenn and my main motivation for doing this was to experience a little bit of The Amazing Race — a show we’re both obsessed with.


After a few minutes, we were off! I won’t go into every challenge in case this could spoil it for future participants, but the clues had us traversing through the seats of the Hollywood Bowl, trekking to DTLA on the metro and exploring Union Station, Olvera Street, Chinatown, and the cathedral, as well as some tourist destinations in Hollywood.

We’d watched enough of The Amazing Race to know that if we built a lead early, it’d be tough for other teams to catch up.  Our first clue took us on the metro, but we had to solve a puzzle to know which stop to get off at.  While I drove to to the metro, Jenn solved the puzzle, so by the time we got to the station we knew exactly where we were headed.  The same cannot be said for the team who followed us through the Hollywood and Highland metro station (running after us).  They got on the metro and attempted to solve the puzzle as we were sitting pretty waiting for our stop.  We knew they’d just wait and see where we got off, so at about 5 or 6 stops too early, we got out of the car they were in and moved one car over.  We never saw them again the entire race. Mission accomplished.

Jenn is great at puzzles so anything puzzle or game related was her job.  We both know LA really well, so we were probably at an advantage over say, the mother/daughter duo visiting from Australia.  This would be a really fun way to learn a new city, though, and I want to check and see if cities I’m visiting have things like this in the future!

leaving a challenge at el kiosco at Olvera St.

leaving a challenge at el kiosco at Olvera St.

Jenn working her puzzle skills in Chinatown.

Jenn working her puzzle skills in Chinatown.

We saw a couple of teams when we were finishing a portion of the challenges and figured we had a good 20 minute lead.  We ended the challenge and met up with Larry at a bar in Hollywood.  We won!


sunburned and sleepy-eyed.

We finished in about 2.5 hours — and apparently only about 6 minutes off the record.  We had to wait about that long for a metro once — and we stopped to buy water toward the end.  Dang.

We waited about 30 minutes for the next team and enjoyed our celebratory (and complementary) beers and fries. It was fun reliving the day and chatting with the other teams as they trickled in.


I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone — an LA native or not!  It would also be good for families, but probably kids ages 10 and up so they can contribute and not get super tired.  (It is 2.5+ hours of constant movement, more or less).

The company also puts on a separate LA Race (the races on Saturdays are always the same.  We did the Sunday race), as well as a Santa Monica and a Disneyland Race.  I’d love to try their other races!

Do you watch The Amazing Race?

Have you done a scavenger hunt type race before? 

Unrelated: This is my 400th Post on That’s G.  Weird, right?

monday mojo.

25 Nov

Happy Monday everyone!  I thought I didn’t have anything blog-worthy going on and then I forgot that I am really good at being over-dramatic and hyperbolizing things. Alas, a blog post was born!

Today is the first day of #Elf4Health — a healthy living challenge taking over the blogosphere (hosted by Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean  and Elle @ Nutritionella).  The four-week challenge includes a task or goal for each day, and we have two different “elves” we’re matched with (each one for two weeks).

photo 3 Today kicked things off with “Meatless Monday.”  I was at school almost all day (finals season), so my cooking “skills” didn’t get to shine, but I can’t wait to try some of the recipes I’ve seen floating around.

Speaking of meatless Monday, this is my latest obsession: three eggs scrambled with some kale, topped with avocado and pico de gallo. Get in my belly.

photo 3 (1)

It has been fun starting to get to know my “elf,” Nicole @ Fruit ‘n’ Fitness, as well.  I’m looking forward to “unsubscribing” tomorrow — I get SO much junk mail and love Cori‘s idea to use a website called

In other news, I was the lucky winner of Whitney’s #Movember contest over at To Live and Diet in LA.  I showed off my Mustache Dache medal, made a dork of myself, and get to go to heaven Soul-Cycle for free! Thanks, Whitney!

photo 1 (3)

anything in the name men’s health and tapping. it. back.

On Saturday, my 7:30 alarm came mighty early —  Friday night consisted of my final trial in my Trial Advocacy class, a fabulous dinner with Aviva at Little Bear, and celebrating my roommate becoming a member of the CA bar!

I started the day by leading my DTLA running group in a 6.5 miler.  We met downtown, headed out to Boyle Height’s Mariachi Plaza, and high-tailed it back. We ran at about an 8:10-8:15 pace which was fun and relaxed. Noel snapped this great show on the 1st Street Bridge.

photo credit:

photo credit:

After my run, I scarfed down some oatmeal (with peanut butter + chocolate protein powder, a.k.a my daily staple) and headed out to teach a little spin. I LOVE when the class is full, the regulars are there ready to work hard, and people sing along.

Current favorite song for a seated hill? Sorry I’m not sorry…

I delayed starting the Wills & Trusts outlining fiesta by actually blowdrying my hair for once and taking a selfie.  The real star of this show is obviously my new iPhone.

photo 2

After logging 4+ long hours in the library teaching myself a lot of boring things, I picked up my friend Aviva and met my parents at a West Hollywood institution — The Troubadour.  My brother manages a band, Dewey and the Peoples, and they had a show there on Saturday (along with Cisco Adler and Radical Something).  The show was a blast and I had a great time.  It was also great to see my brother in his element.

photo 1 (2)

On Sunday, I logged some hours in the gym with body pump + spin, back to back. I love the regulars at my gym — they fill me in on the gossip and joke around, and push me to work harder.  A new friend of mine from law school happened to be in class so she suggested we grab smoothies at Juice Crafters afterward.

photo 1I’m all about refueling post-workout, and often opt for a smoothie from my gym’s smoothie bar (my favorite has banana and peanut butter, duh), or make the legendary Green Monster at home. Juice Crafters was pricier, but delicious.  I opted for the “Lily w/ Strawbs” which consisted of fresh strawberries, almond milk, dates, granola, walnuts, and probably something else delicious I am forgetting.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out at school — it is finals time.  The last two years I have been crazy-diligent about being on top of everything, but I have slacked more this semester.  I have two finals in early-mid December, so the next few weeks is Operation: Learn Everything I Should Have Been Learning Since August, and Haven’t.

Just a heads up my posting might be even spottier than usual…

photo 1 (1)

at least this is the view from campus…

Hit me with:

Your favorite meatless recipe.

Your favorite smoothie.

Have you ever done an internet/blog/twitter “challenge”? 

controversial yoga in the park?

25 Oct

Yesterday I did my first Yoga Echo Park session (through The founder, Steve Arcos, teaches a 70 minute yoga class at Echo Park Lake free of charge (he asks for a $5 suggested minimum donation).

not taken at 9 am, but another cool view of EP lake

not taken at 9 am, but a cool view of EP lake

I have been on the hunt for a great yoga class. I like YAS DTLA, but it’s a little pricey and if fewer than 3 people are there for a class it is cancelled, which is a massive bummer. When I lived in West Hollywood, I tried to make it to outdoor, donation-based yoga at Runyon Canyon as often as possible.

I enjoyed the class and will be back.  There were about 6 of us taking the class and despite the loud noise of traffic rushing by the park, it was so nice to be outside. I had to jet off a few minutes before the end to avoid a parking ticket (street sweeping apparently…typical LA). My only other criticism was that the grass was pretty wet so my mat got slippery, but I could always get a thicker mat.

source: Facebook Yoga Echo Park -- YEP

source: Facebook Yoga Echo Park — YEP


Echo Park Lake

The thing that struck me as weird, though, is the amount of controversy that has sprung up about the fact that yoga is being offered in a public space, for a “charge” [for people who do yoga, $5 is pretty nominal] and without a permit. The comments on this article in The Eastsider LA are crazy to me — if outdoor yoga isn’t your thing, wait the 70 minutes for the class to end and then do whatever you want on the small portion of the lawn the class takes up.

It makes me sad that something positive for the community is being seen in a negative light.  I doubt the founder is getting rich off of 3 classes a week in the park. His intentions are admirable:

“Having grown up around Echo Park, I remember when the park was frequented by gang members and derelicts.  I wanted to make sure that the park never returned to this so I came up with this class.

I am not sure what the rules are from a legal standpoint in terms of permits, but from a moral point of view I think Steve should continue to offer the yoga classes. If the park isn’t okay with it — they’ll seek him out and let him know. Isn’t the whole point of parks to allow outdoor recreation? How is this much different from runners or walkers utilizing the walking path?

I was happy to see HuffPost have a more postive spin on it this morning.

What do you think? Are your for or against yoga in the park? Give your two cents in the comments! 

Favorite place to do yoga in LA? 

#FitBlogLA with Fitness Magazine

23 Oct

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend #FitBlogLA by Fitness Magazine.



The event was held at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica off of PCH. Can you say gorgeouuuuus?


The day started at 10:30 with a check-in, and then we grabbed Camelbak water bottles and filled them with refreshing fruit-infused water. I met a few other bloggers before the day began and it was fun trading blog names and what we blog about.  I realized I should maybe make a “blog” business card — the women who had them were so on it.

I didn’t know too much about the event going into it — all I knew is that I was happy I didn’t have Tuesday class so I could attend!

The first session was a 40 minute chat with Tony Horton, creator of the P90X workout series. He was engaging and interesting, and emphasized the importance of high intensity interval training. Here are a few of the things I took away from his talk:

  • High intensity training is awesome, but it is not for everyone.
  • The vast majority of results in a workout occur in the first 30 minutes.
  • To know you’re working hard, a heart rate monitor is best.  But if you don’t have one, you should be in the 6-8 range on a 1-10 scale.
  • Get ego out of the game! Form is KEY.
  • The future of fitness is functional fitness.
  • Work as many body parts as you can at once!
  • He recommends trying to workout 7 days a week, that way if you miss a few you end up with 22/month.  If you skip two days in a row, on the third day our body will be confused as to why you are moving again.
  • Eat healthy 80-90% of the time, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I loved this quote: “How many of you have had pancakes or waffles for breakfast in the last two weeks? You had birthday cake for breakfast.”

After Tony Horton, we heard from registered dietician Alyse Levine. I loved her outlook and her practical tips for healthy eating. Her talk was called “ditching the food rules” and focused on eating CLEAN.  Alyse’s definition of CLEAN is the following:

  • Choose Real Foods
  • Lose the Diet Mindset
  • Eat Mindfully
  • Assess Your Hunger
  • No Deprivation

Each “rule” seemed to make sense and was so…normal! I have so many friends who limit themselves, and have gotten more than a side-eye of judgment for eating quickly. While I definitely need to work on SLOWING DOWN I love the “no deprivation” mindset.

Some of my favorite tips from Alyse were:

  • Divide your plate into 1/4 portions (mentally).  Check-in with yourself after every 1/4.  Ask yourself if you’re still hungry, still enjoying the food, etc.
  • Fork rule: Don’t have food in your hand ready to go while you are chewing.  If you can get yourself to put the fork down it slows down the eating process.
  • Assess your hunger.  Figure out if you’re eating because you’re hungry, or if you’re eating because you’re stressed, tired, lonely, or bored.

After Alyse’s talk, we broke for lunch, networking, and mingling with sponsors.  I met Andrea over at I Run for Donuts and we made the rounds together.  #FitBlogLA had a system where we got a sticker at each vendor, and at the end of the day we would turn that in for a gift bag of amazing loot.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but our first stop at Dermologica was pretty cool! They did free skin “face map” assessments to tell us what sort of products would be good for our faces, and showered us with samples.  I am excited to try some of their post-gym products.  The vendors were all really great — it is really hard to complain when you’re in a gorgeous venue being handed awesome free stuff.

Next, Andrea and I headed over to Oakley. I thought we would just try on the sunglasses and get a free hair tie, but no. THEY GAVE US SUNGLASSES.  I am really excited to have a pair of running-friendly sunglasses now — I plan to channel my inner Janae.


Awesome Oakley women.

I enjoyed a few sips of Crystal Light. . .

IMG_4874. . . and took an #ExerSelfie with Athleta.


my hair looks weird, i get it.

Andrea and I also hopped in the #FiestaMovement photo booth. This was cooler than we expected — it took four shots and then turned them into a GIF! So cool. [Check it out here].


We were also treated to new kicks from Saucony (obsessed with the Lisa Frank-style colors) and Birkenstock, some new threads from Roxy Outdoor Fitness [I got two awesome pieces I am stoked on], grabbed a Clif Bar or two, and then headed over to eat lunch before sessions resumed.

Andrea and I met Debi of Girl Reworked and we all enjoyed lunch together. I didn’t put the mindful eating into practice (I was too rav, obviously), but it was all scrumptious.


The cookie + fruit I also inhaled were not pictured.

We headed back inside for a talk with Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer.  He talked about healthy eating and explained that juicing is somewhat of a calorie bomb.  I really loved what he said about aiming for 12,000 steps a day — and that part of the obesity crisis in America is due to the fact that Americans are too sedentary and then feel like they can reward themselves when they do finally exercise.  #Preach.  Things got a little awkward when one woman was overly argumentative with him for sort of no reason — I am not sure what she was trying to prove.

Before this session, I spotted my FAVORITE spin instructor/soul cycle instructor, Laura Crago, in the audience.  I told her that she is my FAV and vowed to come take her class soon. Seriously, if you are anywhere in the LA area, get yourself to Soul-Cycle in Santa Monica and go take Crago’s class. I know Katherine agrees.

I had to sneak out before the last session (sometimes law school duties rear their head — I have a mock trial on Tuesdays at a middle school — it is awesome and I could not let my 12 year olds down), but I was bummmmmmed to miss Monica and SR do their thing.

I headed out and grabbed yet another bag of amazing stuff.  It was filled with a lot of great things, but I am most excited about the Heidi Klum for New Balance tops, three awesome headbands, a new-to-me clif bar flavor, and some cosmetic products.


All in all, it was a FABULOUS day.  I am so lucky I was able and invited to attend and meet and connect with some other southern CA bloggers. Here’s some of the women I met in case you’re interested:

Were you at #FitBlogLA? What did you think? 

Have you ever attended a blogging conference? 

[Disclosure: While Fitness Magazine invited me to attend #FitBlogLA and their vendors provided me with some awesome loot, all thoughts and opinions about the event are my own].

my mom’s birthday + a little track love.

4 Oct

On Monday night after my Trial Advocacy class, I headed out to my hometown.  My mom’s birthday was Tuesday and I had the morning free, so my mom and I planned a fun morning.

First, we hiked to the top of China Flat.  I seriously love where I grew up and you can’t beat the views from this hike.



After our hike and a Starbucks run, we changed and headed to brunch along Westlake Lake at Zin Americana. By some miracle, my brother was able to join us despite his phone being off.

As we were enjoying the view, my brother ran into one of his “homies” hanging out by the water. My brother yelled “I’ll talk to you later, it’s my mom’s birthday!!!”


IMG_4724The waitress heard my brother’s yell and brought my mom out a birthday dessert of crème brûlée. Such a nice touch!

IMG_4725Unfortunately after brunch I had to head back into the city to go to mock trial program at a middle school.  The kids are working hard and last week we saw the first glimpses of their mastery of the facts and their cross-examination skills. Can’t wait for the final trial in November!

Tuesday night, I met up with my running group. We did a 5.50 mile run down Figueroa and back, with one lap around USC’s track.

IMG_4728There is something pretty magical about running around this track — maybe because the band was practicing, or the lights…I don’t know. I’m not an SC fan really, but I am starting to think maybe coming here might be good running juju.

5.50 miles//39:36//7:10 pace.  Splits: 7:24, 7:09, 7:03, 7:13, 7:02, 3:35 (0.50 miles).

I need to come back here for a real track workout. Yassos, anyone?

a weekend in nyc.

26 Sep

Last weekend, I flew to NYC to spend a long weekend.  I spent Thursday morning through Sunday exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn with three of my best friends from my sorority, and I also got to visit my aunt!

It all started late Wednesday night when I took the red eye from LAX to JFK. Red eyes are scary-sounding, but I actually totally recommend flying that way. I slept almost the entire way, and felt energized when I landed! (I couldn’t have done it without my neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs though, let’s be real).

My aunt Cheri picked me up at JFK – we got a little bit lost en route to her apartment, but a little while later we made it to Brooklyn. Our first order of business (no joke) was to watch the previous night’s episode of Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge (Rivals 2).  My aunt and I have shared this obsession for years, so before we got the day started I routed for my favs, Emily and Paula and Jordan and Marlon. Once we were all ready, my aunt Cheri, her wife Janet, and I headed out to explore their borough.

I consulted the Brooklyn guide of one of my favorite blogs, C’est Christine, and found a couple of places I wanted to check off the list. First on the list was the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I loved strolling the walkway and getting glimpses of Manhattan:



Next, we cruised by One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill (also a rec from C’est Christine). The place was so cute and hit the spot big time. My aunt said she loved “small foods” and “sugar” so she was game to try them out. I loved how the cookie shop had girls’ names for each cookie. I can’t remember which one was my favorite – they were all delicious.

IMG_4611Before I took the subway across the river to meet my friends in the East Village/Lower East side part of town, my aunt, Janet, and I did a couple of margaritas at a local taco place they like.  I sent my mom a photo (I still maintain that my eyes were red-eyes and not drunk-eyes) because she loved the margaritas on her last visit.  It was the perfect Brooklyn send-off!


Janet and me. Ignore the haggardness, I was still in my red-eye clothes.

On the way to the subway, my aunt pointed of the Barclay Center where the VMAs were held earlier this year. You know, #WeCan’tStop? My inner (outer?) MTV nerd was stoked.

I took the subway into the East Village and met my friends at the rental we had secured through Air BnB.  I have used VRBO before but this was my first venture into Air BnB. Our place had a good location, but it definitely just felt like two guys decided to vacate their apartment for the weekend.  There were no guest amenities and their fridge was stocked…with their stuff.  The place was perfectly fine, it just wasn’t nice.

I was meeting my friends Michelle, Kathleen, and Kate — three of my closest friends from my sorority daze. They all live in SF, and while we see each other when we can, it is still not enough!

The first order of business was dinner in the West Village with their friend, Michael, at a place called Tortilla Flats. The guacamole and margaritas were incredible, and Michael was funny, friendly, and super generous!

IMG_4619We also hit up a couple of other local bars — Upright Brew House (loved) and a super swanky place aptly titled “Employees Only.” (I have already instructed my friend Ryan, lover of all things bougie, to go there on his next NYC trip).

michelle, kate, a very washed out me, and kathleen ready to get our beer drinking on.

michelle, kate, a very washed out me, and kathleen ready to get our beer drinking on.

On Friday morning, Michelle and I had a very important #SoulDate at the Union Square Soul Cycle. We loved our class with Anthony F., and I may have incorporated his closing track (Kaskade – Atmosphere) into my latest spin playlist. It was a great way to the start the day, and not TOO touristy.

IMG_4630Later, Michelle and I stumbled upon a fabulous brunch spot — Friend of a Farmer — for some post-spin fuel. We then met up with Kathleen and had a couple of drinks in Bryant Park. The weather was GORGEOUS.


day drinking in Bryant Park. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

Kate had to work (the plight of the Googler), but we met up with her that night for a trip to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks crush the SF Giants. Our seats were out in the boonies, but we saw A-Rod beat Lou Gherig’s grand slam record, scored a Nathan’s hot dog, and soaked up the fun Yankees Stadium atmosphere. That place is incredible.


#1 Reason Yankee Stadium > Wrigley Field. They let you put ketchup on your stinkin’ hot dogs!


I have officially checked off 10 MLB parks  off my bucket list. (if you count both old and new Yankee stadiums as separate…I do). I have been to all 5 in CA, Safeco Field (Mariners), Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and both the old and new Yankee stadiums. I am not sure what #11 will be. Any suggestions? 

love these girls!

love these girls!

On the subway ride out of the Bronx, I got into it with a Giants fan who overheard me talking about the Dodgers. I was recounting a meme I had seen where Brian Wilson (now a Dodger) was accidentally rooting for the Giants, and was laughing about his confusion.


This woman got all offended that I wasn’t respecting Wilson and that I should be happy to have him. I insisted I was, and also explained that her little organization didn’t want him anymore. Giants fans…god.

Saturday morning started for me and my fellow fittie, Michelle, with a low-key 4-miler along the East River. It was a little humid but a fabulous way to start the morning. Thanks for being my running bud, Michelle!

IMG_4649IMG_4644We hustled to get ready for brunch in Chelsea at Crema Restaurante. We met up with Amy, who was in town from Beijing (!), as well as Kiira, Trisha, and Kelly, friends from our sorority who live in NYC. It was great catching up with them over mimosas and delicious Mexican-inspired, family style brunch fare.


Amy, me, Kate, and Kathleen brunching it up.

IMG_4650I was obsessed with the french toast dish, but all of it was delicious!

After brunch, Kate and I headed out for a few hours. We explored Chelsea Market, walked the High Line, and stopped for a beer at the beer garden at The Standard. Such a fun afternoon!


view from the High Line.


it was super windy.

beer garden time with Kate :)

beer garden time with Kate 🙂

Later that night, I went out with Kathleen to a super legit beer garden in Brooklyn. We ordered kas spaetlze and it brought me right back to Vienna. And it was delicious. We got hit with a little bit of rain on Saturday, but it was all cleared up by Sunday.

My last day in NYC started with a delicious NY bagel, coffee, and a stroll through Central Park with Kathleen.



We stumbled upon a cute little Farmers Market in the Upper West — the $2 piece of pizza I had was perfect.  We mozied back to our AirBnB place, finished packing, and I grabbed a shuttle with Michelle back to JFK for our respective flights. The shuttle took FOREVER and was sort of uncomfortably hot and quiet — are all Super Shuttle experiences like that? This was my first.

I made it to my gate with only 15 minutes or so to spare.  I enjoyed the 5.5 hour flight back to LAX — I listened to some music and finally got back in the law school grind.


always gunning.

My friend Aviva was super generous and picked me up (who needs Super Shuttle when you have nice friends?). And with that, my whirlwind of a weekend came to a close!

I had a fabulous weekend in NYC with some awesome people, but I was so excited to wake up in my own bed on Monday morning and to go on a run through DTLA 🙂

What is your favorite thing about NYC?