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#RackedFitClub at Equinox WeHo

10 Jan

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to participated in Racked LA‘s #RackedFitClub.  I enjoy reading Racked’s updated on the LA fitness community’s happenings — new studio openings, special events, etc.  Their Fit Club events always seemed super cool, but I never signed up in time.  I was stoked when I snagged a spot at the event on Tuesday at the Equinox on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.

The event consisted of a 50 minute “Long and Lean” class with trainer Jason Wimberly. I got there a little early to change and scope out the gym.  Equinoxes are gorgeous facilities, but the price tag is hefty.  Jason came over to use before the class to introduce himself — he was really friendly and sweet, and not at all as intimidating as his fitness credentials might suggest.

Seriously, this is what he looks like:

Source: Racked LA

Jason explained that the Long and Lean class was a fusion of yoga, pilates, ballet, and core strength moves.  I was excited about the yoga and pilates aspect, but I’m nooooo dancer.

We used a “body bar” and a light medicine ball throughout the class.


The class reminded me a little bit of a bar/barre class, but I liked it better.  I’m not a huge bar/barre fan because I don’t love the small movements. And what the heck does it mean to “tuck?”  Jason was instructive, motivating, upbeat, and POSITIVE which I really appreciated.


For the last 10 or so minutes of class, we did a few ballet-type moves.  I sort of faked my way through them, but it was a nice challenge to get out of my comfort zone (remember, that’s one of my goals for 2014?).  At the end we were supposed to do our best “sexy walk.” Again, um, what?

Overall, I liked the class and had a fun time at #RackedFitClub!  The workout was challenging but not TOO challenging (I was able to do my normal Tuesday night run a few hours later.)

At the end of the class, we were treated to samples of Clover Juice.


I tried one that was made with


Mmmm!  And it made me smile to see that Clover used my photo on their Instagram feed.

Read Racked LA’s post about the event here.

Ever been to Equinox?

Have you ever tried a Long and Lean class or a bar/barre class? 



6 Feb

I am so behind on blogging. I have SO much to get caught up on – a recent half-marathon, my birthday, my good friend Jeff’s wedding…the list goes on. I think I’ll try and get caught up in the next few days – I finally have a weekend that isn’t completely filled so I’m looking forward to catching up with school stuff, cleaning the ol’ apartment, and relaxing. Kind of like this:


But I digress. I think I’ll start with my birthday.

Last week, I turned twenty-five. Whoooa. I thought it would be a little less scary spelled out, but I was wrong. 25. I had my first “oh boy I’m oldddd” birthday at 14 (I kid you not). Kind of had a mid-life crisis at 20…21 I was in no state to be emo…and I guess that trend has pretty much continued. I joked about being old – seriously BUMMED I’m too old to ever be cast on the Real World – I could have been the bitchy/crazy but also relatively together character – but I had a fabulous birthday.

I am the farthest thing from a birthday diva. The idea of a “birthday week” makes me gag, and I don’t like making a huge deal about it, but I do love getting together with friends to celebrate. I think that’s why I can pretty much remember what I have done to celebrate every birthday.

My birthday was on a Tuesday which is sort of…not an ideal day for festivities. One of my co-externs, Colleen, surprised me with an epic box of cupcakes to share with the office, which was incredibly sweet. The externs and I all hit up Wurstkuche for lunch (per Taylor’s request/demand). He also “forced” me to get a lunch beer. I didn’t fight him.

That night, I met up with my parents for a dineLA dinner at Luna Park on La Brea. I had a delicious appetizer of artichoke, an entree of chicken with brussel sprouts, and we split a ton of insanely decadent desserts. It was nice spending time with my parents and hearing some of their crazy stories.

The festivities continued on Friday. Jenn organized a small b-day dinner for my closest girlfriends at WeHo’s Tortilla Republic. The margaritas were TOP NOTCH and I had amazing Lobster Enchiladas.


Thank you to the very friendly WeHo man who took this photograph, and raved about the margaritas. Not sure if I totally agree with him that El Carmen is “disgusting,” but whatever.

After dinner, we high-tailed it back to my apartment so I could blow out the candles on the cake Jenn made for me. A few high school friends (and now my neighbors – weird) met up with us before we headed to the bars. Sadly, I didn’t get too many pictures with them at the bar, but I did manage to loudly berate them all for bouncing before my parents did.



I think my favorite thing about my birthday was having so many different groups of friends converge. Whitney wasn’t feeling 100% but it was great seeing her for dinner/cake.

Around 9:30, I headed to The Churchill. This place was THE hot-spot last year- and lines out the door for hours. Now, it’s much more subdued and was a cool spot for my purposes (read: drink a lot and talk a lot).

My parents were there when I got there. They are the coolest.


Andddd my 8th grade frenemy Taylor was able to make it. She and I met in 8th grade and became fast friends…until she called me a “bitch” and I thought she was mean. Turns out, she was just telling the truth. We ran youth track together and kept in touch although we went to different high schools and colleges, but were able to re-connect last year before she left me for some cold city up north. It was SO fun seeing her, and she hash-tagged #BirthdayProblems on Instagram, which I appreciated. Oh, and my Dad poked fun at the fact she ran one cross country race backwards for the first 200 meters. Oh, TayKal…

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i'll spare the internet our awkward years.

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i’ll spare the internet our awkward years.

Also loooooved seeing Kelsey – my high school cross-country teammate/friend/role-model…


…my fav newlyweds, Heather and Blake, who have somehow yet to be scared off by my craziness…


… a bunch of my section 3 budz…

sergio + #driscoll

sergio + #driscoll

armita, taylor, and marty...not totally sure what was happening here.

armita, taylor, and marty…not totally sure what was happening here.

We ended the night at St. Nick’s, my fav little dive bar. Armita and I shut the place down around 2, and went across the street for some D’Amore’s. I felt pretty wrecked the next morning, which I guess is how any birthday should be.

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate and who sent birthday love my way through all of my different social media avenues (I know, I am ridiculous).


[workout review] SoulCycle.

1 Jun

I am always skeptical of fad workouts. Good old fashioned running is my favorite form of exercise, and while I enjoy spin classes, I wasn’t sure something called “SoulCycle” would be any better than my standard gym classes. Well, my friends, sometimes it’s best just to believe the hype. This is one of those times.

My roommate Jenn scored a free pass (!) to SoulCycle on Sunset Blvd. in WeHo when she got her hair done once at neighboring Drybar. Jenn isn’t a spinning fan so she handed it off to me. I was stoked. It expired on May 31 and was determined to use it before then. So, last Wednesday, I hopped over to take the 12:30 class with Angela.

(All photos are from the SoulCycle website).

When I walked in, I was greeted by two women at the front counter who could not have been more friendly. They explained the sign-up procedure, offered to rent me spin shoes (no need, I’m a fanatic and brought my own), and helped me pick a bike! No intense racing to the room hours ahead of time to “claim” your bike like at my big-box gym. This was awesome. I also appreciated the fact that they didn’t try and pressure me to buy more classes or lock me in to come back.

I got set up in the spin room and utilized the free lockers. The set-up is very “bougie” – it’s all pristine white and super nice, almost spa-like. The bikes in the studio are all extremely close together. Weird at first, but once the ride began I realized there was a reason for it.

I liked the design of the studio – there were encouraging phrases plastered on the walls that were both motivating and aesthetically pleasing. The studio itself was kept REALLY dark and was punctuated by candlelight. I am the least zen person on earth (literally) and I even liked this aspect. As soon as the music started, the adrenaline was pumping through me in a way I have NEVER experienced in any other class. It was LOUD and didn’t feel unlike being in a Barcelona club (Opium?) during a particularly bass-heavy set from the DJ.

The instructor was SO energetic and motivating, and she literally got off the bike at points and danced and bopped around. It was infectious. Her music selection was top-notch as well. Really house-y and perfect. I’m trying to talk to SoulCycle via twitter to get my hands on that playlist.

The workout itself was shorter than I’m used to – 45 minutes instead of the standard 60 – but it was intense. Light on hills, heavy on jumps and seated sprints. I also liked the incorporation of light hand weights during one song to work out those arms. The class sped by – probably aided by the fact there were no clocks in the room.

soulcycle rules.

I wish my gym would post these.

All in all, I LOVED LOVED LOVED SoulCycle and will absolutely be back. The price is borderline ridiculous though ($25  per class). I told myself I will use these workouts as a “treat” or for a special occasion. Yes, rewarding myself with exercise is a bit of a noodle-bender but it really was that awesome.

Currently, SoulCycle is only located in NYC and in West Hollywood, but they are expanding to other parts of LA (Brentwood, Santa Monica for sure), and hopefully to other major cities soon.

Has anyone out there tried SoulCycle? Thoughts?

P.S. – here’s a NYT article on the craze.

re-entering society.

21 May

Dang, it feels good to be done with 1L.

After going out on Thursday for Bar Review/celebrating/going to sleep at 3 am, my body still was up with its game-face on at 7. Cool. I wanted to spend the day relaxing and just enjoying not having to study for the first time in weeks.

This goal of “relaxing” also included not letting myself workout. That idea didn’t last long – I quickly convinced Jenn to go on a 5 mile walk with me. We enjoyed some Jamba Juice at the half-way point.

la brea + santa monica blvd.

caribbean passion + soy protein boost.

I got a little bit sunburned, it was that nice out. We joked about how lucky we are to live in a city that so many people seek out as a tourist destination.

Later that day, Jenn and I combined forces with Aviva and Armita for a little lunch/shopping excursion before Whitney and I headed back downtown to celebrate our friend Kelsey’s birthday.

Whitney and I headed out early for dinner at Urbano Pizza Bar. I’d been there once before,  and loved it, and my earlier post came in handy so I could remember which pie was my very fav.

Luckily our waiter helped us out by pointing to the Spicy Sausage one. Delectable. We also ordered the Prosciuto di Parma.

pizza urbano.

Our food took a little while to come (this is an important part of the story) but I passed the time by telling funny stories. (You’re welcome, Whitney). After dinner, we met up with Kelsey and her crew at The Yardhouse, after braving the throngs of Laker fans and waiting in line, we finally found her!

Kelsey is one of my best friends from high school. I ran cross-country and track with her for four years, and she was (and still very much is) one of my running inspirations.  She went to USC for college and now lives in San Diego, so it’s not often that we’re all in the same place, so it was so fun to celebrate her 24th! We also hit up Pattern Bar where I downed an IPA. Typical.

And for the sake of nostalgia…

dream team 05.

Whitney and I grabbed a cab back to our car (we parked at Urbano). As we were heading into the lot, I realized we forgot to get our parking ticket validated. So, since Urbano was closed, we figured the bar next door, Library Bar, would do it for us. We walked over to the doorman, who immediately asked us “where we went after we left Urbano,” and apologized that our food took forever to come. Dan was a character – and we will seek him out in the future. Fun fact: making friends with bouncers was one of my favorite things about going out in Berkeley.

Saturday morning involved some serious DIY. Jenn and I, along with her friend Megan and Whitney, painted a few walls of our apartment! Here’s a sneak peek…

Adds a nice little “homey” touch to our place!

After I scrubbed [most] of the paint off my body, my parents swung by for an early dinner. I love cryptic texts from my mom that begin “what are you doing?” and end with “can we take you to dinner?”

We walked to Tart. I’d been here once before and liked it, but this spring/seasonal menu was way more up my alley.


It’s adjacent to a hotel, so we had a blend of other dinner guests and people using the pool in the background keeping us company.

Our waiter was awesome – attentive but not over-bearing, and FUNNY. Wish I remembered his name.

I went with a good old fashioned Strawberry Lemonade and left the drinking to my parents.

my mom and her mango mojito.

We app’d it up with some fried zucchini…

fried zucchini.

And I went with a chicken cesar – with pine nuts!

It was fun having my parents make a pit-stop in my neck of the woods – glad they were up to the challenge even with the recent bouts of crime near my “hood.”

Sunday morning involved a 10-miler, followed shortly by this bad-boy:

Here’s where the depressing part of my weekend came in. I am working on my “write-on” packet for the competition to get on the Loyola Law Review. This is what our parking structure looks like on the Sunday after finals. Tear.

It’ll be over in about a week. One more week of “intensity.”

Sunday night, Whitney introduced Jenn and I to her favorite ice cream place – Sweet Rose Creamery. It reminded me of Ici (for all you Berkeley kids).

sweet rose creamery.

so many flavorsss.

I went with the chocolate and coffee which was delicious. We spotted Josh Brolin and Diane Lane there which was also sorta nifty.

chocolate + verve coffee.

And in keeping with tradition  last week’s workouts:

  • Monday – 3 mile run (pre-final tradition)
  • Tuesday – NROLFW 2A
  • Wednesday – Spinning (Andrew’s class)
  • Thursday – 5 mile run (pre-final)
  • Friday – 5 mile walk
  • Saturday – light weights + run
  • Sunday – 10 mile run + PM: NROFLW 2B

Felt strong this week, hoping to add in some more fun things this coming week.


the four one one.

18 Feb

I realize I have been 100% MIA for weeks now, which is not good at all. I’ve been trying to get back into “school mode” but have been distracted by fun things AND my running injuries which I’ll get into in this post. While the majority of the last few weeks have involved a lot of school work, memo-writing, and more school work, I’ve also had more time than I would have thought to squeeze in some fun stuff. Here’s what I have (and haven’t) been up to lately.

*Brunch with Left Coast Contessa: Katherine and I met via the blog world and realized we had a lot in common (long-distance running, being a foodie, loving the Watch the Throne album, oh and of course law school). We talk often on Twitter but had never met in person, so on Super Bowl Sunday we met up for brunch at Doughboy’s on 3rd – partially to check off a restaurant on the list of The Hills filming locations!

I ordered the “Toad in the Hole” which was pretty self-explanatory – except the bread was olive bread and had goat cheese in it as well, pretty dang scrumptious.

toad in the hole at Doughboy's.

It was so nice finally meeting Katherine in person! Yay for “blends” (blog-friends). Yes, I’m serious, that’s a term.

Later that day I avoided Torts homework by watching the first half of the Super Bowl with my guy friends who live down the street and 30 of their closest friends. I’m not that into pro-football (maybe because LA has never had a team in my lifetime?) but it was fun to watch the commercials. Here’s my favorite one:

Yes, I love this because it has a Kanye song featured in it. You should too.

Later that night I watched the movie “Drive” which I surprisingly loved – the soundtrack/score was incredible and has since become my study playlist. Take a listen to this one.

*One Friday in February my mom e-mailed me to say she was stuck at work Downtown and since I was still at school, we should get dinner together. I drove a few blocks and met my mom outside the Times, and hopped (literally – knee pain is rough) to Pitfire Pizza. I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the food – our steak salad and pumpkin pizza were both excellent.

oh hey.

pumpkin pizza at Pitfire.

Last weekend was equally fun – I reviewed a little bit of torts, hiked to the Hollywood Sign (and avoided any severed heads in plastic bags), and went out to my fav WeHo bar, Winston’s. I also picked up the annoying habit of constantly repeating the Nicki Minaj line “islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” from this song. The Grammys were also last weekend – my thoughts in one word? Lackluster. Mostly for these reasons:

(1) Why was LL Cool J hosting?

(2) Yay Adele, but put out a new song already.

(3) Everyone loves to hate Chris Brown (rightly so) but the kid can move. He probably didn’t need to get to perform twice though.

(4) Way too much country. Where was Kanye when we needed him during that dreadful Taylor Swift performance?

(5) Where was Kanye in general?

Fingers crossed next year’s performance is a little, I don’t know,  better?

This week was long – lots of school stuff, inability to run, etc. On Thursday, I had dinner with my friend Krisse at my new favorite pizza place – Pizza Urbano Downtown (6th and Hope). The pizza was honestly as good as Pizzeria Mozza, where I recently went for my birthday, and the vibe was more relaxed and enjoyable. Their Happy Hour prices couldn’t be beat either – from 4-7 on weekdays their pizzas are half-off and their draft beers are $4! Boom.

sausage and egg? Yes please.

potato and bacon.

*Running Update/lack of update: So I thought I injured my knee back in December – but it turned out not to be a knee injury – it was actually lateral knee pain as a result of super tight hamstrings and IT band. That knee felt better, but now the OTHER knee is hampered. I’ve been out of running commission for a few weeks, and with the marathon 1 month away I’m starting to freak out a little bit. Hopefully with elliptical and stationary bike I’ll be good to go on March 18th.

Due to my inability to run, today I missed my long run and did cardio at the gym. The elliptical is fine, but I am starting to go crazy not being able to run outside!

Anyway, as a break from a hectic week, Whitney and I explored Culver City last night – we had dinner at a funky Mexican place called Kay n Daves. The food was good (we both had salads) and my blackberry margarita w/ mint was delightful, but the service was weird. All of the waiters were pseudo-stoners, and ours practically sang every time he talked to us. No thanks, dude.

lime and cilantro salad.

blackberry margarita.

At the end of the night, we hit up Cool Haus – an ice cream shop that also has a food truck version. My friend Krisse had bought a buy one, get one coupon off Gilt City and wasn’t going to use it before the expiration date. Knowing I’m a total foodie, she gave it to me. Lucky for me, I now have a new ice cream obsession. This place is insanely awesome – way better than Diddy Reise. They have a bunch of wacky flavors and about 8 cookie varieties. I got a half-scoop of “Beer and Pretzels” ice cream and a half-scoop of (spicy) Chipotle Chocolate sandwiched between a Peanut Butter (obvi) and S’mores cookie. I. am. obsessed.

cool haus.

Today has been perfectly mellow – am gym and then a solid few hours at the library where I got some solid work done on my research memo (yay for Lexis Advance) and did some practice Civ Pro problems on the Erie Doctrine. The rest of my weekend will continue with the mellow trend – drinks with an old friend tonight, yoga tomorrow morning, and some more school work. It’s good to be back, blog-o-sphere 🙂

What’s the best pizza you’ve ever had?


5 Feb

Well, I officially turned 24 last Sunday and celebrated all weekend. It was one of my best birthdays yet! Here’s the run-down of all of the festivities:

Saturday January 28th:

The morning started with my longest run yet, 18 miles, with the LA Leggers in Santa Monica – it was a great run bt my knee pain (which is actually IT-band/TFL soreness showing up as lateral knee pain, cool) has resurfaced so I have had to back down from running again. I’ll keep you posted but new shoes and cross-training along with some hardcore foam rolling should help a lot.

Later that day I indulged in a little siesta and then went to dinner with a few friends at a local Mexican restaurant, The Spanish Kitchen, on La Cienega.  I was working on over-coming my calorie deficit, so I had a margarita or two and some spicy shrimp enchiladas. It was so fun having a small group of my closest friends together and cool to see my law school, high school, and college worlds collide.

After dinner I had a few more friends join us for a “pre-party” at my apartment. I now have more beer (IPA!) and alcohol than I know what to do with, and it was awesome to see so many law school buddies outside of the cold-calling routine. We hit up my favorite bar in West Hollywood, Winston’s which was fantastic as always. The best part was right after midnight when “Paris” was blaring and I got a birthday shout-out – possibly the best way to ring in another year. That shit cray. Other fun facts: mean girls made Whitney buy them two new drinks since apparently a subtle tap of their table spilled both of theirs and then they were really rude about it, two of my friends from different parts of my life became closer with each other on the dance floor – hah, and I had a great time!

Sunday morning started with an incredible brunch at bld. on Beverly – I had an iced coffee and a highly-recommended dish of eggs benedict with a cabernet sauvignon sauce and steak. Definitely a fat kid breakfast, but I was still sort of using that 18 miler as an excuse. It was fun to re-hash the night and try a new LA-eatery as well.

wouldya look at that.

After brunch, Whitney, Jenn, Riley, and scoped out the Melrose Flea Market (we’re on the hunt for a bar cart or something to fill out our entry/living room). I came home for a bit and then went to an early dinner with my parents and my uncle Casey at Pizzeria Mozza – the casual (but nice) pizzeria by Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton.

My thoughts? The food was top-notch – we enjoyed a simple insalada mista, two types of bruschetta, and shared 3 pizzas: a margherita, a prosciutto and arugula concoction, and a fennel sausage pizza. They were all rich and flavorful.

my fav.

While the food was delicious, I did not love the ambience – it was really crowded to the point where we sort of right on top of the people next to us, and the service was mediocre at best. The even took away our paper placemats before we were done! Also, although it’s a relatively casual place, I think they could probably have cloth napkins. Just saying. Regardless, though, I am happy to have checked Pizzeria Mozza off the LA must-list!

The rest of my actual b-day was spent reading a little Civ Pro and Intellectual Property (yay, patents!).

It was a great weekend all in all and I had a blast with all of my friends and family!

I have a lot to blog about (new restaurants, new gym, new semester) so I’ll get back in the swing of things soon.

Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl! I’ll be watching for the commercials.

back to reality.

19 Jan

Why yes, that was an Eminem – Lose Yourself reference. Sorry blog world, I’ve been busy enjoying the tail end of my winter break. I started back up at school this week (Tuesday to be exact) and I have been adjusting to the good ol’ grind. This semester I have the second half of Civil Procedure and Contracts, and am starting Torts and Intellectual Property. Loving all of them so far – the month off was just what I needed.

Here’s the fun things I did the last week or so of winter break…

My roommate Jenn and I hit up the popular WeHo lunch spot Tender Greens to see what all the fuss was about.

bbq chicken sandwich with baby spinach salad.

I liked the sandwich – a decent deal for the area at $10.50 for a big sandwich and side salad – but the sandwich needed something. BBQ sauce would have been perfect.

jenn loving some tender greens.

After our lunch last week, we passed by a place called Sno Bar – which bills itself as a cross between ice cream and shaved ice. Jenn and I split a small Peanut Butter flavor with chocolate chips.

peanut butter.

It was refreshing but I’m not sure I would seek it out. I did love the art on the walls (at the Santa Monica Blvd. location).

i'd go back just for the art.

Last Tuesday, I went over to Whitney’s where she whipped up a delicious pasta dish for us and we sipped on some wine. Later, I hung out with one of my law school buds, Aviva (and Jenn) at El Carmen for some margaritas to celebrate my summer job plans coming into fruition. We sat two tables away from Jeremy Piven. Soooo LA.

whitney's pasta.

On Wednesday, Jenn invited me to a screening of “My Week with Marilyn” at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

the egyptian.

I really liked the film – I learned more about Marilyn Monroe and both Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh were fabulous. The best part about the night was hearing Michelle and Kenneth answer a few questions after the show! They were both funny and well-spoken, and Michelle seemed to still be channelling Marilyn.

On Thursday, Aviva and I did some school-related errands and hit up The Bungalow in Larchmont for a snack and some coffee. It was such a quaint little place and the blueberry muffin we split was pretty bomb. On our way out we also spotted – wait for it, wait for it – Jeremy Piven! Small world slash it’s a good thing we’re going over stalking in Torts on Tuesday.

Later we met our friend Armita from our section at Bossa Nova for happy hour (plantains and sangria were the highlights).

My last weekend of freedom was a great one – one of my best friends from college, Kathleen, flew in from SF for the holiday weekend! I hadn’t seen her since before I left for Madrid in September 2010, so we were way overdue for some catch-up time.

us back in the sorority days. raging, obvi.

We picked her up Friday night, grabbed dinner and hit up The Churchill for a beer. Saturday morning featured a long run for me (a little over 10 – pain free!) with my running group. We did some intense hills and made it to Inspiration Point in the Palisades. I wish I’d brought my camera because it *may* be in the running for my absolute favorite spot in LA. Boom.

Later that afternoon, we had lunch with our friend Kate (also visiting from SF) for an AXO reunion at Short Order – Nancy Silverton’s new burger bar at 3rd and Fairfax, right next to the Farmer’s Market near The Grove. Kate gives a great review of the meal on her blog, but I thought I’d share some highlights.

better than umami, not as good as Father's Office. #imho

krisse, me, kathleen, and jenn. i don't know about them but i was SO HUNGRY.

my friends next to some sandbags?

Later that night Jenn, Kathleen, and I headed out to Santa Monica to check out the pier and stroll 3rd street – since Kathleen had never been! We caught the sunset (epic) and Kathleen treated us to a delicious dinner at Border Grill :).

i ❤ sm.

That night, we added some more members to the gang (Matt and Whitney) and headed out to some WeHo bars – Winston’s (my fav) and Bar Lubitsch.

we've been told we look alike. the funny thing? she has an actual identical twin.

The highlight of Sunday? A hike to the Hollywood Sign with Jenn, Kathleen, and my buddy Bryan. No, we didn’t see a severed head in a bag (thank god) but we did take some sweet pics! The trail was a total of about 6 miles and was relatively easy!

Other highlights include: cooking homemade pizza, an SVU marathon and fro-yo, checking out Beverly Hills and Hollywood and Highland, and catching up with an old friend! Now I’m itching to get up to SF…

That about rounds up my winter break! It was easily my favorite “break” from school, ever – maybe because it was so necessary. I’m excited for this semester: new classes, checking out more cool places in LA, and getting to know more of my classmates! I’m also excited to get back into my marathon training – first up? The Rose Bowl Half this weekend!

Anyway – now that I’m all caught up on blogging I’m going to relax with some TV (it is Jersday, after all!)

How do you adjust to a new schedule after a break in from your routine?