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booze + sweat (aka what i did when i wasn’t studying).

13 Aug

I know you’re all sick of hearing about the bar — I’m sick of talking about it — but I WAS able to squeeze in (very small) pockets of fun throughout the summer.

The weekend after the test, I met up with my parents for a mini Conejo Valley IPA crawl of sorts.  Our first stop was The Lab Brewing Co.  I enjoyed their house DIPA and we all shared some candied bacon.


We headed to dinner at my very favorite place just down the street — Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie — for brews, chow, and to watch the sunset (my mom is also a sucker for a good one).

They didn’t have my fav beer of all time on tap (Cheseboro IPA) so I opted for my second favorite, the aptly titled Ladyface IPA. I also tried a sampler of a new IPA they offered – the Cataclysm IPA.  This one wasn’t my style, it wasn’t hoppy at all.



Ladyface IPA with Ladyface Mountain in the background.

Notice how the mountain looks like a woman’s profile? Imagine the woman is lying on her back…

And then my dad caught me in the act…


Also that weekend, I celebrated with my BFF Whitney at a bar down the street from her apartment called The Chestnut Club.  Would definitely recommend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.41.54 AM

When I haven’t been boozing, I was doing what I normally do (working out, obviously).  On July 20th, I ran the Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay with a team formed last-minute with some social media friends. When Tiffany reached out to me via twitter, there was no way I could say no, and I’m so glad I didn’t!  We had a blast each running 5.25 miles through the super-hilly Griffith Park trails, and soaking up the morning.  I would definitely do this race again.


On the team:


Race bling in the form of a STICK!!!!


so worried I was gonna drop my phone…

It was a great morning.  I love doing relays because I love being surrounded by “my people” — meaning people who “get it.”  These guys understand the compulsion to wake up super early on a Sunday to go run 5+ miles through hilly terrain with people you barely know.  I am also so grateful for the power of social media connections for making this team come together!

The week before the bar, I heard about an event taking place at my favorite building on the planet – the Ritz Carlton/J.W. Marriott in DTLA. I dropped everything and RAN when Whitney wrote about a free yoga/mini-spa treatments event taking place at the Ritz spa. I got a hand massage and headed up to the rooftop for a short and very relaxing yoga session.



That about rounds out the fun things I did during the bar (I told you, it wasn’t a ton).  I start my job in a few weeks and until then have a lot of downtime, so I’m trying to enjoy the relaxed schedule and do some fun LA-only events. Please drop a comment if you have suggestions on fun things I should do!



20 May

Hi everyone!  On Sunday, I graduated from law school.  It was an amazing and memorable day so I wanted to share it with you guys!  I know this is a detour from my normal fitness posts — but bear with me.

Our ceremony was held at LMU’s main campus in Westchester.  The law school is in DTLA, so it was fun (albeit a bit odd) to graduate from a place we never actually attended. It was a gorgeous day but a little on the hot side.


We all met a little before 10 am to get “robed” before the ceremony.  I quickly found my “posse.” Below are Armita, Aviva, Ross, Blake, Me, and Taylor.  This group of people were my “people” throughout law school — we hung out together, studied together, sat next to each other in classes, took practice exams and numerous Starbucks breaks together, and  of course celebrated being done with finals together.  Blake is a JD/MBA and has one more year which is why he didn’t graduate with us (so sad, but secretly I am looking forward to all of us getting together in a year when he graduates!)


I made sure to grab a photo with my co-extern fam.  Last spring, I spent 4 months as judicial extern in federal court for the Honorable Judge R. Gary Klausner (USDC).  It was an amazing learning experience — and quite the bonding experience — for the four of us: Taylor, me, Ben, and Colleen.

10366318_10103110771765253_1729034612964955238_nAfter taking a huge class photo, we lined up to begin the processional. Section 3 held it down.


Armita, Aviva, Me, Randy, and Jordan.

10252089_10103112178730683_3024128634732116476_nThe ceremony was short and sweet — about 90 minutes.  The student speeches were succinct and thoughtful, and the commencement address was given by a 1985 Loyola alum who is now the US ambassador to Korea.  He cracked a couple of jokes which I appreciated. After the ceremony, I found my family and friends and took more photos.


my fam.

My aunt Melinda and my uncle Casey came down from the Bay Area for the weekend.  My uncle is a lawyer in SF and has been a huge source of support throughout the last few years.  He went to Hastings (where I almmmmost went). 10268473_10103112180043053_4643401039386369098_nJenn and Whitney came to the ceremony as well.  As you may know, Jenn and I lived together through my entire law school experience (minus the last 6 weeks).  She was a HUGE help to me guidance-wise, and was one of the very first people to call me out for being a “gunner.”  Whitney was also always in my corner, asking questions about the process, and encouraging me.  Spending time with her was also always a nice outlet from my law school world.


Spotted Blake again! I joke that I always need a member of his family around me and it’s funnily true.  During one day of finals studying I was sitting next to Blake studying, g-chatting with his brother, and texting with his wife! (I promise, I am not as creepy as this sounds).


Me, Taylor, and Ross.


my brother and me.


Me and Whitney.


J.D. Clows (and hopefully soon both will be Esquires!)

After graduation we all went over to a restaurant along the marina in Marina del Rey. I did a pretty good job of sticking to my paleo routine…until I decided to cheat for dessert. Not mad about it.  10270720_10103110949778513_6016269532752424199_n We took a few more photos along the water…



Jenn, me, and her fiancé, Daniel.

It was a great and memorable day – thanks to everyone for all of the warm wishes.  Bar study began the following day (less than 24 hours later, no less).  I will be posting pretty irregularly in the next two months, but I’ll still be around with updates (and a few “I am losing my mind” posts).

What’s your favorite graduation memory? 

weekend eats. (or, the one with all of the bars).

13 Feb

I know, I know…another post?  I did a lot of fun things last weekend and wanted to share them before another weekend is upon us.

Last Thursday, I kicked off the weekend (enjoying my last few months — ever — of 3 day weekends.  Law school is the best)  with an evening session of yoga at YogaHop.  So far I’m on track with my “do yoga 50 times in 2014” goal).  It just so happens YogaHop is next to a Pinkberry, and I was there while Pinkberry was giving away free yogurt for National FroYo Day or something.


I indulged in a small original with strawbs, mochi, and fruity pebs (a dream combo if I do say so myself).  Fun fact, summer 2007 and winter breack 2008  I worked at a Pinkberry.  I’m a pretty good swirler.

That night I went to Casey’s Bar and Grill for Loyola “bar review” and hung out with some of my section 3 peeps.

On Friday I was being super lazy — I went to Back on My Feet after 4 hours of sleep (whoops), came back and slept for 3 more hours, and then lolly-gagged around my apartment sort of cleaning, sort of catching up on TV shows…I know, #roughlife.  Luckily I ran into my friend Jordan as I was finally getting my act together stumbling out of my apartment in gym clothes to run some errands and we concocted a plan to hang out later.  I love when lazy days get salvaged!  We (+ Armita) went to DTLA’s brand new City Tavern.  I noshed on the brussels sprouts and the burger — both were excellent — and sipped on a Ladyface (!)  IPA. Our waiter was witty and well-versed in the menu and I ran into a friend from middle school so I’d say City Tavern was a success.

After dinner we headed over they indulged my inner beer fiend by letting me drag them to Sixth Street Tavern for more IPAs.

photo 3

city tavern//las perlas//spring st. bar

On Saturday,  I had a little spin class action with my favorite crazies (I may or may not have had to rearrange an entire playlist to make sure one of my regulars got to hear “Drunk in Love” before he had to leave early). #Surfboard.

After spin, I headed over to Echo Park to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my friend’s vintage shop truck (think a food truck but for vintage clothes).  I loved checking out the truck and bought two rings I had been eyeing.  Check out Selvedge Dry Goods.


That night, Jordan and Armita and I did DTLA drink fest part II.  We started at Las Perlas (because tequila).  I enjoyed a marg and Armita got some crazy cinnamon infused tequila with pineapple.  It reminded me a little bit too much of fireball.  After awhile we went to Spring Street Bar, mostly because I knew they have a good list of beers IPAs.   How I have any friends is beyond me.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun — it’s always a good night when a random stranger asks one of your friends if he can kiss her, and she makes up a fake boyfriend.  

On Sunday, I got up and lifted weights like a crazy person.  The highlight of Sunday was finding this awesome $7 bouquet in DTLA’s Flower District (and going to bed at 8:30 to prep for my 20 miler).

photo 2

Anyway, Happy Thursday!  My day is going to include some Business Associations, getting my computer back (!) and some yoga.

What’s on your agenda for this weekend?  

Fav DTLA bar? 


7 Feb

Last Wednesday, January 29th was my 26th birthday so I thought I’d do a little recap of how I celebrated (mostly for my own posterity…now that I’m getting old my memory might not be what it used to be…).

The morning started dark and early at 5:30 a.m. at Back on My Feet at Homeboy Industries.  We ran a couple of miles and I brought 2 dozen donuts to share.  We always talk about how hungry we are after we run and I am hoping this sparks a tradition for other members.  #JustSaying.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.34.36 AM

It was so fun to see how appreciative and excited people were over donuts.  Love it.

Later that day, I went to school — Wednesdays consist of two hours of Sports Law in the morning and two hours of Remedies in the afternoon.  I had lunch in between with a bunch of friends, and my friend Aviva brought me a Crumbs Peanut Butter Cup cupcake. (Sign of a true friend — she knows I’m PB OBSESSED).

After class, my mom met up with me — she did some work from the DTLA library and then hung out with me for the afternoon. She ALSO came bearing cupcakes — this time from Sprinkles. (Told you, total fat kid over here..). My mom picked two — my favorite of the two was the Red Velvet.

photo 2 (2)

cupcakes galore.

My mom and I decided to celebrate with happy hour at a local rooftop bar I love, Perch. I got mini sliders and we shared a fruit plate, and I sipped on the happy hour ale. So nice to be outside with a rooftop view of DTLA during January!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.34.24 AM

After happy hour, we hung out a bit (my mom fixed my disaster of an ikea dresser using gorilla glue, happy birthday to meeee) and then I headed off to teach my spin class, and my mom took it for the first time!  (Major props to my mom for toughing it out the whole time.  One day we’ll get my dad inside the spin room as opposed to lookey-looing from outside).

photo 1 (2)

After spin wrapped up, I had a quick dinner with my parents, opened a couple of gifts, and dug into those cupcakes. (Aviva’s Peanut Butter Cup was the best, yay Crumbs).

make shit candle.

make shift candle.

My brother’s birthday card cracked me up:


I got a lot of birthday bling:  two bracelets from my parents, two new covers for my Fitbit, and a RoadID I’d needed forever. I love that my parents included “Please pause my Garmin” on the RoadID.  Hopefully that is never used, but I love the joke behind it. Jenn also got me gorgeous bangles seen here –>

photo 3 (1)

On Thursday, the treats continued when I walked into my Biz Ass class and my friend Colleen had brought me a Mocha flavored cupcake from a local place in Silver Lake called Lark. She brought me a bunch of cupcakes last year when we worked together at Judge Klausner’s chambers, so I made sure to tell her that when you do something two years in a row it is a tradition.

photo 4 (1)

I also wondered what it is about me that people think I am a cupcake hound.  I think it’s because of my inner fat kid, but others insisted that because I work out a lot, it’s no big deal.

I extended the b-day festivities on Thursday by stopping by the Fig at 7th farmers market to pick up a bouquet to fill out the vase Aviva gave me.  Love:

photo 5 (1)

I celebrated my birthday for real on Friday.


law school posse/”clique”/whatever you wanna call it.

We started with a small-ish group dinner at DTLA’s Border Grill. There were 10 of us total: 5 law school friends,  my best friend Whitney, two of her friends who are now my friends – Molly and Riley, and my roommate Jenn. 

We had a lot of fun, delicious margs, and they even let me blow out a candle!

photo 2 (3)

1620929_10151866225581456_183664969_nI loved having various people I love get to know each other and joke around.  So fun. (And Whitney sneakily handed her credit card to the waitress before I had a chance to pay my bill — so sweet and unexpected.  Thanks, Whit!)

After dinner, we headed over to King Eddy’s Saloon, my favorite “skid-row adjacent” dive bar. This place is super divey but it was the perfect place to indulge in cheap beer with tons of friends. I loved combining all of my favorite people into one place.

I hung out with my DTLA Running crew:


Find us on Twitter/Insta: @DTLARunning

And my DTLA Running AND Back on My Feet LA girls:


Kim and Kendra 🙂

And my favorite Loyola 1Ls/spin fanatics.  If I had a fan club these girls would be in it.  It’s time for someone to tell them that would be the lamest club EVER.


Gaby, Me, Lauren, and Alexis.

I call Alexis my own personal cheerleader — she is so positive and fun.  Mostly though we’re friends becuase she uses more hashtags than I do. #fit and #fab.


Whitney has been my best friend now for about 8 years, and over that time I’ve gotten t0 know her core group of college friends really well.  I loved spending time with them and am so grateful for my friendship with them!


Me and the Chapman crew: Dominique, Whitney, Molly, Riley, and my roomie Jenn.

Some of my high school guy friends came as well — loved seeing Eric, A.K and Andrea,  Matty and Sharon, and of course Jeff and his roommate, Jason.  I refer to Jeff as “my own personal Chris Harrison” because:  he looks, acts, and talks just like Chris Harrison, he gives good advice about dudes, and he has actually told me before:  “Gillian, Gentleman, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready.”  Pretty sure they need to cast us as the leads (him the host and me as the Bachelorette, because obviously) in a future season.


Jason, me, and Chris Harrison I mean Jeff.


Daniel, Sharon, Matty, Jenn.

My LLS buds were raging — love them:


Joe, Sadie, Chris, and Sergio.


Colleen, Joe, Charlie, Jackie, and Sergio.

It was such a great night — LOVED combining all of my groups: LLS, high school, college (thanks, Jenn, for holding it down), Gold’s Gym, and #DTLARunning.  It was an epic, IPA-filled birthday.

At the end of the night, 5 of us wolves remained in the wolfpack and we hit up Bar 107 for three minutes before I decided hip hop was in order at the Crocker Club.  Mostly I was just stalling until it was appropriate to order lobster grilled cheese at L.A. Cafe.  (FYI it’s always appropriate.  Most delicious thing ever).

4 hours of sleep later I taught a very fun and toxin-releasing spin class.

26 started off with a bang and I’m excited for the year ahead! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me!


6 Feb

I am so behind on blogging. I have SO much to get caught up on – a recent half-marathon, my birthday, my good friend Jeff’s wedding…the list goes on. I think I’ll try and get caught up in the next few days – I finally have a weekend that isn’t completely filled so I’m looking forward to catching up with school stuff, cleaning the ol’ apartment, and relaxing. Kind of like this:


But I digress. I think I’ll start with my birthday.

Last week, I turned twenty-five. Whoooa. I thought it would be a little less scary spelled out, but I was wrong. 25. I had my first “oh boy I’m oldddd” birthday at 14 (I kid you not). Kind of had a mid-life crisis at 20…21 I was in no state to be emo…and I guess that trend has pretty much continued. I joked about being old – seriously BUMMED I’m too old to ever be cast on the Real World – I could have been the bitchy/crazy but also relatively together character – but I had a fabulous birthday.

I am the farthest thing from a birthday diva. The idea of a “birthday week” makes me gag, and I don’t like making a huge deal about it, but I do love getting together with friends to celebrate. I think that’s why I can pretty much remember what I have done to celebrate every birthday.

My birthday was on a Tuesday which is sort of…not an ideal day for festivities. One of my co-externs, Colleen, surprised me with an epic box of cupcakes to share with the office, which was incredibly sweet. The externs and I all hit up Wurstkuche for lunch (per Taylor’s request/demand). He also “forced” me to get a lunch beer. I didn’t fight him.

That night, I met up with my parents for a dineLA dinner at Luna Park on La Brea. I had a delicious appetizer of artichoke, an entree of chicken with brussel sprouts, and we split a ton of insanely decadent desserts. It was nice spending time with my parents and hearing some of their crazy stories.

The festivities continued on Friday. Jenn organized a small b-day dinner for my closest girlfriends at WeHo’s Tortilla Republic. The margaritas were TOP NOTCH and I had amazing Lobster Enchiladas.


Thank you to the very friendly WeHo man who took this photograph, and raved about the margaritas. Not sure if I totally agree with him that El Carmen is “disgusting,” but whatever.

After dinner, we high-tailed it back to my apartment so I could blow out the candles on the cake Jenn made for me. A few high school friends (and now my neighbors – weird) met up with us before we headed to the bars. Sadly, I didn’t get too many pictures with them at the bar, but I did manage to loudly berate them all for bouncing before my parents did.



I think my favorite thing about my birthday was having so many different groups of friends converge. Whitney wasn’t feeling 100% but it was great seeing her for dinner/cake.

Around 9:30, I headed to The Churchill. This place was THE hot-spot last year- and lines out the door for hours. Now, it’s much more subdued and was a cool spot for my purposes (read: drink a lot and talk a lot).

My parents were there when I got there. They are the coolest.


Andddd my 8th grade frenemy Taylor was able to make it. She and I met in 8th grade and became fast friends…until she called me a “bitch” and I thought she was mean. Turns out, she was just telling the truth. We ran youth track together and kept in touch although we went to different high schools and colleges, but were able to re-connect last year before she left me for some cold city up north. It was SO fun seeing her, and she hash-tagged #BirthdayProblems on Instagram, which I appreciated. Oh, and my Dad poked fun at the fact she ran one cross country race backwards for the first 200 meters. Oh, TayKal…

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i'll spare the internet our awkward years.

wish i had a picture from the frenemy days, but i’ll spare the internet our awkward years.

Also loooooved seeing Kelsey – my high school cross-country teammate/friend/role-model…


…my fav newlyweds, Heather and Blake, who have somehow yet to be scared off by my craziness…


… a bunch of my section 3 budz…

sergio + #driscoll

sergio + #driscoll

armita, taylor, and marty...not totally sure what was happening here.

armita, taylor, and marty…not totally sure what was happening here.

We ended the night at St. Nick’s, my fav little dive bar. Armita and I shut the place down around 2, and went across the street for some D’Amore’s. I felt pretty wrecked the next morning, which I guess is how any birthday should be.

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate and who sent birthday love my way through all of my different social media avenues (I know, I am ridiculous).


adding to the LA list.

19 Mar

While last week was punctuated by my Dad’s LA marathon, I’ve been up to some other things as well that are [at least semi-] blog-worthy. I’ve spent a good amount of time reading for school… and working on a big brief due April 1 for my Legal Research and Writing Class.

One thing I love about my section is that we’re all big dorks – we share nerdy links on our shared facebook wall for example. Last night, a few of us even wrote “haikus” based on cases we had to read for this week. I wrote one for Posecai v. Wal-Mart (woman robbed in the parking lot of a Sam’s Club – does the club owe her a duty of care? should they provide a security guard for the lot?) My haiku?

Oh it’s getting real
In the Sam’s Club parking lot
Where’s security?

See? Super nerdy.

Last week, I went out to dinner at a delightful little place in Los Feliz called Home with some of my section favs (Armita, Aviva, and Taylor). We goofed off, were weirded out by the waitress, and I inhaled this wholesomely delicious sandwich (although the garlic mashed potatoes were just average).

multigrain salad wrap with chicken.

Friday night brought a much needed break. It was my friend Dominique’s 25th birthday! I met Dom almost 3 years ago on the 4th of July and have gotten to know her through the years, and was so happy to be able to catch up with her and the other friends I have made through my best friend from high school, Whitney. We met up at Whitney’s and took pictures, Dom popped some champagne, and I was stoked to hear “The Motto.” YOLO, duh…

birthday girl dominique, Whitney, me, and Ellen.

We went to a swanky little lounge in Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd. and Highland) called the Next Door Lounge. You needed a password to get in (ours was “airtight”), and there was a cool, relaxed vibe which I liked. I even lived it up and strayed from my usual IPA in exchange for a delicious moscow mule.

me, riley, and christian.

moscow mule.

It was a much needed break from my routine heading into a rainy weekend, and fun to get my mind off of school for a bit, even though initially I didn’t think I was in a going out mood. Glad I rallied! I’d definitely go back to the Next Door Lounge – it was like The Churchill, but way less pretentious/bougie.

And then on Sunday, after the marathon, my roommate Jenn, our friend Bryan, and I decided to hike Runyon. I was in an exercise mood after running a tiny bit with my dad, and since it was nice out and clear since it had rained the previous day, I knew the views would be epic.


Those are my LA updates for the last week or so – I’m hoping to get to some cool new places soon and I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for recommendations 🙂

Anyone have anything nerdy they do with classmates or co-workers?