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so you want to become a spin instructor?

20 Aug

As some of you may know, I recently started teaching spin classes! I thought I’d share with my little corner of the web how I did it.


I got into spin my sophomore year of college.  In an ill-fated attempt to join Cal’s triathlon team, I took a few classes.  I quickly learned that my swimming and biking wasn’t at a level I’d be comfortable competing at, so I dropped the team.  But I did stick with spinning!  I took classes at Cal’s RSF and my hometown’s 24 Hour Fitness when I returned for semester and summer breaks. I even joined gyms and took spin classes when I studied abroad in Barcelona and again when I lived in Madrid.  I take my obsessions SERIOUSLY.

Since being back in LA, I have enjoyed spinning at Gold’s Gym downtown, as well as YAS Fitness, Flywheel, and of course, Soul Cycle. So after years of spinning (roughly 6 years), I decided to accomplish the goal of becoming a spin instructor.

at the YAS-A-Thon 2013.

at the YAS-A-Thon 2013.

In my mind, there is NOTHING worse than taking a bad spin class, mostly defined by a low energy instructor with bad music.

How to Get Certified

In order to become a legitimate spin instructor, you need to get certified.  I chose to go through Spinning (R).  It was a one-day class, from 10 am to about 6 pm.  We had about 25 people take the certification course, led by a master trainer from Mad Dogg Athletics.  We learned pretty basic things like how to assemble a class, the different hand positions, and how to set up a bike. We also took a couple of rides.  It was really a fun day — I joked that I felt like I was at spinning camp.  Although the certification is about $300, it is really efficient.  Spinning.com requires that you essentially get re-certified every 2 years, but I know this requirement is not enforced by many different facilities.  The week after the class, you have to take a 50 question multiple choice exam.  It is not difficult. (I took it literally while I was blow drying my hair).


How to Get Hired

Getting  certified is only the first step – you need someone to actually want you to work at their gym!  Many spinning specialty facilities (Soul Cycle, YAS) require that you go through their own teacher training.  I decided to wait to reach out to potential gyms until after I got certified.  That week, I reached out to my gym, Gold’s Gym in Downtown Los Angeles.  The group exercise manager responded and suggested I meet him for a brief interview.  I lucked out in that my gym was looking to add a new spin instructor to the team, so I was matched up with Marcus, a long-time spin instructor at my gym to co-teach a class or two.  I taught the first three songs of a couple classes.  This really got my confidence up and also introduced me to a lot of the regulars.  I would really recommend suggesting this to the gyms you consider reaching out to.

Since then, I now teach one class a week (Saturday mornings) at my gym, and may be picking up another one in the near future.  I’m also subbing occasionally.  It’s awesome to be a part of a fitness community and to be around people who share a similar interest.



I’ve also enjoyed assembling playlists and figuring out what I’m going to say to the class.  The hardest part is definitely getting comfortable with the mic and not sounding like a total dork when I’m coaching.


one playlist.

Hopefully over time, as I grow as an instructor, I can post more playlists, tips, and thoughts on instructing!

In the meantime, anything you’d like to know?