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spring break?

5 Mar

So, almost everyone at Loyola is on Spring Break this week. Unfortunately, there is no spring break in federal court. #sadface. My co-externs and I are (relatively) plugging through this week but I am tireddddd. There are lots of fun things on the horizon, though: later this month I’m heading to Vienna, Austria for a moot court competition, and I’ll also have more free time once moot court practices are over. #woot. I’ve been so busy with work and extra-curriculars that I’ve felt somewhat like a chicken running with their head cut off. Whoops. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

lots of soulcycle

lots of soulcycle

Last Thursday, Whitney and I took a Soul-Cycle class (with THE BEST instructor, Laura Crago). We dragged her boyfriend, Tyler, and Tyler’s BFF/our friend, Joe. Joe was a beast, and well, let’s just say two days later Tyler need icy hot delivered to him and had trouble putting on his shoes and socks. Poor guy.

To break up the work day, we’ve been trying to eat at a variety of DTLA eateries. We tried UMAMIcatessen recently – and I loved the Truffle Burger.



When I’m not moot court-ing on Sunday mornings, I try to join my buddies for a short Runyon Hike (and a mimosa or two afterwards…again, whoooops). They’re all trying to get in shape for our friends’ A.K. and Andrea’s wedding in July, so obviously I support the physical activity.


On Friday, Armita, Aviva, and I went to a concert – Adrian Lux and Morgan Page at Club Nokia. The show was great – I was SO happy when Morgan Page played my two favorite songs of his, Addicted and Body Work, one right after the other.


On Saturday, I bolted out the door for a dentist appointment, and then went to a delicious lunch at Pitfire Pizza for my friend Meredith’s surprise birthday party. Meredith’s boyfriend threw the party, and she was SO surprised – she literally burst out crying when she saw all of us. It was so nice to reconnect with Meredith and a few other girls from my sorority. As corny as it sounds — and a few years ago I’d NEVER thought I’d say this — there really is truth to the “sorority bond.”


Happy 25th Meredith!

Happy 25th Meredith!

Later that night, Taylor, Armita, Aviva, and I grabbed dinner and went to a concert at the Hollywood Palladium – we saw Sound Tribe Sector 9. I’d never heard them before but really enjoyed their electronic/psychedelic rock vibe.




This was a fabulous weekend – but I am totally paying the price this week. Three cups of coffee at work today and I was still a zombie. My workouts are sucking this week, too, but I’ll try and get to bed early and try and un-shamble my life by the weekend.

Two important questions:

1. Anyone ever have/throw a surprise party? Negatory on both accounts. I’m nosy AND not the best with secrets.

2. Best concert you’ve ever been to?  The first time I saw Girl Talk live might take the cake…or when I saw Passion Pit perform (before they were huge) the summer I interned at Chiat\Day.


to the nth degree.

23 Apr

One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is it is definitely a foodie-friendly city –  there is always a new “it” place for every genre of food, and definitely too little time to try them all. When I heard one of the Umami guys was involved with a pizza place in Westwood, called 800 Degrees, I knew I had to get in the UCLA vicinity ASAP.


The concept behind 800 degrees is that it makes authentic pizza as it was invented in Naples except they cook it in an oven at – you guessed it – 800 degrees so that the pies are ready at lightning speed. While there is often a long line to get inside the door, you order your pizza Chipotle style by selecting a “base” pie (Margherita, Bianca, or Marinara), and then add any combination of their impressive array of toppings. You pay for your pizza, and by then your pizza is ready! It’s awesome.

how incredible do all those toppings look?

Jenn, Whitney, and I decided to go Sunday evening for dinner. While the line was long, it was more than worth the wait. We shared two pizzas, a small side salad, and a burrata (cherry tomatos and pesto) between us. The pizzas? One Bianca with arugula, bacon, and egg, and one margherita with caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, and italian sausage. Both were delicious, but I would chose the margherita if I had to pick one.

Even though Pizzeria Mozza and Urbano are contenders, I am happy to announce I have a new favorite pizza joint in this city, and another excuse to visit adorable Westwood (I have had a long-running love for this part of LA – beginning with visiting friends in college who chose to go to UCLA, to studying for the LSAT at the Westwood Blueprint, to checking out the restaurants there).

After dinner, we stopped for some Yogurtland (in what used to be a Pinkberry! Hah!). Whitney and I remarked on just how long we have been hanging out in Westwood regularly (since 2006!). I snapped this photo of her on one of the cool mosaic boxes that line the streets….

That matches this one we took during our winter break freshman year of college! Nuts.

Thank you, 800 Degrees, for filling my belly and re-uniting me with Westwood!

Important Question: Who makes your favorite pizza and what’s on it??