dinner at gaby’s.

24 Sep

welcome to gaby's.

 Last night, Whitney and I decided to start the weekend off right with a trip to Gaby’s, a charming little Mediterranean place in Culver City. The food lived up the hype – even with a 40 minute wait. Who knew that place would be so bumpin’?

hummus. or in spain "oo-moose." my fav.

the house speciality: a dipping sauce called zaakar which is a mix of spices and oils. 

I chowed down on pita and hummus so I decided a salad would probably be necessary – after days of Clif bars at the library and free food at school, I went for the option with the highest nutrient per bite ratio. It was a great call – the Mediterranean salad was so flavorful and the chicken had a nice little kick to it. Nom.

my salad.

Whitney’s salad was a little bit more colorful. She raved about it and managed to pace herself (a term I have never mastered). We chatted about a whole slew of topics – it was just what I needed to help pull me out of whatever weird funk I was in at the end of a busy week.

a hipster and her salad.

I am officially 100 years old and went to bed at my high school bed time. Glorious. At least I had a legitimate excuse for my grandmotherly ways – I did my weekly run with the L.A. Leggers. On the agenda for today was 7 miles through Santa Monica/Venice/Marina del Rey and back. The rest of my day was spent librarying’ (lib’ing?) it up – woo-hoo crim law and contracts! (Insert obnoxious 1L joke here, I’ll spare you all).

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturdays!

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